Chapter 270 - Yan Shi Returns to the Axe Gang (2)

Chapter 270 Yan Shi Returns to the Axe Gang (2)

“Boss, why would the Green Gang let you go? Where are the other two?” The third member asked.

“The young lady of the Green Gang made a deal with me. As for the other two, they will only let them go after we pay the consultation fee to the young lady of the Green Gang.” Yan Shi proposed the consultation fee, he had the urge to spurt blood. When he returned, Zhuge Yu helped Chen Meng’er pass on a message. He said that the fifth member’s and the sixth member’s medical fee was a total of 20,000 yuan.

When Yan Shi heard this number, his eyeballs almost fell out. This young lady of the Green Gang must have robbed him of his money. However, he could only nod his head. He didn’t have any bargaining power at all.

However, from Chen Meng’er’s point of view, the number she mentioned was still considered small. She had saved the fifth member’s and the sixth member’s lives. Their lives were worth more than that. A few years later, every time Yan Shi recalled this matter, he would sigh. Chen Meng’er had really shown mercy back then. Of course, this was all for another time.

“What deal?” The second member asked.

“Capture Liu Xiguo and hand him over to her.” As he spoke, Yan Shi took out a cigarette from his pocket and started smoking. Speaking of which, Yan Shi now regretted getting involved in this matter for the sake of some immediate benefits.

In fact, at the end of the day, Yan Shi had only agreed to Liu Xiguo’s deal out of sheer luck. Yan Shi was thinking that no matter how much Elder Liu loved Chen Meng’er, she was only an adopted granddaughter. Compared to a son who was related by blood, she was far inferior. Moreover, Yan Shi had a good idea. In any case, the deal he made with Liu Xiguo was only to capture Elder Liu’s adopted granddaughter. Everything else had nothing to do with him. In other words, Elder Liu was looking for someone to settle the score with, it was impossible to find him.

However, he had miscalculated everything. Not only did he calculate how much Elder Liu cared about this adopted granddaughter, but he had also miscalculated. This adopted granddaughter of Elder Liu, who was not a threat to him at all… her skills were so amazing. How old was she? She had actually defeated a group of adults.

Yan Shi somewhat understood why Chen Meng’er was so popular with Elder Liu. And Yan Shi did not dare to look down on Chen Meng’er.

“Him? The boss of the Green Gang, Elder Liu?” The people from the Axe Gang could not wrap their heads around it. They thought that their boss was making a deal with Elder Liu.

“No, it’s the young lady of the Green Gang, Elder Liu’s god-granddaughter.” Yan Shi spat out a few circles of smoke. No one could see the look in his eyes at this moment.

“What? Boss, are you sure? The Young Lady of the Green Gang? If I remember correctly, she should be around three years old. How can such a young child make such a deal with us?” The second member’s voice could not help but become shrill.

On the other hand, the third member, who had followed Yan Shi out previously, recalled Chen Meng’er’s skills and the way she shot the gun. He did not feel anything at all, what was wrong with Chen Meng’er wanting to make a deal with the Axe Gang.

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“You don’t know. The young lady of the Green Gang is a big shot. Don’t look at her as she’s only three years old. She doesn’t look like she’s three years old at all. Fifth and sixth were defeated by her. Even the few of us were defeated by her,” the third member said, they were too embarrassed to continue.

Previously, the third and fourth members had returned because they were worried about the fifth and sixth members. They didn’t mention how they had suffered a crushing defeat. This also caused the others in the gang to think that they hadn’t inquired clearly, the young lady of the Green Gang had many Green Gang experts lying in ambush by her side. That was why they had fallen for her trap.

“What? Weren’t you ambushed by the members of the Green Gang? Did you say that you were defeated by the three-year-old young lady of the Green Gang? Your brain is clear, right?” The second member still didn’t believe it, he didn’t believe that this three-year-old kid was responsible for all of this.

“Can I lie to you about this? If you don’t believe me, you can ask Boss.” The third member also felt embarrassed as he spoke, but he was being questioned, which made him very unhappy.

“The third member is right. The few of us were tricked by the young lady of the Green Gang that day. Don’t look at her age. She’s amazing. We’re not her match. In addition, she has the support of the Green Gang behind her. We can’t be her enemy. Therefore, we have no choice but to agree to this deal,” Yan Shi said with a sigh, he had never thought that he, the boss of the Axe Gang, would one day fall into the hands of a three-year-old child. “We have to complete this matter as soon as possible. Otherwise, the longer we delay, the more passive we’ll be. Go check out Liu Xiguo’s recent activities and see if there are any opportunities for us to make a move. Maybe this is also an opportunity for our Axe Gang.”

“Okay, Boss, I’ll go check it out now.” Although the second member and the others were still unable to accept it, they did not believe that the three-year-old young lady of the Green Gang was so amazing. However. Their brothers were still in the hands of the other party, so they had no choice but to compromise.

“I heard from your fat uncle that you let Yan Shi go?” Elder Liu looked at Chen Meng’er, who had been in a good mood ever since she came back from the conversation with Yan Shi of the Axe Gang. He was curious and went to ask Fatty for the reason, however, Fatty and the rest had been left outside the door by Chen Meng’er. They had no idea what their Little Miss had talked to Yan Shi about.

Therefore, Fatty shook his head at Elder Liu’s question, indicating that he did not know. Elder Liu, who could not help but be curious, pretended to ask unintentionally during dinner.

“That’s right. It’s useless for us to lock him up. We might as well use his hands to teach Liu Xiguo a lesson. Oh, right, Grandpa, it shouldn’t be a problem for me to teach Liu Xiguo a lesson, right?” Chen Meng’er finally remembered, after all, Liu Xiguo was a member of the Liu family. It didn’t seem good for her to act rashly. After all, her grandfather was also a member of the Liu family.

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“It’s fine. You can do whatever you want with them. You don’t have to ask me.” Elder Liu wasn’t surprised that his granddaughter would use strict discipline to take care of Liu Xiguo. If it was him, he would also do something like this. “You’ve been happy for half a day just because of this?” Elder Liu followed the conversation and finally asked the question he wanted to know.

“No, what’s there to be happy about? However, if I could steal all the weapons he bought when I raided Liu Xiguo’s lair, I would be very happy.” Chen Meng’er did not realize it at all, her grandfather was trying to trick her. She answered as she ate.

“Then why are you so happy?” Elder Liu asked as he picked up the food with his chopsticks.

“Oh, I earned my first consultation fee in my life today. Grandpa, let me tell you, I’ve made an offer to Yan Shi. A total of 20,000,10,000 per person. Grandpa, tell me, isn’t my offer a little too low? I feel like I’m losing out on this 10,000 for one life,” Chen Meng’er said.

“Yes, you’re losing out a little. This offer is a little too low. Remember to make a higher offer next time.” Elder Liu actually made an offer to Chen Meng’er seriously. If Yan Shi really heard the conversation between the grandfather and the granddaughter, he would probably be so angry that he would vomit blood.

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