At the age of 31, Li Jincheng successfully graduated from that foreign school.

Although he was dissatisfied with his inexplicable professional behavior of reading comparative literature, Li Jincheng finally went back to his alma mater to continue teaching through song Liubai.

But his life has changed a lot. He doesn't have to go abroad frequently with song Liubai, and he doesn't have to worry about whether one of his students doesn't go to bed at night.

He just needs to prepare lessons, have classes, grade their papers at the end of the term, and then give them enough credit.

School seems to be a place that will never be eroded by time. It was like this ten years ago, and it will remain the same after ten years.

Or just because it's full of vibrant students.

Li Jincheng's mentality is young because of this environment.

But not everyone will be happy about it. At first, he was glad that Li Jincheng looked simple and white, but one day when he learned that he was very popular at school and saw that he was surrounded by a large number of students and walked out of the school gate, he was soon controlled by his own negative emotions.

He doesn't know if the deeper he loves someone, the more humble he will be.

In his heart, Li Jincheng's appearance is outstanding and his temperament is out of the dust. Although he is not loved by everyone and flowers bloom, it is really easy to make people feel good about him.

Besides, college students are most enthusiastic. If one of them is crazy about Li Jincheng, he will take the initiative to attack

Once he wanted to open something, it would snowball and get bigger and bigger. So when Li Jincheng opened the car door and sat in, he felt an obvious, low atmosphere in the car.

He Zhenxuan seldom wrote his thoughts on his face, so Li Jincheng didn't care much at that time.

But gradually, he sensed some clues from other places.

For example, when Mingming's company is busy, he Zhenxuan still insists on taking him home. After he has sent him home, he drives to the company.

For example, recently, he Zhenxuan always pretends that you are so tired at work. In fact, it's good to stay at home. Or maybe our company has a suitable position for you.

In a word, either stay at home and don't go out to see people, or live under his surveillance.

This man's terrible possessiveness is like a woman's great aunt, always appears on time after a period of time.

Li Jincheng sneered in his heart. When he couldn't bear it, he simply threw a lot of gossip magazines in front of he Zhenxuan and said, "what's this?"

Thinking of the origin of these magazines, Li Jincheng's face was also full of tears and smiles.

At that time, he just returned from school. At the regular dinner of he family, Xiao Peiting carefully pulled him to a side hall, followed by Shi Yinlan and he Qixuan.

Just when Li Jincheng was confused, Xiao Peiting took out the magazines and said, "Jincheng, we all know Zhenxuan loves you very much, but he is also a businessman. He has a lot of social activities In addition to his status, some unscrupulous journalists want to use him to stimulate the sales of magazines, but these... "

After that, she patted the pile of magazines on the table and said, "it's all fake. Even if you finish reading it, don't make trouble with Zhenxuan."

On the table are some of the most famous gossip magazines on Hong Kong Island. Usually, I like to portray the little stars who are not in the class as the king of heaven, and then associate them with the so-called rich families or business tycoons in the three places on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

Li Jincheng is keen on gossip and knows that the two sides are mutually beneficial. Sometimes, even because of need, these artists will quietly make some ambiguous moves for paparazzi to capture.

Although they think so, they also know that Xiao Peiting is worried about themselves, but when Li Jincheng sees the three women opposite looking at him solemnly, his heart is only broken down.

He thinks I'm not a woman, and I'm not as tangled and sensitive as you think. Besides, can you not apply your own mode of thinking to me?


See Li Jincheng look uncertain to see to oneself, he Zhenxuan as if facing the enemy.


"These are all fake, I..."

As he spoke, he swallowed nervously.

He Zhenxuan has all the typical characteristics of Engineering men. In the face of work, they are very skillful. But once things are related to feelings, they will be clumsy. It seems that even their reaction will be slow.

"Should I believe you?"

"It should be."

"The answer is so crisp, he Zhenxuan. I told you that, but what did you say at that time?"

He Zhenxuan's expression is full of confusion. Knowing that he must have forgotten, Li Jincheng sneered and said word by word: "when Zhang Liangyu patted me on the shoulder the day before yesterday, when Xu Tingting called me on my mobile phone yesterday, let alone They are still my students.... "

"Jincheng, I..."

A pair of don't know how to explain appearance, Li Jincheng also disdain to talk with him, looked at the double bed beside the eye, he just said: "go up to lie."He Zhenxuan always corrects his mistakes, and he feels guilty. As soon as Li Jincheng's voice falls, he immediately goes to bed to lie flat.

It's winter now, and Li Jincheng hasn't had time to take the tie around his neck. Thinking of it, he unties his tie and ties he Zhenxuan's hands to the head of the bed.

