Chapter 54 - Chapter 54-facing difficulties together

Chapter 54 Chapter 54-facing difficulties together

“No, you can’t leave the two of us!”

Qiao Yuran pulled Chang Yuan with a serious expression.

Tong Wei, who was at the side, echoed, “That’s right, we’ve already said it before we came. We’re a family. If there’s danger, we have to shoulder it together!”

Chang Yuan looked at the two women’s determined eyes, but he could not persuade them.

Although the few of them had lived together for a period of time, they were not related to each other after all. Since they insisted on going, Chang Yuan was not responsible if anything really happened.

“Alright, but you’d better listen to me! You should know how dangerous this is!”

The two women nodded cautiously.

Immediately, the three of them bent their backs and sneaked around the main gate of the camp, entering the camp from the swamp prison at the back.

This was the first time the two women had come here. When they saw the swamp prison again, they were both shocked.

Chang Yuan suddenly saw a hidden thatched cottage in front of them. The door was open, and there was a pair of eyes watching their movements.

Chang Yuan stood where he was, his heart racing. It was certain that he had been discovered.

But he was not sure of the other party’s identity, because Chang Yuan noticed that there were handcuffs on the other party’s hands and feet. They should also be prisoners.

“Follow me! Don’t make a sound!”He warned the two women behind him and then took a few steps forward. His figure was coincidentally blocked by a straw house. In front of him was the place where the imprisoned person was being held. Chang Yuan did not know that there were more than ten women in the room. They were all female slaves in the camp.

At this moment, the woman who was exposed at the door was looking at Chang Yuan with a pleading gaze, hoping that Chang Yuan could save them.

Just now, they were almost saved by Ah Feng and the others, but something happened to Ah Feng, and the female slaves were locked up again.

Chang Yuan naturally could see the look in that woman’s eyes, but at that moment, Chang Yuan’s attention was completely focused on the few people who were imprisoned in the middle of the camp. Hiding behind a corner, he was able to see the scene in the middle of the camp clearly.

Auntie Wang, Ah Feng, and Ah Feng’s three brothers were all imprisoned in the lookout stand. Their bodies were tied to the pillars with ropes, and they couldn’t move.

Even their mouths were sealed. In the center of the camp, there were eight camp youths guarding. A few of them were sitting on the edge of the lookout stand, chatting and laughing. From time to time, they would point at each other’s lower parts.

They were probably saying that boss Wang Xiaobo’s position wasn’t convenient.

Chang Yuan thought to himself. It seemed that the defense wasn’t very cautious, but a frontal collision was definitely not enough. If he was careful, he should be able to lure these people away.

Suddenly, Qiao Yuran cried out in surprise, “Qianqian!”

Fortunately, Chang Yuan reacted quickly. The moment the voice was heard, he quickly covered Qiao Yuran’s mouth. The voice didn’t completely spread out.

On the lookout, a few young men from the camp glanced over when they heard the sound. Fortunately, Chang Yuan and the other two hid behind the thatched cottage.

The other party did not care. They thought it was some wild rabbit or wild chicken.

They continued to talk and laugh.

Qiao Yuran knew that she had been careless, but she did see Zhuo Qianqian just now.

She also saw Zhuo Qianqian being caught by a man with golden frames in the largest thatched cottage.

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Chang Yuan also saw it, but Chang Yuan was not as surprised as Qiao Yuran.

After pondering for a moment, Chang Yuan thought of a good idea.

He saw a pile of tall grass beside the thatched cottage, about the same height as Qiao Yuran. Coincidentally, Qiao Yuran stumbled and fell into the pile of grass.

Chang Yuan had a sudden idea and came up with a brilliant idea.

“Listen Up, the next task is very crucial and difficult. Whether you can save Zhuo qianqian depends on your performance! Chang Yuan explained the plan to the two of them in detail.

To Qiao Yuran, it was a piece of cake, but to Tong Wei, it was a bit difficult.

But to save Zhuo Qianqian, they had already come this far, so what was the point of making such a small contribution.

After saying that, the three of them began to move.

Chang Yuan held the Swiss Army knife in his hand tightly and gently cut a small hole behind the largest thatched cottage.


It could be clearly seen that Wang Xiaobo was angrily threatening Zhuo Qianqian in the thatched cottage.

Wang Xiaobo held the whip in his hand and looked at Zhuo Qianqian with a vicious expression. “You F* cking tired of living, huh? I’ll let you see whether you can do it or not today!”

As he spoke, Wang Xiaobo was about to force Zhuo Qianqian into a corner.

However, Zhuo Qianqian was also calm. She had already seen it the first two times…

“Stop joking. Don’t you know what kind of person you are?”

“I’m warning you, you’d better show some respect. Otherwise, when the people in the camp find out that their boss is actually… Your throne won’t be as secure as it is now!”

After Zhuo Qianqian said that, Wang Xiaobo calmed down.

However, the hostility on his face turned into ferocity. His eyes stared at Zhuo Qianqian, and from the lewd look just now, they became full of murderous intent, “I didn’t kill you in the lookout stand just now. I’ve been patient for a long time, and now you’re threatening me with this matter again!”

“Yes, I can tolerate it, but I can’t tolerate it!”

As he said that, Wang Xiaobo didn’t want to back down anymore. He suddenly pulled out his Nepal Army knife. The shining blade made Zhuo Qianqian unable to look straight at him.

However, Zhuo Qianqian knew that she was definitely not this man’s opponent.

As the chairman of a listed company, she understood human nature. At this moment, she had to be more forceful. Only by psychologically overwhelming the other party could she defeat the other party without a fight. This was the psychology of business negotiations, it was very suitable for the current situation.

However, the overbearing zhuo Qianqian didn’t seem to have much effect.

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Or rather, it had a bad effect. The killing intent in Wang Xiaobo’s eyes became even stronger. “If I kill you, won’t those people know nothing?” As he said this, Wang Xiaobo approached Zhuo Qianqian step by step.

The knife was already placed on his neck. He was just about to make a move.

Chang Yuan saw this scene clearly from the gap in the corner behind him. Chang Yuan was extremely anxious.

Fortunately, just as Wang Xiaobo was about to make a move, there was suddenly the sound of hurried footsteps from outside the straw hut.

The door was knocked open with a bang. Wang Xiaobo was nervous. He turned his head and saw that the person standing at the door was actually the guard on the lookout.

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