Chapter 57 - Behind the Truth & Curiosity

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"The one who taught me Spearmanship and also my teacher..."

When Tetsuya hears this, his confused face turns dreadful. In the past 2 years after the events with Kokabiel, he has been thinking about who was teaching his mom and dad, and when he heard the description that his dad told him especially with the word 'Spear', he couldn't help but be more convinced that the person who taught his dad, is someone he knew of. But to make sure of it, Tetsuya asked his father the identity of the person.

"So, what is the name of the person that you just mentioned, dad?"

Yukio, who heard Tetsuya asking a question with a dreadful atmosphere around him, is confused at his son's action. But he soon thought that his son was probably enthusiastic about wanting to meet his own teacher, which put Yukio in a complicated situation, he knew that his teacher has got to be the most brutal one out there

"If You ever read a book about Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology in the library, then you probably know her identity, her name is Scathach, the Celtic goddess of the dead, who ruled the Land of Shadows."

After hearing that Tetsuya could only freeze at his place, he already expected that the identity of his dad's teacher was Scathach, but he was a bit nervous about hearing it personally. Even though he is nervous. there was a feeling of excitement inside of him. At that time, 2 years ago, Tetsuya only won the one to one fight with Kokabiel due to four reasons:

First, Kokabiel at that time was caught off guard.

Second, His status got a big change of effect due to Gram (reforged) at that time, the reason he was unaware at that time was because his [Weapon Appraisal] skill is not yet strong enough to identify the weapon attribute. This big status buff was the reason that he was able to fight many Fallen angels including Kokabiel.

Third, he got [Mystic Eyes of Death Perception] which allows him to instantly cut Kokabiel's regenerative body.

Fourth and also the last, he has a status recovery that can make all types of injury in his body Non-existent, which he was able to use to win against Kokabiel in the last second.

But if Tetsuya compared his strength to the past, right now he is more than enough to defeat Kokabiel without using the status effect of all of his weapons such as Gram (reforged) or [Mystic Eyes of Death Perception] itself. If he were to guess the power scale of Scathach that is stronger than his dad, then Kokabiel is likely an ant or even worse compared to Scathach. This made him excited since if he were to train from her guidance he could grow stronger.

"So I will take that as a yes?" Yukio, who saw that Tetsuya was excited, asked him one more time, just to be sure. But before Tetsuya is able to reply, someone interrupts him.


Yukio and Tetsuya then looked at their side and found Anna looking at them with a serious look.

"How could I let Tetsuya train under her, Tetsuya is still a kid, he is still 7 years old you know!!" Shouted Anna with a mad look on her face.

'How could you say that when both of you are doing child ab— I mean both of you harshly trained me at 5 years old, that can kill a normal child...' Thought Tetsuya while looking at both Yukio and Anna with a deadpan look on his face. Soon, behind Anna, he sees his brother, Shirou walk tiredly to the sofa as he jumps into the sofa in the living room. Shirou then looked at Yukio slowly while saying something to him.

"W-welcome home dad."

'See, this is clearly a child ab— Never mind, in the end, Shirou will get used to the training that mom gives.' Tetsuya looked at Shirou full of sympathy clearly showing on his face. Shirou right now just finished training with mom which resulted in him feeling so exhausted and went to the sofa to rest.

"Don't worry, I will be tagging along with Tetsuya, so nothing will happen... Probably..." Said Yukio with a smile on his face while ensuring Anna that Tetsuya will be fine.

"Even so, how do you plan to make her teach Tetsuya? In 2 weeks, we are going to visit my father, you know." Anna then sighs while asking Yukio about the future plan on visiting her father, which also made Anna's father Tetsuya's grandfather.

"No, I'm only going to let Shishou train him for 10 days. That is enough for Tetsuya... Well, let's just hope that Shisou will accept the offer to train Tetsuya for 10 days since Shishou doesn't like to teach half-assed." Yukio only laughs wryly while responding to Anna's question.

"Why are you fixated on letting Shishou train Tetsuya? Isn't it enough that he is being trained by the both of us?" Asked Anna with a serious look while looking at Yukio.

"That is because I know that he has the potential to achieve more than this world can offer, that is why I want him to train under Shishou even if it's just for a while."

Tetsuya who heard this already suspected this from the moment the Einzbern family came to live near his house, but the look on his father right now, it's like he knows very well what kind of power he has. Does he have clairvoyance? Does he have the ability to perceive minds? Did someone tell him about his ability? He has thought this many times in the past but decides to stop thinking about it and wait until a new clue shows up. But his dad's statement right now just made him more curious compared to before.

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Anna on the other hand only looked at Tetsuya while looking back at the past remembering the statement that Tetsuya said to her.

"Ah... about that, when I woke up, I saw all of my surroundings were just black, and then I met a woman, Then she said to me that I'm the chosen one, I think... Then she gave me the ability to store any item and I got the weapon from that woman."

{A/N: For those of you who forgot, this is from chapter 23}

When Anna remembered this, she thought that the woman who thinks that Tetsuya is the chosen one is related to this matter. But she soon let go of this matter since there is also a chance of that being not the case. She also knows that her husband, Yukio, is not the type of person who lied about this kind of stuff.

"Okay fine dear, I will leave Tetsuya's training to her." Said Anna while sighing.

"Okay, I will do that." Said Yukio while smiling at Anna.

"And also Tetsuya, don't you also need to tell all your friends that you might be gone by tomorrow morning?" When Tetsuya still thought about what he was thinking before, Yukio asked him with a smile.

"Yeah." Tetsuya nods at Yukio, though he is still curious about the previous matter.

Tetsuya then tells the girls that he is going on a trip with his father for 10 days which surprised all of them. Though of course, they don't want him to go, and it took a while for him to convince them.

Soon night comes as they already have their dinner. Tetsuya, who is walking around, sees his dad sit near the yard near their house.

Tetsuya of course was still curious about the previous matter and asked himself whether he should have asked his dad about it.

"Tetsuya come sit here." Yukio with a smile notices Tetsuya is staring at him, which he then calls Tetsuya to sit beside him.

Tetsuya, who got called by Yukio only nods as he sits beside him.

"Do the things that I said about you make you curious about yourself?" Yukio only asked Tetsuya with a smile. This causes Tetsuya to be a little surprised when Yukio knows what he is worried about but nonetheless, he still nods at Yukio.

"Dad, I have been thinking for a while, but how do you know about the power that I possess?"