Chapter 834 - The Six Realms in the Wheel of Life

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Di Jiu had always been prepared to face the Book of Life and Death, but he couldn’t find where it was. At that moment, the deathly aura of the Book of Life and Death crushed down and Di Jiu understood.

While he hadn’t been paying attention, Shang Huijue had taken out the Book of Life and Death and locked this space. Apparently, he didn’t want to let him leave today.

Di Jiu subconsciously wanted to withdraw from the vast deathly space of the Book of Life and Death. When he took a step back, the boundless Heavenly Dao aura crushed over. No matter how strong Di Jiu was, he had only understood the cultivation of the Heaven Earth Law and the Nomological Dao couldn’t break free from the Heaven Earth Law.

As soon as this Heavenly Dao law crushed over, the deathly aura shrouded Di Jiu’s body and Principal Spirit. At that moment, Di Jiu was very aware that he could not leave based on his own strength. He was afraid that the nomological array flags he had previously set up couldn’t help him escape. Even if they could, the chances would be slim.

“Di Jiu, I wanted to catch you alive. Unfortunately, my Book of Life and Death has now set up a deathly Heavenly Dao book. Fortunately, you’re unyielding and you didn’t escape like a coward…” While Shang Huijue said that, the hand seals on both his hands landed on the Book of Life and Death.

The deathly aura that had enveloped Di Jiu became more and more intense, and the crushing force of the Heavenly Dao left Di Jiu breathless.

Di Jiu changed his mind and raised his hand to wave out the Reincarnation Bridge.

Without the Reincarnation Bridge, he would likely enter the Ninth World first and think of a way. However, under the pressure of such a Heavenly Dao, he was afraid that he wouldn’t get a chance to enter the Ninth World.

The black Reincarnation Bridge instantly turned into an arched bridge in the space of the Book of Life and Death. Di Jiu, who landed on the arched bridge, felt the pressure weaken.

The Book of Life and Death swept over the vast aura of life and death. The endless Dao runes were intercepted by the Reincarnation Bridge and weakened right away.

Overjoyed, Di Jiu raised his hand to wave out endless nomological Dao runes.

Thanks to Di Jiu’s Dao runes, the Dao runes of the Reincarnation Bridge became clearer and clearer. At that moment, Di Jiu wasn’t his old self, who couldn’t control the Reincarnation Bridge.

The endless Dao runes of the Reincarnation aura blasted the Book of Life and Death and the Dao runes of life and death. Meanwhile, the crushing aura of the Heavenly Dao faded.

A sound was heard on the Reincarnation Bridge, lingering endlessly.

Life and death in the ten Dharma realms! Six realms in the Wheel of Life!

No matter what one came there for or where one wanted to go, they did so for reincarnation. People also went there for reincarnation and left for reincarnation!

The Dao runes of reincarnation of the Reincarnation Bridge became more and more powerful. Suddenly, Di Jiu roared and spit out Dao runes. “Dao runes of reincarnation, crush it!”

Dao runes of reincarnation, crush it!

Boom! The Dao runes of reincarnation tore apart the Heavenly Dao space of the Book of Life and Death. The Book of Life and Death then fell from the void.

Di Jiu, who was standing on the Reincarnation Bridge, was overjoyed. Naturally, he was about to grab the Book of Life and Death unceremoniously. However, the Book of Life and Death was absolutely top-notch stuff. Since Shang Huijue wanted his things, he also wanted Shang Huijue’s things.

“The Reincarnation Bridge!” Shang Huijue shouted in shock. There was only one voice calling out in his heart. How could this be? How could it be?

The Reincarnation Bridge was a Heavenly Dao bridge. How could it be Di Jiu’s Dharma treasure?

With a crack, the Heavenly Dao space of the Book of Life and Death was torn by the Dao runes of reincarnation. Shang Huijue opened his mouth to spit out an arrow of blood. He knew very well that now was not the time to think about Di Jiu’s Reincarnation Bridge, but his Book of Life and Death absolutely could not fall into the hands of Di Jiu.

The Heaven-Opening Writing Brush then produced a huge ‘Yang’ character in the void. A violent scorching aura blasted in the direction of Di Jiu, who was naturally not polite. The Void Mountain blasted the huge ‘Yang’ character.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The violent Divine Essence shook that side of the void again, and the fragmented laws of the Dao runes were torn apart. The Dao rune aura that had originally been clear turned fuzzy again.

During this interval, Shang Huijue had grabbed the Book of Life and Death and rushed out of the crushed space of the Dao runes of reincarnation.