It's very sexy when he stares at himself and takes off his tie. Unfortunately, he Zhenxuan's hand has just moved unconsciously. Li Jincheng has already bent over to press his hands.

"He Zhenxuan, I say you can move, otherwise For the next month, I think we'd better sleep separately. "

The light in the room has not been turned off, and Li Jincheng has shown a smile mixed with enchantment and innocence.

This night, Li Jincheng is very good at teasing, but he Zhenxuan can't move. Finally, he makes his eyes red, and there is a cold sweat on his forehead.

Although he finally got Li Jincheng, he never saw a picture of him in this type of magazine since then.

Deliberately let people button down those photos, or as soon as you see the artists, you can see how far away they are. However, Li Jincheng finally achieved his wish.

Several women of the he family always pay attention to the trend of he Zhenxuan, so at the next party, they immediately ask him why.

Among them, he Qixuan is the most important.

Hear he Qixuan ask oneself, Li Jincheng sneer, say: "coax not good, come to a bit hard."

"For example?"

Li Jincheng was choked by his saliva and laughed twice. He just dropped a sentence: "kneel on the keyboard."

This sentence he said casually, but when he finished, Xiao Peiting immediately looked at him with a kind of adoring eyes.

Li Jincheng

Originally, Li Jincheng thought it was over here, but later, he Qixuan took him by the hand and said with a serious face, "how can we catch a man's heart?"

He Qixuan got married last year. Although her husband claimed to be a painter, Li Jincheng felt that he was more like a white face.

But Shi Yinlan said, the most important thing is that her daughter is happy. Besides, their family can afford this person, so Li Jincheng and he Zhenxuan don't have much to say.

He Qixuan has a kind of unexplained closeness to Li Jincheng. After hearing her ask herself, Li Jincheng thought about it and then said, "you should be magnanimous and confident in front of him, and you should always show your feminine charm."

"Feminine charm? Jin Cheng, can you accompany me to buy underwear tomorrow? "

Li Jincheng's Three Outlooks were shattered by these women of he family. After saying this, the shop assistant would think that I was a pervert. You'd better go to your friend. He was in a hurry to get rid of he Qixuan.

"Jincheng, what happened?"

He Qixuan's fear of he Zhenxuan has never disappeared. Seeing that he holds Li Jincheng and looks at him with a little alert in his eyes, she immediately pretends to be calm and looks back for her husband.

On the way back, Li Jincheng tells he Zhenxuan the whole story. He Zhenxuan can't help but laugh.

This is the first time since they have known each other for so many years that he Zhenxuan laughs so wantonly. Li Jincheng is impatient and grabs him on the inside of his thigh. When he cries out in pain, he gnashes his teeth and says, "whose fault do you think this is?"

Face forbearance smile, see Li Jincheng also want to start, he Zhenxuan immediately hold his hand, said: "obedient, I'm driving, what's the matter we go back to talk about."

He family is rich in freaks. This is the only sentence that Li Jincheng can think of when he Zhenxuan looks at him.

Every year, Li Jin goes to Chengdu to see Liao Changyuan.

It may be that his original behavior shocked him too much, so today, Li Jincheng still can't forget him.

When you go there, you usually meet the relevant signs.

At the beginning of a single person, in recent two years, he began to appear around a little boy.

He was six or seven years old, and his facial features were very similar to those of Liao Changyuan when he was young.

Later, Li Jincheng learned that it was Liao Changyuan's son, but now he was adopted by Guan Zibiao.

Guan Zibiao is close to him. The last time Li Jincheng saw him, he had a funny smile on his face. At the same time, he pointed to Liao Changyuan's photo on the tombstone and asked the little boy to call him his mother. At that time, Li Jincheng was speechless.

"Or are you not going to find another one?"

Guan Zibiao laughed, pointed to his heart and said: "there is him in it, and it can't hold other people."

"Not alone?"

"He's by my side when I miss him."

When he comes out of the cemetery, the sun on his head is very dazzling. Watching Guan Zibiao holding Liao Changyuan's sleeping son to his car, and gently placing him on the chair for children, Li Jincheng quickly feels a sour smell coming from the tip of his nose.

At that time, he was thinking, Liao Changyuan, I really hope you can meet again in the next life.

When he went back, he talked about it with he Zhenxuan, who was also full of emotion. In the end, he just held Li Jincheng in his arms and whispered, "our luck is better than theirs."Yes, it's not easy to meet someone you like, not to mention that they can stay together forever.

The next day was the weekend. Early in the morning, Li Jincheng was woken up by his mobile phone ring. He heard Xiao Peiting's voice. Because he didn't wake up, he answered several times and hung up the phone.

He Zhenxuan was at home to rest with him as usual. Because of his biological clock and habit of getting up early, he didn't feel sleepy at this time. But because of what happened in the past, he was grateful that Li Jincheng could still appear in front of him alive. Therefore, even if he could stare at Li Jincheng for an hour or two, he would not feel the slightest regret Tired.

