Chapter 78 The Son-In-Law Visits

In the end, Old Master Zhou still sent Zhou Lin to escort the Yun sisters back to their home in the countryside.

Before they left, Old Master Zhou sent a letter to his old brother to inform them of the approximate time they would arrive home.

When Liu Fang and Chen Li heard that the sisters were coming back, they were already waiting for their daughters at the door of the Yun family’s home early in the morning.

Chen Li was concerned about her daughter, while Liu Fang was checking to see if Yun Lian had taken advantage of the Zhou family.

Yun Lian was the first to enter the Yun family’s home, carrying bags of gifts in her hands. Nonetheless, none of them were for her, and neither were they for Yun Gang’s family.

Liu Fang did not know the truth. When she saw that Yun Lian had brought so many good things, she was naturally happy.

“Lil’ Lian, come in quickly. I haven’t seen you for so many days, and I miss you already.” Liu Fang immediately ran to Yun Lian’s side and stretched out her hands, wanting to take the gifts in Yun Lian’s hand.

“Mom, we still have to pay a visit to grandfather first.” Yun Lian tried her best to pretend to be obedient and filial in front of Zhou Lin.

“That’s fine too.”

Liu Fang was not afraid of anything, but she still had to respect the Yun family’s old master. Thinking that the two sisters had not been home for almost a month, it was true that they should pay a visit to the old master when they returned home. Otherwise, they would be disrespectful.

Since Yun Lian had to pay a visit to the old master first, it was not good for Liu Fang to receive these gifts. So, Liu Fang could only awkwardly withdraw her hands and instruct Yun Lian to return as soon as possible. Chen Li also smiled at Yun Xi and said, “Xixi, you should go too. Your grandfather has been thinking about you.” “Okay.” Yun Xi nodded. To be honest, her family had relied on her grandfather’s existence for so many years so that she could grow up safely under the watch of her first aunt. She had a good impression of the old master of the Yun family.

“Grandpa! We’re back.” Yun Xi and Yun Lian entered the old master’s room at the same time and said to him in unison.

“Hello, Uncle.” Zhou Lin also greeted the old master politely.

The few of them exchanged a few pleasantries in the old master’s room, then the old master began to cough non-stop. It seemed that the old master’s health was declining and getting worse by the day.

Hence, the few of them returned to their rooms. Other than the gifts that Old Master Zhou had prepared for the old master, which were left in the old master’s room, Yun Xi and Zhou Lin moved the rest of the gifts to Yun Shan’s house.

Yun Lian could only lower her head and walk back to her house.

When Liu Fang saw that Yun Lian had returned, she hurriedly went to her side to receive her. Nonetheless, she discovered that the girl was now empty-handed and had nothing

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“Where are the things?!”

Liu Fang shouted angrily at Yun Lian.

Yun Lian lowered her head and tears welled up in her eyes. She refused to raise her head and looked aggrieved. This aggrieved look did not gain Liu Fang’s pity at all. Instead, Liu Fang wanted to get hold of Yun Lian and give her a good beating

“Say something!”

Liu Fang yelled at Yun Lian in exasperation.

“I have nothing.”

“What are you talking about? I saw you come back with a lot of stuff. You just went into the old master’s room, and you’re telling me that you have nothing now?”

Liu Fang’s tone became more agitated.

“I clearly saw Yun Xi and the boy from the Zhou family carry a lot of gifts to Yun Shan’s house. Are you telling me that you didn’t get anything?”

Liu Fang’s tone had become irritable.

“Mom, don’t be angry. I really didn’t take anything. When the Zhou family’s old master prepared these things, he didn’t prepare anything for the Yun family’s main family.”

Yun Lian finally could not hold it in anymore and raised her head to look at Liu Fang.

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“You didn’t take anything? Then why did you come back just now?”

Liu Fang saw Yun Lian’s teary face and was so angry that her chest was heaving up and down.


“I’m also unwilling, but what can I do? The Zhou family’s old master only favors Yun Xi. I can’t force him.”

“If you’re not capable, then say that you’re not capable. There are more ways and difficulties. Isn’t the little grandson of the Zhou family completely devoted to you? If you can’t get any benefits from the Zhou family’s old master, didn’t you try to benefit from that kid? Do you know how many days has it been since your dad was fired and your younger brother hasn’t had any good food? You don’t think about your younger brother at all!”

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