Di Jiu found it a pity that he had been just a bit slower. If he’d had half a second more, he could have put away the Book of Life and Death.

Shang Huijue did not escape. Instead, he stared at Di Jiu and said, “You even have the Reincarnation Bridge. Were you reincarnated in the second generation of heaven-opening experts?”

Di Jiu didn’t bother talking to Shang Huijue. He was very scared of Shang Huijue’s Heaven-Opening Mantra and believed that Shang Huijue hadn’t exerted the slightest bit of it. He wondered whether this was an illusion or Shang Huijue had yet to completely understand the Heaven-Opening Mantra.

While he took a step forward, the Heavenly Aqua Saber once again produced a saber screen. At the same time, he said with a sneer, “Shang Huijue, do you think I’ll let you go? Leave if you dare. Unless you’re not leaving the Lost Dao City in this lifetime? I’ll find a way to kill you even if you are not.”

As Shang Huijue raised his hand, the Heaven-Opening Writing Brush conjured billions of Dao runes and he bellowed, “Di Jiu, I’m not afraid of you. So what if you have the Reincarnation Bridge? I’m just unwilling to fight only with you. The two of us can’t do anything to each other. Your friend is in the Half-Patterned Swamp. I didn’t do anything to her.”

After he said that, Shang Huijue took out a jade slip and threw it to Di Jiu before he turned to leave. Shang Huijue left and Di Jiu forcibly resisted the thought of propelling his nomological array flags to set up a Confinement Killing Array.

Shang Huijue had to be a top-notch Divine Array Emperor. Even though he had set up a Confinement Killing Array, he could not confine Shang Huijue. In that case, he had also exposed his nomological array flags, which he had to leave for the most critical moment to teach Shang Huijue a lesson.

Di Jiu’s Spiritual Force had detected that the Half-Patterned Swamp was on the jade slip. He looked at where the Spiritual Force jade slip had escaped to and silently felt that it was a pity that Spiritual Force jade slip had such a treasure. Unfortunately, Shang Huijue’s strength was on par with his. Without the Reincarnation Bridge, it would be time for him to escape now.

His current strength still couldn’t kill Shang Huijue, as he was weaker than him. If he wanted to kill Shang Huijue, he would have to succeed in Dao Integration.

After taking a deep breath, Di Jiu resisted the urge to hunt down Shang Huijue. He turned his figure and rushed to the Half-Patterned Swamp.

He believed that Shang Huijue would not lie to him, and this was not a question of whether he dared. Shang Huijue was not afraid of him, so he had returned to the Lost Dao City. In that case, he couldn’t bear to part with the Lost Dao City. Once Shang Huijue tricked him, he would go to the Lost Dao City.

Neither of them was afraid of the other. When it came to a person like Shang Huijue, he naturally wouldn’t disgrace himself by going to the Lost Dao City.

“Ms. Ling, we have to leave this place.” Mu Lianqi stopped, looked at Ling Xiaoshuang with a grave expression, and spoke up.

Ling Xiaoshuang looked at Mu Lianqi in confusion. “Why, Senior Mu? Didn’t you say that the Half-Patterned Swamp would help me realize the Origin Dao runes when the universe first separated? Didn’t you say it’s the realm that can let me understand the fastest, complement the insufficient Dao runes in my cultivation, and strengthen me? Why do we need to leave when we just arrived?”

Mu Lianqi looked in the distance and slowly said, “The reason I could live to this day is because I have a natural sense for life and death. I suspect that someone is following us and has also come to the Half-Patterned Swamp.”

“Then why are we still fine?” Ling Xiaoshuang asked. Since someone was following them and had even come to the Half-Patterned Swamp, why hadn’t they appeared yet?

Mu Lianqi was somewhat puzzled. “I don’t really know what’s going on either, but we should leave quickly.”

Ling Xiaoshuang didn’t ask again. She just nodded. “Senior Mu, I’ll listen to you.”

Mu Lianqi took out a talisman. “Let’s escape. We can’t delay any longer.”

“Alright.” As soon as Ling Xiaoshuang answered, Mu Lianqi activated the talisman, which erupted into a bright light, sending the two of them away.

How fast it was… Ling Xiaoshuang was secretly shocked. This talisman was definitely not simple. When she was swept away by it, her Spiritual Force spread and disappeared without a trace.

“Not good!” Mu Lianqi shouted anxiously as soon as he landed on the ground. Someone had plotted against him by using the spatial Dharma Array.

“Where is this place?” Ling Xiaoshuang asked as she looked in surprise at the three huge words ahead: Lost Dao City.

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