Finally, when he was sleepy, Li Jincheng's mobile phone rang again.

This time, he ningran called. When he asked himself, Li Jincheng gave a vague answer, saying, "sister Peiting has gone to find sister LAN Hui."

Hang up the phone and lie on the bed quietly for two seconds, Li Jincheng jumped up, at the same time kept calling dead, this is dead.

"What's the matter?"

After calling Xiao Peiting, Li Jincheng explained to him.

Recently, he ningran is old and can't play any more, so he begins to watch Xiao Peiting every day.

Xiao Peiting is also used to freedom. Being treated like this by he ningran will only make her feel miserable.

He ningran didn't believe her friends. The only one he could trust was Li Jincheng, so Li Jincheng promised to cover for her.

"But now..."

Seeing that Li Jincheng was about to fall apart, he Zhenxuan put him on the bed with a smile and said, "don't worry. Next time I'll cover for my third aunt."

"The question is, does she dare?"

Unfortunately, Li Jincheng's words have not finished, he Zhenxuan has been kissing.

After that, just as Li Jincheng expected, Xiao Peiting did not dare to let he Zhenxuan cover for her. At the same time, he ningran often used a kind of smiley expression to look at him.

Li Jincheng couldn't resist such pressure, so he had to find an excuse not to attend the family gathering of he family.

Later, he Zongtong found out about the incident. He scolded them and a group of people called Li Jincheng one after another. This incident was revealed.

When Li Jincheng was 37 years old, he Zhenxuan accompanied him to challenge all the extreme sports he wanted to challenge. During the summer vacation of this year, they went to the small European country where Li Yaozu and song Wanru are now.

Li Yaozu's original education is not low, plus smart, so when several people meet again, he can speak the language of that country fluently.

He and song Wanru opened a noodle shop in a small town near the sanatorium. The first floor was used to open a shop and the second floor was used to live. Many colorful flowers were planted on the balcony. The business of the noodle shop was also good.

Song Wanru looks like a normal person, but she is not in good health. As soon as it gets dark at night, she says good night to Li Jincheng and he Zhenxuan. Then Li Yaozu takes them to an outdoor coffee shop for coffee.

Maybe it's because I haven't seen you for a long time, and what the other party said falls in my ears, which can be called novelty. So until late at night, the three people realized that the time had passed for a long time.


Li Yaozu looked solemn. Li Jincheng was thinking about something bad. Then he heard Li Yaozu ask him, "tell me the truth, is something wrong with Jiajun?"

Li Jincheng still wanted to answer his question, but Li Yaozu misunderstood him and shook his head. Then he said, "I know Jia Jun's handwriting. In fact, the postcards he sent from all over the world in recent years were sent by someone, right?"

Li Jincheng never knew such a thing. After hearing what he said, he turned his head, but he Zhenxuan showed an apologetic smile with him at this time.

It is clear that he is thinking for himself. Li Jincheng clenches his hand and explains to Li Yaozu at the same time.

"This child, how can you think so unintelligible?"

It's useless for others to think of heaven and hell.

"Does song Wanru know about it?"

"She has bad eyes. I've been reading those postcards for her all the time."

"How long are you going to keep it from her?"

"If you can For the rest of your life. "

Li Jincheng nodded and was just about to leave with he Zhenxuan. Li Yaozu stopped him and said, "if you have time in the future, come here to see me more. I'm old now, and I don't have many years to live."

His tone is calm but full of a sense of sadness. Li Jincheng nods at the thought that he and song Wanru, who are not in good health, are dependent on each other.

There is a saying that things change. Not long after Li Jincheng and he Zhenxuan returned to Hong Kong Island, sister Fang passed away.

Her death belongs to natural death. As she gets older, her organs are gradually failing. That morning, Li Jincheng went to her room and called her. He thought she just overslept.

On the day of Fangjie's funeral, Li Jincheng locks himself in his study. Because he Zhenxuan is worried, he never leaves the door of the study.Until early in the morning, he Zhenxuan once again tried to gently twist the door handle, only to find that the door has been opened from inside by Li Jincheng.

It was a sign that he was finally willing to talk to himself.


Li Jincheng is lying on his desk, just like the children who didn't sleep enough in his class when he was a child. But he Zhenxuan knows that it's because he cried hard and didn't want to see his embarrassed appearance. That's why he did it.

He Zhenxuan quietly walked over. When he put his hand on Li Jincheng's shoulder, Li Jincheng had already hugged his waist and buried his face there.

"He Zhenxuan, you can't die earlier than me in the future."

