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Dong Nuan had not thought much about marriage.

Previously, she only knew that the original owner’s experience was too pitiful and figured that no matter what, she would not marry Liao Mingkun.

Even if she had to get married to him, Dong Nuan would not walk the same path as the original owner of the body.

Her former good friend, the vixen, had said not to get too close to men. It was unlucky. If she had to get close to them, she was to remember to not sympathize with them, as it would make her even more unlucky.

Dong Nuan felt that if Liao Mingkun was so determined to marry her, she might let him know what it was like to marry a disobedient wife.

“Okay.” Dong Nuan, who had no intention of getting married, answered obediently.

Han Jianglou left worriedly. Before he left, they kept looking back, which made Old Master Dong’s face darken.

As soon as Han Jianglou left, Second Aunt finally could not hold it in anymore. She did not dare to tell Old Master Dong and only dared to turn her head. She complained to Old Madam Dong angrily and aggrievedly. “But Mother, we’ve already spoken to Sister-in-law Liao next door.”

How could he reserve Dong Nuan for a second man?

In response to Second Aunt’s words, Old Madam Dong only raised her eyelids and sneered. “Who told her that? You? You’re the head of this family now?”

Second Aunt was originally angry and frustrated. She wished she could put her hands on her waist and talk to Old Madam Dong.

However, she was cowardly and did not dare to do anything. She suppressed her anger, but her eyebrows were still raised, and she looked like she was ready to fight at any time.

Old Madam Dong usually allowed her to stir up trouble, but she could not allow her to step on her head.

Therefore, she coldly stabbed Second Aunt with her words, causing her to shiver. The fire in her heart slowly subsided.

When she came back to her senses, Second Aunt felt her hands and feet turn cold, and there was a chill in her bones.

“Alright, go back to your rooms and rest. If anyone slacks off again in the afternoon, I’ll skin them alive!” After a tiring morning, Old Madam Dong could not be bothered to watch these people struggle. With a wave of her hand, she told them to scram.

Of course, after saying that last sentence, she focused on Dong Nuan.

Then, she received a silly smile from Dong Nuan. Old Madam Dong felt a lump in her throat.

However, she could not say anything.

If this was in the past, would the child still dare to be disobedient after she picked up a fire stick and swung it twice?

However, when she thought of the big apricot that she had given her in the morning, she hesitated again.

After hesitating for a moment, he realized that Dong Nuan had already returned to her room.

Although the others had their own thoughts, when they saw Old Master Dong’s dark expression, they did not dare to say anything for a moment. They all went back to their rooms with their tails between their legs.

After Old Master Dong returned to his room, Old Madam Dong finally could not help but ask softly, “Master, what were you thinking? That Han guy is an outsider. He said that he’s Lil Jiu’s distant relative. Who knows if he’s just doing this to reap some benefits?”

At the mention of Han Jianglou, Old Madam Dong was very worried. “We don’t know his background. Who knows if he will run away in two years? Won’t it affect Nuan?”

Although Old Madam Dong did not value her granddaughter very much, Dong Nuan was still her granddaughter. Moreover, they were all from the same village. If she did not lead a good life, she might drag down the other boys in the family.

This was not what Old Madam Dong wanted to see!

“What does Lil Jiu have for the Han family’s kid to eat? How is his family extinct? Isn’t there still someone in that branch? Didn’t everything belong to Lil Jiu’s second uncle?” Old Master Dong retorted disapprovingly to Old Madam Dong’s words.

Han Jianglou did not take advantage of Dong Jiu’s family other than taking the name of a distant relative of Dong Jiu and settling in Xiaowan Village.

Even so, Old Madam Dong still felt that the other party was unreliable, or rather, impossible to predict.

“Who knows if he committed a crime somewhere else and bribed Dong Jiu to escape?” Old Madam Dong imagined all kinds of possibilities and could not help but mutter.

Old Master Dong let his wife mutter her fill. Then, he let out a long sigh and said, “Do you think that the Liao family next door is a good match?”

Old Madam Dong wanted to ask, ‘Why aren’t they a good match?’

Liao Mingkun was a student now, and his future was limitless. Coupled with Dong Nuan, he would already be at the top. It was the Dong family who would climb up the social ladder.

However, when she thought of the Liao family’s situation, she could not say these words.

Dong Nuan’s room was further away from the old couple’s room, and there was a living room in the middle, so she could not hear them at all.

As soon as she entered the west room, Dong Yao pounced over and bared his teeth. “Give me the apricot, give me the apricot!”

He was still thinking about the apricots from the morning. After all, he had not eaten it yet, so it was normal for him to be thinking about it.

Although Dong Zao and Dong Tao were controlled by Madam Dong Wu, as long as they ate quickly, Dong Yao would not be able to catch up to them.

At that time, Madam Wu and Second Aunt were fighting on the ground and did not care about this matter at all. By the time the two of them finished fighting, Dong Tao and Dong Zao had long finished their food.

Dong Yao had been making a fuss all morning. The atmosphere at home was not right just now. Madam Dong Wu had been suppressing down and not letting him move.

Now that he was finally free, he pounced on Dong Nuan like a little wild boar.

In the end, Dong Nuan caught him and grabbed the skin on the back of his neck, making Dong Yao scream.

Just as he thought that Dong Nuan had lifted him up to scare him, Dong Nuan took out a small wooden stick she had picked up on the mountain from behind her lower back and whipped Dong Yao’s butt a few times.

“Ahhh, Mom, save me! Dong Nuan is killing me!” Dong Yao was the precious egg of the third branch. He had never suffered like this before. After being beaten up like this, he could not take it anymore and screamed miserably.

In the end, when Dong Nuan heard him calling her by her name, she was more annoyed.

This kind of brat needed a reality check. Madam Dong Wu could not do it, but it did not matter. Dong Nuan could.

Anyway, he was not really her brother. Who cared?

Moreover, it would be too late to fix this attitude after he grew up.

Therefore, Dong Nuan whipped him a few more times until Dong Yao could not even cry out aymore. Only then did she throw him onto the bed as if she was throwing a rag away.

Initially, Madam Wu was not worried that Dong Yao would be at a disadvantage. Dong Nuan and the others might be sisters, but what status could that girl have in the family? Could it be that she really dared to bully her younger brother?

Therefore, Madam Dong Wu walked away steadily. However, when she heard her precious egg crying, she rushed into the house and saw Dong Yao lying on the bed like a dead pig. Dong Nuan put away her stick and sat on the bed to rest.

Dong Zao and Dong Tao curled up in a corner of the bed like two quails, not even daring to raise their heads.

It was really…

Whether it was the way Dong Nuan grabbed the back of Dong Yao’s neck or the way she hit him with the stick, just looking at it was painful. Coupled with Dong Yao’s cries…

The two girls were not very old to begin with. Now that they were so frightened that their souls were about to fly away, how could they dare to look up?