Chapter 56 - Ulquiorra vs Indra 3

In the underworld...

There's a chaos happening around the underworld. Shalba brought Leonardo, the holder of Annihilation Maker, in the underworld and forced him into balance breaker. He created thirteen gigantic monster that stood up to two hundred meters and above.

Shalba kidnapped Ophis and went into the dimensional gap. Issei force himself and followed Shalba to save Ophis. He successfully save Ophis but in exchange Shalba managed to hit him using arrow with Samael's curse in it. The curse consumed Issei and he died.

Only his eight pieces of evil pieces came back from the dragon gate that Azazel and Tannin created. Even Ophis wasn't seen. All of them thought that Issei died. No one knew what happen in the dimensional gap.

The Gremory house let Vali and his team stay in their mansion as long as no one knew it. It was their thanks for helping Rias group in fighting Hero Faction.

Because of this event no one in the underworld knew what was happening above in the human world. They were too focus on the chaos that's currently happening in the underworld.

A magic circle appeared in the distance near the Gremory territory. Bikou walked out of the magic circle while looking around at his surroundings.

"I need to contact Vali now, I don't know where he is hiding in this place." Bikou murmured as a small communication magic circle appears beside his ear.

"Oh? You're here Bikou!" Vali said on the other side.

"Where are you, Vali? I need to tell you something!" Bikou said. He could feel that Vali was tired and feeling weak just from the voice he heard.

"Okay. I'm here in Gremory mansion." Vali said.

"Eh?! Are you sure you are there?" Bikou said.

"Yeah. Just hid somewhere and look for Azazel. He will tell you where I am." Vali said.

"Okay" Bikou nodded his head. He then sneakily went inside the Gremory territory.


Bikou was infront of Vali. He looked at the weakened state of Vali. Vali took a curse from Samael the reason why he could hold on like this is because of his demonic powers. Issei didn't have a large amount of demonic energy that's why Samael's curse consume him easily.

"Ah right! I forgot to tell you spmething" Bikou said with a serious expression.

"What is it?" Vali nodded.

"It should be easier if Azazel is here" Bikou said as he scratched the back of his head.

Vali called Azazel. Azazel came a few minutes after Vali called him. Bikou told them what's happening in the human world. Everyword he say was making Azazel lose the color of his face.

"In short, Ulquiorra beat Cao Cao and Indra came to save Cao Cao." Azazel said.

Bikou nodded in response.

"That's a big problem!!" Azazel massage his forehead. He didn't think that a man like Indra would personally come and save Cao Cao. No one anticipated that this would happen not him and Vali.

"I need to tell this to the Satans" Azazel said as he stood up and leave the two.

Trouble keeps coming. They haven't deal with the thirteen monsters and now that Indra appeared himself is also a big problem. Indra already said that he's housing the Hero faction.


Ulquiorra looked at Indra and asked, "Why did a God like you join the Khaos Brigade?"

"No. Don't misunderstood me. I'm not a part of their group but my subordinate is. I don't have a plan to wage a war against all of you. I only want a war with Shiva." Indra replied and he launched a lighting strike at Ulquiorra.

Ulquiorra dodge the lightning before he throw the green spear in his hand.


Lightning coated Indra's fist and he punched the green spear that Ulquiorra threw.

"I've wasted enough time. It's time for me to get serious." Indra said with a serious expression. The smile on his face vanished completely. He started to emitted a powerful aura.


"The Gods here need to create their new map because I will change the lands here." Indra said. He stood straight in the mid air while looking at Ulquiorra. His clothes was fluttering in the air. He opened his mouth, "It's a pity that I didn't bring my sword and battle armor."

Ulquiorra looked back at him. He didn't even flinched at his released of power. He will response by releasing his own power.

"I will make you regret that you shouldn't took a terrorist as your subordinate."

Suddenly the atmosphere changed. The air around him started to feel heavy. The dust below him started to move as if it was blow by something.

Dark spiritual energy started to came out of his body. Immense spiritual energy covered the whole area. Everyone felt suffocated by this power. They couldn't even stand properly.

"W-What is this!?" Cao Cao stutter as he opened his eyes widely in shocked.

Everyone was the same as Cao Cao. They we're stunned by what's happening and the power coming out of Ulquiorra right now.

There's no doubt about this. The power he was going to release could rival those of the top ten strongest in the world.