1048 Old-Fashioned Excuse So Pure, So Flirtatious

Yang Ming initially didn't know what to do, but after seeing Zhao Ying and Wang Xiaoyan mutter a few words and leave the restaurant, he was somewhat puzzled. However, Zhou Jiajia and Lin Zhiyun were by his side, so it was not appropriate to give chase and ask.

Because Yang Ming did not think much about it before, when Wang Xiaoyan and Zhao Ying talked, he did not use his special abilities to watch. Yang Ming didn't want to be a voyeur all the time.

Seeing Yang Ming stretch his neck like a giraffe, Lin Zhiyun was a bit puzzled. "Yang Ming, what happened to you?"

"It's nothing. I wanted to ask the waiter to order drinks," said Yang Ming a little embarrassed.

"You'd like a drink? Then call the waiter!" Zhou Jiajia also wondered what Yang Ming was looking at, so she looked back, but she did not see anything peculiar.

Zhou Jiajia and Lin Zhiyun were sitting with their backs facing the door, so they did not see the situation when Wang Xiaoyan and Zhao Ying came in. However, even if they saw it, they would not know. When they turned back, Zhao Ying and Wang Xiaoyan had already left, so they naturally did not see anything strange.

"Waiter!" Yang Ming laughed awkwardly twice, reached out his hand to call the waiter, and asked for a few bottles of drinks. Then, they started to eat again. However, Yang Ming's heart was a bit confused. What exactly were Zhao Ying and Wang Xiaoyan doing? They actually saw me, but they turned and left.

Was it because they saw Zhou Jiajia and Lin Zhiyun, and they were afraid to cause any misunderstandings? It is also possible that Zhao Ying is shyer, and my relationship with Wang Xiaoyan cannot be made public, so it is normal for the two to leave. Therefore, Yang Ming did not overthink anymore.

Charles had been strolling around here for two days, trying to meet Yang Ming and Wang Xiaoyan again. The words that Wang Xiaoyan told him before made him feel even more uneasy as he kept thinking about it.

Not many people in Europe knew about his identity, let alone those in distant Asia, in China. However, Wang Xiaoyan, who he met on the street, actually knew his identity! One could imagine how terrifying this was for him!

Initially, Charles wanted to go to the police station to ask for the names of Wang Xiaoyan and Yang Ming, but the police officers did not pay attention to him. On the one hand, they had to give face to Bao Sanli. On the other hand, they had to help Yang Ming keep a secret. When Yang Ming showed his identification, no one asked Yang Ming another word.

Originally, Charles drove a modified car without a license. Who would speak for him?

Therefore, Charles did not even know the names of Yang Ming and Wang Xiaoyan and left, muddle-headed. When he got home, he thought about what happened that day which made him feel very worried.

Charles's public identity now was a racing driver, a very successful racer too. He was known as the God Racer in the industry. His family background and private identity were not known by anyone. Even the paparazzi that latched onto every opportunity did not know the information in this regard.

However, the two people that he encountered by chance actually knew. Charles didn't think that Wang Xiaoyan's phrase, "I want your European business," was a joke. Unless Wang Xiaoyan was mentally-ill, she wouldn't say such a thing.

So after Charles' unsuccessful attempt to inquire in the police station, he began to hang around the place where he met Yang Ming and Wang Xiaoyan that day, hoping to meet the two people again so that he could question them.

Heaven will not disappoint the person who tries. Although he did not find Yang Ming and Wang Xiaoyan with his own eyes, he actually saw Yang Ming's car in the parking lot at the door of the Mysterious Hot Pot restaurant!

It was this blue BMW X5 that ran into his sports car the last time, and Charles recognized it at a glance. Since the car was here, the owner of the vehicle must be nearby!

So, Charles didn't think much. He quickly entered the hot pot restaurant.

"Sir, how many people?" asked the waiter politely.

"I am looking for someone." Charles waved his hand and replied. After entering the hall of the hot pot restaurant, he began to look around.

When he saw Yang Ming, Charles suddenly beamed! He finally found Yang Ming. He did not stay at the spot for a few days in vain. He finally met Yang Ming again in this neighborhood!

Charles hurried to Yang Ming's table. Yang Ming also noticed that someone came over and thought it was a waiter, so he didn't pay attention. However, when he looked up, he was suddenly stunned.

Yang Ming's impression of Charles was quite profound. Initially, his impression was based on a passerby's perspective, but after he heard Wang Xiaoyan's words, Yang Ming remembered this person.

Whether he was the enemy or a friend, no matter what, at least, this person would be an assassin too.

