"Father!" Wei YUEWU releases Yan Huaijing's hand and stretches it forward. She can't see the red color in front of her eyes, but she doesn't want to lift it.

It's a pity that I can't see my father.

I don't know if he's OK, thin, old or forgotten?

The red head was suddenly lifted, and Wei YUEWU was shocked. However, the people on one side were shocked. How could they lift the head before they had worshipped? It was definitely due to improper etiquette, and it was never heard of.

"This red cap is not beautiful. I'll get another one later!" Yan Huaijing didn't seem to see everyone's astonished eyes. He looked at the red head in his hand, said casually, and the beautiful color of his lips raised. He could see that he was in a good mood.

"Yes, your highness!" The bodyguard on the side picked up a red head which was placed in the tray on the side. Yan Huaijing took it by himself, half covered it in front of her eyes, then covered it in the back, but lifted it in front. It happened that he didn't have to block his eyes.

This red cap was prepared by Wei Luowen for Wei Yue dance, but he also knew that it was impossible to put it on his daughter. It was just a thought. He would see that her daughter had really put on this red cap and her eyes were red.

In fact, this red head is not his, but the mother of Weiyue dance. The embroidery pattern on it is still embroidered by her. Even though she was ill at that time, she left a red head for her daughter.

Wei Luowen always remembered that when she was dying, she took her hand and repeatedly asked herself to ensure that she would make her daughter happy, and the red head would represent her mind, when she saw her daughter's happiness.

When Wei YUEWU married Yan Huaijing, she was so sick that Wei Luowen would be able to look after the red headscarf. Although she thought about it later, she didn't want to send it. She had her own selfish heart. She thought about when her daughter left Yan Huaijing and came back. The red headscarf could be used to cover her marriage.

It's hard to predict the world. Up to now, Yan Huaijing's daughter is still married to her. But Yan Huaijing can do this for her. What else can I say about him as a father.

"Father!" At this time, Wei YUEWU's eyes also fell on Wei Luowen.

Wei Luowen looks a lot thinner and haggard. There is a little silver on his head. The scar on his face seems to be deeper and deeper. He will be excited. It seems to be ferocious. But her tears fall down involuntarily, and her "father" says all this farewell.

She left in a hurry that day. She didn't say goodbye to Wei Luowen, but she knew that Yan Huaijing would tell her father that she had left.

For this father, she has resentment, hate, but also know that he pity himself, this complex feelings for a time can not say clearly, but it will be sad to see you again.

The body can not help kneeling down, but was a pull by Wei Luowen, his corner of the eye jumped, looking at his daughter, a gorgeous new wedding dress, the corner of the eye brow looks like a dead wife, how the heart does not hurt.

Yan Huaijing's eyes fell on one side of her body involuntarily. The same beauty of Yan Huaijing in red was full of joy. The feeling of being noble and clean like floating clouds outside the sky disappeared. Looking at Wei YUEWU's eyes, there were thousands of feelings, which could not be concealed.

Like Yan Huaijing, he is fond of dancing when he can't hide his appearance.

The former Miss Lin, Yan Huaijing, has already told him that there is no Miss Lin at all. She has always been Weiyue dance, and she has never been the only one.

The daughter grew up, also had the sincere love her person, oneself also can rest assured!

Reach out and lift the cover for Wei Yue's dance, covering the face that looks like a dead wife: "it's late, dancer. Don't miss the auspicious time, I I'm very glad that 1 "

when I said this, I choked with a bit of pressure and didn't want people to see my weakness. I turned my back, waved my hand and signaled that they could get up.

Compared with Yan Huaijing '.

Yan Huaijing's eyes swept through one side of the window, then led Wei YUEWU's hand, and they made three deep salutes to Wei Luowen together, then led Wei YUEWU to the sedan chair in the drumming, and sat in the sedan chair again. Wei YUEWU wiped the tears around her eyes, but suddenly relaxed in her heart. Finally, her wedding was blessed by her father.

As soon as the curtain of the sedan chair was lifted, the slender hand sent a pad to her hand, and the elegant voice was gentle: "dance, don't cry, it will not look good if you make up later! My father-in-law didn't say he was leaving Yanjing. We can still come to see him when we are free! "

Said, and gently pinched her thin fingers, silent pacify her.

Father didn't go? Is it possible to stay in Yanjing? Wei YUEWU is stunned, but she can't help but burst into a smile on her face. She takes the veil and gently wipes the corner of her eyes. Yes, Zhongshan has a big brother in charge. Her father can leave. So many years of shackles fall, or for her father, he wants to leave, too!The sedan chair slowly went out of the courtyard and watched the sedan chair leave. Wei Luowen showed a smile on his face and turned to walk towards the main room. In front of the window in the main room, there was a man with a long body standing on the jade. If Wei Yue was dancing, he would be surprised to find that he was Wen TIANYAO, and he just stood at the window and saw the scene just now.

