Huo Zhi understood why Gu Si was more angry with him than before.

He did not care about him, "you are still young, do not understand the interests of the head here, I will not let you move lengxuan is for you and your sister."

Gu Si laughs, "can you not talk so fresh and refined?"

Huo Zhi pursed his lips and his eyes became gloomy.

"It doesn't matter if you let it or not." Gu Si shrugged, "Lao Tzu has abandoned her hands and burned the cold house. How can you treat me?"

Lin Shuang couldn't help laughing.

Huo Zhi looks at her.

Lin Shuang's arm supported the table, tore a piece of cake, pulled the corner of his mouth, "I'm sorry, Mr. Huo, don't mind. I'm in a good mood this morning."

Huo Zhi pressed the fire and looked at Gu Mang, "there are ten days to go before you enter 102. Tell me what you need and I'll help you arrange it."

Gu mang lifted his eyelids and looked at him. His lips were hooked up. "What do I need? Can you arrange for me?"

Huo Zhi had been used to her attitude for a long time. She lowered her eyes to eat and said, "you will understand me sooner or later."

After breakfast, Huo Zhi went to the Council building.

Wait for him to come back at night -

at the door of the villa.

Mr. Huo said, "I don't want to see you in front of us."

Bareheaded as Huo's first general, in addition to Gu mang has not been afraid of anyone.

"How dare you stop us, sir?" Bareheaded, with a grim look on his face, he went forward to push him away.

Have not yet shot, white with the sudden kick over.

Barehead did not react to come over, when the chest a foot kick hit out, lying on the ground in distress.

Huo Zhimou bottom one cold, one eye sweeps toward white with, the murderous spirit Bi appears.

White with the face expressionless standing on the steps, not slow to manage the cuffs.

Bareheaded to climb up from the ground, spit out a mouthful of blood, come up to follow white with hands.

At this time, Huo Zhi's mobile phone suddenly rang.

Hear the sound, bareheaded action.

Huo Zhi stares at Bai Sui, takes out the mobile phone, doesn't look like the electricity person, connects, "says."

I don't know what news came from there. He twisted his eyebrows.

Hang up.

Huo Zhi looked at his bald head and said, "go to the general hospital."

All the people in the general hospital are from the Leng family, but Leng Xuan is the only one who can let Huo Zhi go to the hospital in person.

"Yes," he said respectfully

Before leaving, Huo Zhi glanced at his white eyes.

Bareheaded press chest, bite teeth, cast down two words with cold eyes, "wait."

He must give it back ten times.

Bai Sui turns back to the hall.

Gu Si, Yu Mufeng, Jiang Sui and Bai Qingqing, who are sitting on the carpet playing cards, respect him.

In front of Huo Zhi's face, he kicked his confidant. Bai Sui is absolutely the first person in history!


Lin Shuang was standing on the balcony with a glass of wine. She leaned against the railing lazily and looked down at her eyes. "Gu Xiaomei, Bai Sui is the one who forced you to take medicine?"

Gu mang is sitting in front of the computer, his legs are overlapping, and the bandit's anger is on the table.

Take the printed test record from Yu Zhongjing.

Smell speech, she hum sound, test record turn a page.

Lin frost eyebrow eye a pick, curl a mouth, a pair of I see through all the expression, "he is not good to you."

Gu Mang's face is too cold, plus the aura that the whole body is chiseled with the words "don't touch Laozi". She likes her a lot, but no one dares to get close to her.

That white with courage is still very big.

Gu mang carelessly, "is it?"

Lin Shuang tut sighed, "that's quite obvious. Don't say you didn't see it." , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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