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it has been about a year since the war between human beings and Warcraft in sparril world

The war in the giant beast forest and the war between the two superpowers left one corner of the giant beast forest short of life, but in this year's time, the missing one has been recovered. [.

of course, it is impossible to recover if it is allowed to grow freely. Whether the forest of behemoth can recover to its original state or rely on the Warcraft living in the forest of behemoth, it is they that give birth to this land full of trauma and make the forest of behemoth recover to its previous anger.

With the fall of the animal king. The war between humans and Warcraft ended in human victory.

Without the king of beasts, the Warcraft family has once again recovered to their previous living habits. As always, they live a jungle life of predatory and predatory in the giant beast forest, as if nothing had happened.

It's a pity that people in today's sparril world have no way to regard the war between humans and Warcraft as not happening.

Because, in that war, a strong man was born.


The fifth God in the history of the world!

In just a few days after the end of the war, the name resounded through every corner of sparril's world, reminding the powerful people of sparril's world all the time. Today's sparril's world, there is also a real invincible powerful person!

And the location of the most powerful. It's another world that rings through sparril. In a real sense, the most powerful force over the three empires - 'the capital of different generations'!

What kind of comments do outsiders have on the strongest existence and the strongest force in the world? I don't know. In a real sense, when he stands at the top, he doesn't pay any more attention to them. But to be with all my heart and soul by the side of a group of girls.

One day of the year. Speechless will be the world's top people. Including the five semi gods, Tongtong was invited to the "capital of different generations" and witnessed by them. A grand wedding ceremony was held with all the girls who summoned the characters, which made a group of girls have real fame and become their wives.

After that, speechless and under the urging of Kate, who was angry, reluctant and unwilling, held a wedding with her husband, and married the iceberg princess, who was popular all over the sparril world, back home.

After a while, wordless married Lulu first, and then Fifi. They all embraced these three girls from sparril world, who had close relationship with themselves, and enjoyed their beauty. They really envied many people.

It is precisely because in this year's time that four weddings were held before and after, and no less than 30 wives were married. People from the outside world began to spread that the fifth God in the world of sparril was a romantic figure, which led to countless forces breaking their heads and making every effort to propose marriage to the "capital of the alien generation" in an attempt to marry the last daughter or something And climb up this huge thigh.

However, before that, we have to go through many of the righteous wives of this holy man to see the real face of this thick and incomparable thigh.

This commotion will continue like this


Giant beast forest, the capital of different generations

In the top hall of "the heart of the generation", wordless is holding a luminous sphere with two rings around it, sitting on the sofa, carefully looking at the things in his hands, his eyes more or less revealed a little helpless color.

Before long, a young girl came in from the corridor outside and attracted silent attention.

A chestnut long hair gently sways and fluctuates with the owner's walking, sending out a charming temperament. The color of the girl's pupils is also chestnut, and the beautiful face seems to have a slight cold and sacred sense of distance, but when seeing the speechless eyes on the sofa turn around, these cold and distance sense disappear No, there's only one sweet smile left.Come, it's tomorrow!

Looking at tomorrow's Nai, who is walking towards her slowly with a sweet smile on her face, speechless and very skilled, she will reach out to her face. Before she can speak, tomorrow's Nai will give her a hug. In the scream of tomorrow's Nai, let her sit on her lap, and her head will be buried in her hair, and smell the fragrance on it.

"Don't How itchy... " Tomorrow, Nai pushed speechlessly, but his strength was poor. Obviously, he didn't hate the intimacy like speechless behavior, but his face was full of dissatisfaction and helplessness. He was planning to count several times. When he saw the luminous sphere with two rings in speechless hands, he blinked.

"What is this?"

"You say this?..." Speechless raised the head buried in tomorrow's Nai's neck, heft the luminous sphere in his hand.

"This is the system I told you about!"

"System?..." Tomorrow Nai asked curiously.

"But don't you say it's gone?"

"The previous one really disappeared. This is another system I built according to the previous one!" Speechless and speechless.

"Everything in the system is under my control. And I had a real system before, plus my ability now, it's not hard to create another one. If anyone can use it, it's only a matter of time before I come to this point! "

"Is it?" Tomorrow Nai stabbed the silent cheek.

