1314492 words, which Xiao Lan didn't think of.

Originally, because of the grades, I even planned to end up with 800,000 hastily, but then think about it... Hey, the first book, let's be capricious.

Thank you very much for the 29 friends who have been following the changes. Thank you for keeping the changes. Xiaolan has the motivation to persevere.

Finally, as the first book, Xiaolan is very satisfied with his current results.

The new book "Naruto has made a false master god" has been released. It is written about the construction of the master god. It is currently 160,000 words. Everyone is interested in collecting!

Attribution; please call me Xiaolan;

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Opening: 2016.12.21,

Location: China, Xiamen, Huli District, Jinshan International;

End: 2017.08.02;

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