See Wei Luowen go in, turn round the facial expression complex to cry: "father"!

He secretly went to Yanjing with Wei Luowen to see his own sister's wedding, but he had a special identity, but he could not fall in front of others at will. However, his shrewd brother-in-law should have found his whereabouts long ago. 1

he was worried, so he came to have a look, but now he is at ease.

Even though Yan Huaijing played such a big game with the world as his chess game, he still considered his younger sister. In the capital, some of his actions were to protect his younger sister, or if there was no younger sister's accident, the world would be another pattern. If so, what's he worried about!

"Emperor, you'd better go back earlier. How can the country be without a master in one day?" Weiluowen said.

"Yes, father, I will go back as soon as I return!" Wen TIANYAO nodded, "can my father go back with me?"

"I Tired, do not want to go back for the time being, live here first. " Wei Luowen shakes his head and looks out of the window. His heart is never peaceful. It's gone. He doesn't have to carry so many missions anymore. Then he carries the guilt for his dead wife. After all, it's gone.

"The virtuous Princess......" Wen TIANYAO asked again.

"Since she is out of the palace, all people think she is dead, so they don't have to enter the palace anymore. Plum Blossom Temple is very good. You can stay there to support your body and mind!" Wei Luowen's eyes light.

In fact, this is the best way. In fact, Wei Luowen and Xian Fei are not willing to pull out too many things. This is actually the meaning of Xian Fei. Xian Fei has really lost her hair. This is what she asked Wei Luowen and Wen TIANYAO to say. So many years of support for her only one belief.

We must make her own blood the Emperor

The sedan chair walked around the city for half a circle, then went back to the palace along the central axis, carried in from the main gate, and directly into the East Palace, which was all ready.

The sedan chair was stopped. When several arrows of the sedan chair hit the top door, the sedan chair slightly shook twice. The moon dance sitting in the sedan chair had already heard the instruction of the golden bell, but it was not frightened.

Yan Huaijing takes Wei YUEWU down from the sedan chair with spring breeze on his face. After the ceremony, he is sent to the bridal chamber.

In the cave, Yan Huaijing opens the red cover and looks at the moon dance under the cover. The color of his eyes flows and the color of his eyes turns. Finally, he marries her and says to everyone that she is the one he cares about.

Reach out to pull her hand, put a glass of wine into her hand, two people hand in a cup and hold it, the liquor goes into the throat, look at each other with a smile, Yingying, if you like.

"I'll go ahead and toast!" Put down the wine cup in her hand, and also take her wine cup. Yan Huaijing said softly, but Junyan seemed to stick to her. In fact, he didn't want to go.

"You go!" Wei Yue, with a red face and a soft voice, said that she did not dare to look back at the burning Phoenix eyes. Although there were no outsiders in the room, there would be many.

"Then I'll go!" Yanhuaijing reached out, his sleeves wide, which happened to block the small movements in his hands. His hands gently pinched the delicate fingers of Weiyue dance, and his lips were soft with a smile.

"Oh!" Wei YUEWU's face is more and more red. There are quite a lot of people in the room. Although his action is secret, no one can see it. His subordinates consciously draw back, but they dare not have too much action.

Seeing the appearance of Weiyue dance, Yan Huaijing also smiled. Knowing that she was shy, she did not dare to tease her too much. Some of them fell in love with her, put down her hand, stood up, and ordered the palace people nearby to prepare some food for Weiyue dance, so they strode away. Of course, they went early to go back early.

The prince has always been a calculating man.

Spring night is short and bitter. He has been waiting for so long. It's going to be a night of flowers and candles. How can he not be in a hurry.

So they saw the prince, who used to be as light as a cloud outside the sky, not only smiling, but also walking with a tiger and a tiger. There was no elegant and elegant appearance of a good prince. It was really too obvious.

In the past, Yan Huaijing's form was like a celestial exile, but now it's for the sake of the crown princess's falling into the world. Many intelligent people think that they will set their own position. This crown princess is really not simple!

As expected, Yan Huaijing walked fast and came back quickly. Wei YUEWU didn't wait long before he saw the figure of the prince at the door.

Long eyelashes flashed two times, looked at the sky outside, can't help but show a little surprise, it's not long?

"It's been a long time. They all advised me to come back earlier when they saw that I had been out so long!" Yan Huaijing's happy way, reached out and waved, and all the waiters in the room retreated.

Weiyue dance is speechless, so urgent, really good!"Don't you mean to make them think you're in a hurry?" In my heart, there is a shred of cunning in the water eyes. Yanhuaijing is not such a person who shows himself outside.

"I was guessed by dancer again, but I was really in a hurry!" Yan Huaijing laughs, reaches out and gently pinches the tip of Wei YUEWU's nose, then reaches out and embraces Wei YUEWU. With a wave of his hand, the red curtain falls.

Warm spring night with red curtains
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