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Dong Nuan, who had already walked to the foot of the North Mountain, did not care about Liao Mingkun’s reaction.

There was still a lot more coming in the future. Could he not handle things after just a few sarcastic words?


The original owner of the body had supported him in his studies. When she was so exhausted that she died before she was twenty years old, she still did not shed a single tear.

Therefore, the bamboo spirit had to avenge her!

To the south of Xiaowan Village was a particularly wide river. That river was the source of the Xiaowan Village’s survival. This was because the water used to water the fields was from that river. Of course, this river was shared between the two villages, and at the other end of the river was Papo Village.

To the north of Xiaowan Village was a forest. After passing through this forest, one would reach Huping County.

Xiaowan Village was a small village in Weishui Township, Xiangshui County, China.

Usually, only hunters went into the depths of this forest. After all, the forest was dangerous. The children in the village would only walk around the foot of the mountain, dig out bird eggs, and pick some wild fruits.

No one dared to go deeper. Even if they were picking up firewood, they would only walk around the perimeter.

As a bamboo spirit, Dong Nuan naturally felt close to nature. She was not afraid of even the wild beasts in the forest.

Of course, other than that that chubby black and white monstrous beast!

They were natural enemies. They were enemies due to the forest’s food chain. Even the bamboo that had already ceased being a bamboo spirit was afraid!

However, Chubby did not live in this climate zone, so Dong Nuan could walk freely in the forest. From time to time, she would use his special ability to produce a crisp, tender, and juicy fruit.

After walking around for more than an hour, not only was Dong Nuan full, but she also caught a fat pheasant.

In the summer, the plants were flourishing, and even the small animals in the forest became fat and strong.

Originally, Dong Nuan did not want to use give the Dong family such a nice present, but the fruits were everywhere. If Old Master Dong’s heart softened, he might give some to his favorite grandchildren. In that case, she would not be able to attract hatred.

Therefore, after thinking about it, Dong Nuan chose the pheasant.

This was the thinnest one that she could find, but it was still fat.

If it was too fat, would that not be letting them off the hook too easily?

When it was almost evening, Dong Nuan carried the skinny pheasant back to the village. When she met people on the way, she greeted them with a smile.

This was completely different from the original host’s reserved personality, which led her to avoid everyone and not dare to raise her head. The current Dong Nuan seemed to be a social butterfly. She was like a sweet-tongued sister-in-law.

Looking at the big pheasant in Dong Nuan’s hand, some villagers asked about it.

She did not hide anything. She had specially chosen this time to come back and make a scene.

Therefore, when he heard someone ask, Dong Nuan chuckled and said, “My grandpa works so hard. I initially wanted to pick some fruits, but I was lucky. A pheasant hit a tree with a bang and fainted.”

“Hey, that Nuan girl’s luck is pretty good.”

“That’s right. Where did it run into the tree? Tell me. I’ll go take a look tomorrow.”

“Go away. We’re family. Let me hear it!”

Some people really wanted to ask for the location so they could pick up the leftovers themselves, while others were just joking.

Dong Nuan did not reject anyone. She pointed at the place she had caught the pheasant.

Of course, she could not point at the deep mountains. Who would believe that a five-and-a-half-foot-tall girl like her would go into the deep mountains?

Therefore, she just pointed at a random spot and pretended to remember that as where it was. If others asked, she would just hedge around the questions.

After some people heard this, they fell into deep thought. It was hard to decide whether to believe it or not.

Did this little girl really catch a pheasant? Could they catch one too?

This one bumped into the tree itself! How is it Nuannuan’s fault if you cannot catch one?

Even before Dong Nuan reached home, her family already knew that she had brought back an especially fat pheasant.

Madam Dong Wu’s face, which had been bitter the entire afternoon, finally cracked into a smile. She hugged her precious son and refused to let go. She said in a low voice, “Your elder sister caught this. No matter what, you have to get a chicken drumstick. If your grandma dares to not give one to you, I’ll help you get one!”

When it came to her son, Madam Dong Wu was unbelievably domineering.

However, what happened was destined to disappoint her.

This was because when Dong Nuan returned, she went straight to Old Master Dong’s side. The others in the family were also curious. Dong Nuan was just a little girl. Could she actually catch pheasants?

Even if she was lucky, that should not be possible.

Everyone gathered around to watch the commotion. Dong Nuan straightened her back and raised her head. She looked at Old Master Dong proudly and said in a crisp voice, “I know Grandpa has been working hard recently. I was lucky today. I bumped into a pheasant, and I’m giving it all to Grandpa!”

Old Master Dong had been sitting under the window to cool down. He was also shocked by the fact that Dong Nuan had brought back a pheasant. However, he was an elder, so he had to hold back and watch quietly.

He did not expect Dong Nuan to give him the entire bird!

It had to be known that the Dong family emptied their family fortune to support Fifth Uncle Dong’s studies. Old Master Dong refused to let them split the fortune instead, so the other brothers were already dissatisfied.

In order to alleviate the resentment in the hearts of his other sons, Old Master Dong had said that the harvest in the fields would be returned to them, and the entire family’s food for the year would be sourced from there.

When the various family branches made money, they would hand over 70% of the profits and keep the remaining 30% as their own money.

Dong Nuan’s pheasant today could be considered their private property. They only needed to give the family 70%.

In the end, she gave Grandpa everything.

This made Old Master Dong a little happy, and his heart warmed. He looked at this thin granddaughter and felt like she had gotten inexplicably more pleasing to the eye.

To put it bluntly, who did not like being flattered? Who did not like receiving gifts?

Old Master Dong felt like the whole family was watching. He could not just accept this. He had to reject it three times. If he rejected it at least twice, the entire family would understand that Dong Nuan had forced this upon him!

Thinking of this, Old Master Dong stood up with a smile. He patted Dong Nuan’s head and said, “It’s a good thing that Nuannuan is filial, but Grandpa says that this is your family’s private property. Go back and give it to your father.”

Hearing Old Master Dong’s words, Dong Nuan’s eyes widened. Her voice was crisp and high. Even through the fenced yard, the neighbors on the left and right could hear her. “Granddaughter is filial to Grandpa. Father is filial to Grandpa. Isn’t this what I should do? Grandpa has been working so hard recently. This pheasant should be given to Grandpa!”

Madam Wu had just come out with Dong Yao in her arms. When she heard this, she was so angry that her eyes rolled back into her head. If it wasn’t for Dong Yao being in her arms, she would have probably pinched someone to get her anger out.

When she realized that it was her precious son, she held back.

“Lil Nuan, if your grandpa doesn’t want it, just take it back.” Madam Dongwu coveted that big fat pheasant. Not only was she craving it, but her son was also craving it.

When Dong Yao heard his mother speak, he immediately jumped out of her arms, put his hands on his waist, and said rudely, “Sister, quickly, take it back! That chicken is mine, mine!”

As soon as the two of them spoke, Old Master Dong’s expression turned ugly.

Second Aunt could not help but laugh at the side. The mockery on her face was obvious, and she did not hide it at all.

Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that Old Master Dong was putting on airs. Only the Dong Wu mother and son, one stupid and the other stupider, did not understand what was going on and were thick-skinned enough to ask for the bird.

Uncle Dong’s family was still laughing. They looked very happy. Fourth Uncle Dong was not around, while Fifth Uncle Dong stared fixedly at the pheasant and could not help but swallow.

Dong Nuan’s gaze silently swept across Fifth Uncle Dong. She thought to herself, ‘I’m doing this for you, my dear Fifth Uncle.

‘Are you surprised? Are you surprised?’