"Hi, sir, what a coincidence. We meet again!" Yang Ming hadn't spoken yet, and Charles had already reached out and spoke amiably to Yang Ming.

There was the so-called "Don't hit a smiling person," but Yang Ming and Charles were not very familiar. Out of sympathy for his white car being hit by the Little Girl Wang, Yang Ming still reached out to shake his hand, but said, "Yes. It's really a coincidence!"

Yang Ming's words were naturally contradictory. Yang Ming had no empty seats here, so Charles came here for him obviously. To say that it was coincidence was simply a lie.

Charles "hehe" smiled and naturally heard the meaning of Yang Ming's words, but he didn't mind. He pointed to the seat next to Yang Ming, "Is there anyone sitting here? If not, can I sit here?"

"In theory, I don't like to be disturbed by unfamiliar people." Yang Ming secretly looked down on him. Charles is really bold. He asked very politely, but he hasn't waited for my answer before just sitting next to me. Even if I didn't agree, what can I do about it?

"We are meeting for the second time. We can't regard each other as unfamiliar persons, right?" Charles smiled and said, "Let me introduce myself again. My name is Charles..."

"I know." Yang Ming said faintly, "God Racer, Charles, but I have never heard of it."

Charles sweated a bit and glanced at the two girls across him. Seeing that they had an indifferent expression, it seemed that they had never heard of his name. He couldn't help but sigh. Who are these people next to this guy? Wherever I go, I am the target of other girls' screams and hero worshipping by men. How come it is not like that here?

"It's just a hobby," said Charles with a smile. "Excuse me... the lady who hit my car that day..."

"She is not here. If you have anything, just tell me." Yang Ming said with some impatience. It is so hard for me to eat and flirt with Zhou Jiajia and Lin Zhiyun finally, but this guy just butts in.

"Then..." Charles was not sure who the two girls across him were to Yang Ming and how much they knew. So, he didn't dare to ask questions rashly. Otherwise, his identity that was a secret would be known to more people if he asked rashly.

"What? Do you have anything or not?" Yang Ming frowned and looked at Charles. Why is this guy like a girl? He is even the heir to an assassin clan.

"When will you finish eating? I want to talk to you alone..." Charles hesitated and said.

Yang Ming was really impatient, "If you have something, just say it. If you have nothing, just go away. I am busy eating. Do you want to say or not? If you don't say it, just leave."

"I want to talk about... the European business..." said Charles while lowering his voice.

Yang Ming was surprised. He glanced at Charles and said, "Give me your number. I will contact you when I am free."

"Okay." Charles saw that Yang Ming finally acknowledged him and quickly handed his business card to Yang Ming. However, he was more convinced at the moment that Yang Ming knew his identity because when he brought up the European business, Yang Ming immediately agreed to talk to him.

"You can go." Yang Ming accepted Charles' business card and began to chase him away. Although Charles was the heir to a European assassin group, what the f*ck did it have to do with Yang Ming? Yang Ming was the heir to the King of Assassins, so there was no need to be polite with him.

Charles knew that there was no use staying here, so he nodded and stood up. He wanted to leave, but his eyes suddenly stayed on Zhou Jiajia. He suddenly felt that she looked familiar and couldn't help but ask, "Miss, I think you are very familiar. It seems that I have seen you somewhere. Can you tell me your name?"

After Yang Ming heard Charles's words, he suddenly felt some aversion. He glared at the guy and said, "I say, Little Charles, are you done? If you have nothing, just get out of the way. Don't harass my wife. Your excuse to chase girls is too old-fashioned!"

"I..." Charles smiled a little awkwardly, saying, "It's not an excuse... I really feel a bit familiar... May I ask? Are you surnamed, Zhou?"

Zhou Jiajia and Yang Ming were both stunned! Just now, Zhou Jiajia did not say a word, while Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun did not even call her name. How did this person know her last name?

"How did you know?" Zhou Jiajia looked up at Charles inexplicably and frowned. "Do you know me?"

"It's really you!" Charles nodded and said with some surprise. "Zhou Jiajia, I have seen photos of you before from others. You are more beautiful than the photos!"

"Really?" Zhou Jiajia was not interested in Charles's compliment. She was just puzzled about him seeing her photos. "My photo? Where did you see it?"

"Hehe, a friend," said Charles with a smile. "Let's go out for dinner another day!"

"I say, you still want to go on, do you?" Yang Ming glared at Charles with a cold eye. "Are you leaving or not?"

"I'm leaving..." Charles was shocked by Yang Ming's murderous vibe, but he was secretly amazed. If Yang Ming really knows my identity, would he dare to talk to me like this? Then, does he know my identity or not? Or, was the woman talking nonsense that day?