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To be honest, Dong Sanchun was already craving it in the morning.

However, before he could ask for it, Dong Nuan ran away.

As for these children, each of them reacted faster than the last. When he realized what was happening, there were only a few chunks left for him to see.

Now that this matter was brought up again, Dong Sanchun licked his lips and could not help but speak.

Dong Nuan was fanning herself. The summer afternoon was too hot.

Things were no longer the same as before. Whether it was cool accessories or other magical artifacts or spells, he could not easily take one out anymore.

Now, if he wanted to take something out, he could only do it manually.

Hearing Dong Sanchun’s question, Dong Nuan knew what he was thinking. She turned around and looked at Dong Sanchun innocently. She said in surprise, “Father, do I look like I have an apricot on me?”

Dong Sanchun, “…”

Alright, there was indeed nowhere for her to hide it. Her tattered clothes could not even hide a date, let alone apricots.

Dong Sanchun saw that she did not have any apricots, so he pulled a long face and lay back down.

Once he came into contact with the straw mat, it was like a fire was burning his body!

“It’s such a hot day. When will it end?” Dong Sanchun could not help but sigh.

Madam Dong Wu, who was coaxing her son at the side, heard his sigh. She thought for a moment and whispered, “You’re still better off than Dong Ri. Today, even if it’s hot, you can at least take off your clothes. You haven’t worn them in winter yet.”

The taxes had been reduced in the past two years, so their lives were better than usual. Although there was no surplus food at home, at least everyone shared some cotton-padded jackets. Regardless of how good the insulation was, at least there was that.

If he were to fast forward to five to six years later, it would be so cold in winter that he would want nothing more than to wrap layers and layers of hay around his body.

It was really cold in winter, and there were not a lot of cotton-padded jackets. There were only two or three items in the family. Whoever went out would wear them. Those who were idle at home were not qualified to touch the jacket.

Hearing what Madam Dong Wu said, Dong Sanchun clicked his tongue unhappily. “Why do you mention Dong Ri? It’s unlucky.”

Aunt Dong Wu was a little unhappy after being poked by him, but she did not dare to refute. In the end, she could only sigh and lie down.

She still had to work in the afternoon, so she did not dare to waste her time chatting.

Listening to the breathing in the room, Dong Nuan was about to sleep, but before she lay down, she heard movement in the courtyard.

The windows in the house were not made of glass. They were all made of paper. In order to keep warm in winter, they were all small lattice windows. Every piece was especially small.

Fortunately, because of the hot weather, the window was open. Otherwise, Dong Nuan would not be able to see the situation outside at all.

She stretched her neck slightly and looked out of the window. Then, she saw a middle-aged woman walking in lightly.

After she entered the hospital, she did not shout. She thought that it was because all the families were taking their lunch break.

The other party walked to the east courtyard and knocked on the window of the east house. Dong Nuan was not too sure which house the other party knocked on.

However, thinking about the identity of the person who came in, she could guess.

The person who had come was Scholar Liao’s mother. She was a thin and old woman. She was only a few years older than Madam Dong Wu, but she looked about the same age as Old Madam Dong.

Scholar Liao, who was next door, did not know how to catch an oil bottle when it fell. He did not know how to bring up a bucket from a well when there was no water. He thought that water would just fall from the sky. It was obvious how tiring it was to be his mother.

Dong Nuan could roughly guess the purpose of her visit.

After all, she still had to take care of Scholar Liao and Dong Xing.

However, at this time, she should not cause trouble and should let them talk first.

After a casual glance, she retracted her gaze and lay down.

She did not know how long Mother Liao talked to her family. Anyway, she could not hear much in the room, so Dong Nuan didn’t bother to listen in.

Around three-quarters of an hour later, Old Madam Dong called for help in the courtyard.

She was not the only one. All the courtyards started shouting too. At this moment, the sun had already begun to set in the west. The sun was not so scorching anymore. Everyone could endure working in the fields again.

On such a hot day, if people could not stand it, the crops would not be able to stand it either.

However, without the crops, they would have to starve for the next year, so who cared if they could not stand it?

Let us get to work!

After Dong Nuan got up, she simply combed her hair.

The original host’s hair was just past her shoulders. It was yellow and dry, and it felt like dry grass. The farmyard did not care about hair buns or hair accessories. With a red headband, she had to walk with her neck held high.

Dong Nuan’s hair was tied into two small buns with some torn cloth from home. It was gray. Compared to her hair, no one could tell what was more shabby.

“You only know how to sleep. Why don’t you sleep to death? Don’t you know that you have to work?”

“The seedlings in the field are all dead from the sun. What’s the use of going back to work?”

In the courtyard, Old Madam Dong was cursing with her hands on her waist.

Dong Nuan’s household was still alright. On one side of them was Scholar Liao’s house. Even if they were working in the fields, Mother Liao did not need anyone to rush her or shout. At most, the old lady next door would shout along. It did not sound particularly loud.

However, the other houses were really connected. It was extremely lively.

For a moment, no one knew how many people were shouting.

In the afternoon, Dong Nuan went to work in the fields. After all, the top-notch slaves had just begun training. It was not good to keep providing them with good things. It would raise their appetites.

She would take her time.

If they ate it every day, as time passed, they would start to take it for granted.

She would only do it once a day, maximum.

The fields were divided into two parts in the afternoon. One part was continuing the morning work, like pulling weeds and catching insects. Then, the strong laborers carried wooden buckets to the river to fetch water and water the fields.

In addition to grains, Xiaowan Village’s main crops were sorghum, hemp, and various vegetables.

Vegetables like cucumbers and eggplants, which were durable, were planted more often because they could be sold in town. If they could not be sold, one could marinate them and keep them for winter.

There were also leafy green vegetables, but those were very rare.

Take sorghum, for example. It was already very tall now. It could be collected next month. If it still grew especially small, how could one collect it then?

There was no need to catch insects sometimes. Just plucking the grass would be enough.

However, vegetables were no good sometimes. If one was not diligent with pest control, one’s family would not be able to eat all of the vegetables later.

The Host used to be quite capable. Madam Dong Wu always wanted to take care of Dong Yao, so she did not go to fetch water. She let the Host do it.

Now that the new Dong Nuan was here, she did not plan to spoil the child.

Therefore, when she came to the field, she went straight to the vegetable field to catch insects, not giving Madam Dong Wu a chance to escape at all.

Madam DOng Wu was about to say something, but Dong Nuan ran far away, making her stomp her feet and mutter.

“Third Aunt, why aren’t you leaving yet? Are you waiting for the dishes to be served?” Seeing that Madam Dong Wu was still dawdling, Old Madam Dong could not help but pull a long face and shout.

When Dong Wu heard her mother-in-law’s voice, she was so frightened that she ran and jumped. She carried the bucket and teleported at least seventy feet away.

Dong Nuan was stunned when she saw this scene unfold from the vegetable field!