He Zhenxuan's expression became soft because of his words. After Fushun Li Jincheng's hair again and again, he said with a smile: "certainly."

When he Zhenxuan really retired, he was almost 50 years old. Although he said he wanted to travel around the world, they abandoned the ship to buy air tickets and rushed back to Hong Kong less than a week after they boarded the cruise ship around the Pacific Ocean.

Li Jincheng's explanation for this is that he is old and can't run any more. Now it's serious to cultivate himself at home.

Although that's what they say, they are well maintained and dressed, so they rarely show their true age.

Now they stand together, in the eyes of outsiders, are still two elegant middle-aged uncle.

He Zhenxuan always takes Li Jincheng as the leader. Li Jincheng wants to cultivate his character, so he takes people to a place suitable for cultivating his character.

The new home is located in Repulse Bay. It's only one story high. It has a wide lawn in front of the building and a blue swimming pool and garden in the back of the building. It's not only suitable for living, but also for inviting friends to party here.

But gradually, the lawn in front of him was changed by Li Jincheng.

Because they wanted to eat fresh eggs, they made a chicken coop there. Because they paid attention to equality between men and women, there were ten cocks and ten hens.

He Zhenxuan can't open his eyes because of the stink of chicken excrement. Although he has thought of letting servants come here to clean, Li Jincheng excuses that he doesn't like to be disturbed by strangers and lets he Zhenxuan do everything by himself.

He Zhenxuan wears a mask and sunglasses and washes the chicken coop with a faucet. He can't help thinking that it's probably because he didn't spend too much time with Li Jincheng, so he came up with such a novel way to treat himself.

Li Jincheng's sleep quality was not high. Later, he was too noisy and asked people to send the chickens away.

Before long, Li Jincheng envied Tang Bohu's free and easy, and began to let people plant peach trees in the yard.

Later, he changed to worship Tao Yuanming, so he asked people to pull up the peach trees in the yard and plant chrysanthemums instead.

For more than a year, Li Jincheng repeatedly made he Zhenxuan almost think that he had advanced to menopause.

But as always, when his freshness is over, he will calm down again.

On this day, they fed the thrush raised by he Zhenxuan, the tortoise and goldfish raised by Li Jincheng, and a golden hair raised by them. Then they heard the engine sound of an exaggerated sports car outside the gate.

There is an identification system on the door, and there is no need for two people to open the door. Soon, Ren, who is about the same height, shape and taste as Ren Yuqiao, rushed in and said, "teacher! You must help me this time! "

Li Jincheng and he Zhenxuan look at each other speechlessly, thinking of coming again.

John yam is now a well-known star on Hong Kong Island. Unfortunately, he is not destined to be a quiet and beautiful man like his brother.

To put it mildly, he himself is equivalent to a gossip maker.

Although I don't know the truth of the scandal, Li Jincheng can't help but feel sorry for he haoyin.

He haoyin's appearance brings together all the advantages of her parents. It's just that she has no interest in being an artist. Otherwise, her gorgeous and flawless appearance alone will be enough to charm all living beings.

What's more, she is the most outstanding woman Li Jincheng has ever seen.

No one.

"This time she really broke up with me, but I was wronged!"

"And before?"

Ren does not speak, Li Jincheng can not help but sneer.

They began to fall in love at the age of 17. During this period, Ren suddenly disappeared. He haoyin never said anything about this. He was photographed with a red little Huadan on his sports car.

But now

Li Jincheng looked at Ren Yusen, who was weak on the table. With a bad smile, he said, "Ren Yusen, you are really dead this time."

"He and Xiaoxiao are really finished this time?"

When Ren left dejected, he Zhenxuan asked in a low voice.

"No, Xiaoxiao has been waiting for this day for a long time."


"Spoil him a little bit, and then hit him when he's unprepared."

Li Zhenxuan shakes his head, and he Zhenxuan's face is slightly fierce.

Later, as expected by Li Jincheng, he haoyin frequently attended various dinners on behalf of Rongsheng. As soon as she appeared on the stage, she was stunned. From then on, countless people fell in love with her.At first, Ren could bear it. One day, he haoyin was photographed dating another young talent in the city. He was really worried.

It was a confession and a proposal, but he haoyin had been waiting for so many years and was not in a hurry. Later, almost two years later, many people waited until the news that they were about to get married.

At this time, Ren had become a slave to his wife.

On the day of receiving the call, Li Jincheng said with a smile: "how about it? I was right, wasn't I? "

"Yes, you are right."

Finish saying this sentence, he Zhenxuan still can't help but get close to the past and kiss the corner of his mouth.

He once saw a very touching love sentence in a book.

Said that because of so and so, he felt that he did not live in vain.

Or because of so and so, I will not regret having been in this world.

For him, Li Jincheng represents such a significance.