"Then why don't you look so happy?"

"I can't say I'm not happy, but I'm helpless..." A silent sigh.

"Basically, everything in this system is made by imitating the previous system. It's not so much manufacturing, but rather copying. The result. This system can only be used by me. No one else can use... "

"Is it?" I crooked my head tomorrow at Nathan.

"Then why don't you make one that can be used by others?"

"This is the 13th system I have built. I have destroyed all the previous 12 systems!" Speechless turned white eyes.

"No matter what method I use, the system I make can only be used by myself, unless another person makes it. But. Except for me. Who can make a system? "

Finish saying, speechless as if give up the general, no longer talk about the topic of the system. Rub against tomorrow's smooth cheek.

"By the way, how about tying?"

"Are you happy to say?..." Tomorrow, naiban's face came up.

"You are spoiling your baby daughter!"

Smell speech, speechless brow a pick, expression became resentful.

There's a reason why tomorrow Nai will say that.

After solving the king of beasts and ending the war with the Warcraft family, he immediately summoned tomorrow Nai and Jieyi, who could not be summoned on the battlefield because of their lack of fighting power, and explained everything about themselves to the two people under the extremely uneasy mood.

On that day, after seeing no less than 30 beautiful girls around me and understanding their relationship with a group of girls, tomorrow Nai stayed for a long time. When the reaction came back, the first thing was to pull up a bright to no smile. When he was speechless and scared, he thought that tomorrow Nai would cry and make a scene. He was about to explain his comfort Tomorrow Nai is holding the silent hand and saying such a word to the girls around her.

"Hello, my name is Jiecheng tomorrow Nai. She is the wife of Yan and the wife of justice!"

Having said the above sentence, tomorrow Nai also showed her engagement ring, which was given to her by wordless. The girls who were going to guide tomorrow Nai were all pretty and stiff. After sweeping wordless with cold eyes for a long time, they all broke up without saying a word.

But when a group of young girls left, tomorrow Nai immediately put away the bright smile and happy expression, left speechless, shut himself in the room, didn't eat or drink for three days, rushed speechless up and down, almost didn't break the door directly.

At last, I was also angry, but I didn't want to see the relationship between wordless and tomorrow Nai getting into tomorrow Nai's room. I didn't know what I said to tomorrow Nai. Tomorrow Nai just came out of the room.

After that, tomorrow Nai signed a series of unequal treaties with wordless, and trained wordless for a whole day. When wordless was ecstatic and promised, he swore poison, and then everything depended on her. Tomorrow Nai's face looked pretty much, which was forgiving wordless.

Thanks to this, I can't thank my little daughter for getting dressed. In this year's time, everything depends on her. No matter what she wants, he will try his best to do it for her. In addition, with his current ability of being speechless, he can't find the things he can't get, and the things he can't do, which make the life of getting dressed more and more prosperous Then I want to give the trend of being spoiled.

Therefore, tomorrow Nai will have such a saying."Well, it's our daughter after all..." Speechless embarrassedly scratched his cheek.

"It doesn't matter if you pamper it..."

"Well, I know you hurt my daughter..." Tomorrow Nai didn't say that he was angry. Then he buried his head in wordless bosom and rubbed it around. He let wordless mind also be angry. He licked his lips and turned over, and pressed tomorrow Nai under his body.

"You What are you doing Don't Don't This is the hall Well

Can't help but say tomorrow Nai to pressure in the body, don't give it the chance to resist wordless casually throw the system in the hand, bow down, enjoy the beautiful and lovely wife under the body.

The system thrown out by wordless is immersed in a space ripple and disappears in the turbulence of time and space.

The twelve systems that were created before were also destroyed by the flow of speechless into the chaos of time and space, so this time, speechless did the same.

However, speechless did not expect that this time, the system was fluke out of the chaos of time and space, came to a beautiful planet, and fell into the head of a sleeping person.

The next moment, the man disappeared in place



The boy with black hair and pupils woke up from a forest, looked at the strange environment around him, and stayed on the spot.

I don't know how long it's been, a whine from the forest.

"Where is it!!!"

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