Chapter 52 - Chapter 52: Share Your Merits With Me!

Chapter 52: Share Your Merits With Me!

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“Lingjun, good news!”

As soon as Chu Lingjun returned home, his parents called for him. “The doctor said that Chu Yue’s leg muscles are recovering very well. If she continues to keep it up, she will be fit enough to undergo surgery.”

Chu Xingguo’s left arm was tied in front of his chest, but his right arm was constantly waving and slapping. He was ecstatic. “Your mother and I have decided to take Chu Yue to Lan City for another checkup in a few days!”

Quicksand Town was only a small county town, and the medical facilities here were limited. If one wanted to undergo bone correction surgery, they had to go to a better hospital in Lan City.

“That’s good news!” Chu Lingjun was also overjoyed!

The three of them immediately gathered around Chu Yue and discussed excitedly. It was as if it was the new year.

After dinner, Chu Lingjun and Chu Xingguo went to the back of the neighborhood to practice boxing.

Chu Lingjun’s aura was like a tiger’s. He opened and closed his fists widely and punched the boulder without hesitation.

Under Chu Lingjun’s fist, the two-meter-tall boulder actually let out a series of grunts. The boulder trembled, cracks appeared, and fragments flew everywhere!

Chu Xingguo was stunned by what he saw!

When did his son become so strong?

It had only been a month, but why did it feel like a year had passed?

After a series of intense collisions, the boulder finally couldn’t bear the weight and collapsed into pieces of gravel!

Chu Lingjun’s fist was also bleeding after all the intense punches.

“Did something happen at school today?”

“No, I just got carried away just now and couldn’t control myself.”

“Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If there’s anything going on, you can always come to me.”

“I will.”

Time passed slowly thereafter. Shen Yanhu came back later than expected. He only returned after nearly ten days.

Chu Lingjun, who was about to walk out of the school gate, felt something and looked at the end of the road on the left.

There was a figure approaching quickly. His body was like an afterimage. One second, he was at the end of the road, but the next second, he was already in the middle of the road.

In the next second, that very figure appeared in front of Chu Lingjun.

It was as if this person appeared out of thin air.

The man was dressed in ragged clothes and had a messy beard. His hair was disheveled and there was a thick rancid smell on his body. It almost made Chu Lingjun vomit out the exotic beast meat he had eaten at noon!

“Sir, where did you go?” Chu Lingjun covered his nose and retreated a few steps back.

Chu Lingjun noticed that there was a strong smell of blood on Shen Yanhu’s body.


Although Shen Yanhu’s clothes were a mess, his eyes were shining brightly and his face was full of smiles!

He laughed heartily, boldly, and unrestrained, not caring about his appearance

at all. “It doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that I finally got what I wanted for this mission. I killed a beast! It was all worth it!”

“Congratulations, sir!”

The next day, Shen Yanhu called Chu Lingjun to his office.

“Chu Lingjun, I want to ask you something. Have you told Meng Shu, Bai Qin, and Tian Yu about the scholarship?”

“I did.’

“Then why did they say that their bank cards had already received the bursary when I followed up on this matter?”

“Uh, did someone make a mistake?” Chu Lingjun asked, puzzled.

“You transferred the money yourself, didn’t you?” Shen Yanhu stared at Chu Lingjun.

“No… Alright, I did.” Looking at Shen Yanhu’s sharp gaze, Chu Lingjun knew that he couldn’t hide it anymore.

“Are you sure you want to support them every month? It’s eight hundred dollars per person. This means you’ll have to sacrifice two thousand four hundred dollars for three of them each month.”

“As long as they’re willing to grow, I’m willing to give.”

“Although I know what you’re doing is a good deed, you need to know that your family background is not in the best situation as well.” Shen Yanhu said in a deep voice.

“It’s not a big problem. The school will give me a salary every month. Two thousand four hundred dollars is a piece of cake.”


“Oh. I can guarantee that I’ll get first place in the monthly examination every month.”

Shen Yanhu suddenly did not know what to say. With Chu Lingjun’s strength, this excuse to earn money seemed plausible…

“Did you tell the three of them?”

“No, I haven’t.”


“Why should I? Everyone grows up in different environments,” Chu Lingjun retorted. “Their living habits are also quite different. It’s not necessary for them to know. As long as they study hard and strive for the life they want, the money they receive will be worth it. I want to do it. There’s no need to let the other party know and embarrass them.”

Chu Lingjun could understand what these three people were going through. If he didn’t have the electric eel clone, he would be in the same living condition as these three people!

They were average martial artists with no superpowers…

The three of them only managed to hunt one or two Early Stage Level One exotic beasts in the monthly outdoor combat test last month.

These three people desperately wanted to hunt more, but they weren’t strong enough. They were all eliminated on the first day.

Shen Yanhu looked at Chu Lingjun seriously, as if he had gotten to know the young man in front of him again.

“Alright, then count me in!”

Shen Yanhu took out a wad of cash from the drawer and handed it to Chu Lingjun. “From now on, each of us will provide one thousand two hundred dollars each every month!”

“This is a secret between us. You’re not allowed to leak it!” Shen Yanhu said seriously.

This time, it was Chu Lingjun’s turn to be stunned. He then smiled and said, “Yes, sir.”

After Chu Lingjun left, the teachers in the office gathered around.

“The most touching thing in this world is not wealth, status, achievements, intelligence, courage, or ability, but the kindness that comes from the bottom of your heart.”

“This student is still growing. It’s rare for a child to have such thoughts and actions!”

“He’s kind and outstanding, this is the true character of a scholar!”

“A good family will definitely have its blessings. This student will definitely be safe and happy for the rest of his life!”

“That’s right…”

Chu Lingjun had just walked out of the office when a beautiful figure with a ponytail suddenly pounced on him!

Chen Zhiqi glared at Chu Lingjun angrily. She scrunched her face and brandished her claws as she said angrily, “Chu Lingjun, how dare you do such a thing behind my back. Is it because you want to secretly excel and then dump me to the side? You’re so vicious! I want a share of your merits. I want a piece of the pay! I’ll give you the money! You, me, and the class teacher will give eight hundred dollars each!”

Chen Zhiqi was furious. She took out her phone and transferred 800 dollars to Chu Lingjun’s bank account.

Then, she snatched the phone from Chu Lingjun’s hand and accepted the transfer.

Chu Lingjun didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he saw Chen Zhiqi’s actions. He said slowly, “Then you have to promise me one thing.”


“This matter is a secret between the three of us. You are not allowed to tell anyone.”

“No problem, I can swear to you! Pinky promise!” Chen Zhiqi snorted.

“Alright then. ”

“If you break the promise you’ll have to hang yourself. You’re not allowed to take it back!”

“Yes, I pinky swear. I won’t change my mind.” Chen Zhiqi smiled..