Chapter 679 - Mo Xiao's Past (2)

Mo Xiao reached out and stroked Yu Huang’s head. His eyes were filled with gentleness as he suddenly said, “Ah Huang, you came to look for me early in the morning. You must have known something and specifically came to ask me for confirmation.”

Yu Huang widened her eyes.

Indeed, nothing could be hidden from Mo Xiao.

“I found out from Senior She Ying that you once formed a contract with someone.” Yu Huang opened her beautiful eyes and stared at Mo Xiao without blinking. She said bluntly, “I want to know who the person you formed a contract with is.”

Mo Xiao didn’t answer and asked, “You have the answer, don’t you?”

Yu Huang bit her lip and said, “But I refuse to believe it. Godfather, how could a person with great wisdom like you form a contract with him?!” Yu Huang didn’t believe that Mo Xiao would form a contract with ‘that person’. Even she could see through the other party’s evilness, so how could her Godfather not see through it?

Mo Xiao was silent for a long time before asking, “Ah Huang, how old were you when you met that person?”

Yu Huang subconsciously said, “21.”

Mo Xiao shook his head and looked at Yu Huang. He said, “I’m referring to your true age.”

Yu Huang’s eyes widened, and her beautiful face was filled with surprise. “You…” The Grand State Master knew about her previous life? “How did you know?”

Seeing that Yu Huang was very shocked, Mo Xiao chuckled lightly and said, “Back then, when the Yin Clan’s young master was lost, I had once divined that the young master’s lifeline was only 18 years long. However, when I first met you, you were already past the age of 18. Later, I went to investigate and discovered that when you were in the Prosperous Capital, you had encountered a fire. Although you were lucky enough to survive, you became disfigured.”

Mo Xiao stared at Yu Huang’s face and revealed a thoughtful gaze. “The first time I saw you, I was thinking about what kind of soul was hidden under this little girl’s appearance.”

“You’re not Yu Huang.” Mo Xiao’s tone was firm. After thinking for a while, he said, “At least, you’re not that celebrity Yu Huang.”

Yu Huang’s heart skipped a beat when she heard this, and she didn’t even dare to breathe loudly.

She heard Mo Xiao say again, “Do you know what kind of person will awaken the Divine Feather Phoenix Beast Form?”

Yu Huang shook her head hesitantly.

Mo Xiao told her, “Only people with the mark of the Divine Feather Phoenix Clan in their souls will awaken their Divine Feather Phoenix Beast Form. Similarly, the Black Qing Sky Dragon Clan is the same.” Mo Xiao came from the Demon Beast Continent and knew about the other two Divine Beast Clans very well.

Mo Xiao suddenly smiled mysteriously. “Sheng Xiao is a Black Qing Sky Dragon.” He crossed his arms and leaned against the ancient shelf. He said mysteriously, “What a coincidence. Ten thousand years ago, the last crown prince of the Black Qing Sky Dragon Clan and the young master of the Divine Feather Phoenix Clan became a couple. Ten thousand years later, I was lucky enough to see a Black Qing Sky Dragon and a Divine Feather Phoenix getting married…”

Mo Xiao seemed to be marveling, but Yu Huang couldn’t help but think further.

What was her Godfather implying?

Could she and Sheng Xiao be related to the Dragon Race’s crown prince and the Phoenix Race’s young master from ten thousand years ago?


Before Yu Huang could sort out her thoughts, she heard Mo Xiao mention the question from before again. “Then, how old were you when you met that person?”

Looking at Mo Xiao with a complicated gaze, Yu Huang replied softly, “235 years old.”

Mo Xiao nodded and told Yu Huang, “But when I met that person, I was only 15 years old.”

Mo Xiao raised his head slightly and looked at the clouds outside the window while immersed in those distant memories.

As he recalled, he said, “After I was abandoned by the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan, I wandered to the Holy Spirit Continent and became a wandering little black fox in the Abyssal Forest.”

“I, who had no one to rely on, suffered the bullying of those demon beasts. It was only when I met She Ying when I was four years old that the situation changed. She Ying’s parents were already level-six Magic Snakes back then. I followed She Ying’s family and lived a good life for ten years. However, good times didn’t last long. She Ying’s parents met a bloodthirsty level-eight Magic Snake.”

“That Magic Snake easily killed She Ying’s parents. It even wanted to kill She Ying. At that time, I was hiding in the grass and watching helplessly as my benefactors were cruelly killed by high-level demon beasts without being able to fight back. I was extremely anxious back then. It was at that time that I heard that person’s voice…”

Mo Xiao shook his head and sighed in frustration. “Now that I think about it, that person probably knew about my identity as a Divine Beast Clan member long ago and was deliberately waiting for an opportunity to form a contract with me.”

Upon hearing this, Yu Huang asked, “So, in order to save Senior She Ying, you formed a contract with that person?”


Mo Xiao continued, “In the beginning, that person hid his ambitions very well. He taught me and She Ying how to cultivate and helped us increase our strength as soon as possible. With his help, I only used 50 years to break through to level six.”

A level 6 demon beast was equivalent to a Supreme Master in the cultivation world.

“After becoming a Supreme Master, I could freely transform between human form and beast form. However, She Ying was only an ordinary Magic Snake. If she wanted to become a human, she had to become a level 10 super demon beast and successfully awaken her divine sense. Only then could she become a human and cultivate again.”

“After I became a Supreme Master, I left the Abyssal Origin Forest under that person’s instigation and went to the outside world to explore. After hundreds of years, my cultivation reached the peak of the Prime Master realm and I became a respected Prime Emperor. At that time, that person gradually revealed his true nature.”

Yu Huang hurriedly asked, “What did he want to do?”

Mo Xiao closed his eyes and told the shocking truth. He said, “He wanted me to help him set up a formation to snatch the providence of the Holy Spirit Continent. He wants no one on the Holy Spirit Continent to awaken their beast form. That way, he can successfully revive!”

Yu Huang’s eyes widened. “Revive? There’s actually such a thing?”

“Although it sounds very strange, this does exist. However, when I found out that person’s true motive, I naturally refused. However, when I was forced into a corner in the Divination Continent and had no choice but to jump into the Dragon Abyss Lock, that person actually took advantage of my weak spiritual power to possess me.”

“I once told you that I climbed out of the abyss. Actually, I lied to you.” Mo Xiao looked at Yu Huang with guilt. He said, “The person who climbed out wasn’t me, but him.”

Hearing this, Yu Huang immediately thought of the deaths of Dongfang Sile and Bai Zhenzhen. “So, could it be that the deaths of Senior Dongfang Sile and Senior Bai Zhenzhen were done by him while possessing your body?”

“That’s right.”

Yu Huang asked again, “Why did he snatch their souls? Could it be to help you recover your cultivation?”

“Help me recover my cultivation?” Mo Xiao laughed self-deprecatingly. He asked Yu Huang, “Do you think the array above Dongfang Sile and Bai Zhenzhen’s heads was really just a Spirit Plundering Formation?”

Yu Huang was stunned. “Isn’t that so?”

“No.” Mo Xiao shook his head with a serious expression. He told Yu Huang another shocking truth. “They’re not the only Prime Master Beast Tamers who were secretly killed. Prime Master Fu Tian, who was discovered by you guys in Broken Cliff last year, was also a pawn in his plan.”

Yu Huang was even more dumbfounded.

How many more dirty things had that person done?!

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