Chapter 40 - Stephen King Getting Inspiration In Prison

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The people around them were all stunned.

“What? They already had a one-night stand and he wants more?”

“I thought they were working…”

“Well, I’m guessing it’s the kind of ‘work’ that requires no clothes!”

Sherry felt the urge to run away, but if she ran away now, that would only make her seem guilty and confirm the truth of the matter.

Even if nothing happened, everyone would assume that something did.

“Sure, as long as you’re not afraid of getting tired.”

Fang Yuan was stunned again.

His body had been strengthened by the system, so he might not even feel tired even if he stayed up for a few days and nights to write.

“I’ll be fine. I might not feel tired even if I do it for a few hours…”

After listening in on the conversation between the two, the people around them felt like their head was about to explode.

“They’re really something!”

“OMG, this is crazy! Now I wanna become a famous writer too so that beautiful women will throw themselves at me.”

“Yeah, even if I can’t become a famous writer, I want to become a strong independent woman like Dean Sherry.”

The next day.

Fang Yuan went straight to the Shawshank Prison.

There was a man in a police uniform at the entrance with two other police officers beside him.

When the man saw Fang Yuan getting out of the car, he walked over and smiled as he reached out his hand.

“Mr. Fang Yuan, ‘The Coiling Dragon’ is so well written! I’m Carter, the warden of Shawshank Prison. Welcome to our prison!”

Although it felt a little awkward, Fang Yuan did not say anything.

After thinking about it for a long time last night, he felt that he should advocate his book in this prison.

“The Coiling Dragon” could reduce the crime rate in Iowa.

It could even make drug addicts go to rehab. This was definitely a good opportunity to earn reputation points in the system.

People in prison often had obsessive personalities. Thus, there were often gamblers, perverts, alcoholics, and maniacs in prison.

There were also real geniuses.

These people were often obsessed with one thing.

The prison warden was in charge of 300 cells and was one of the two leaders of Shawshank prison.

The other was an inspector, who had the power to supervise the internal management of the prison. His real power was no less than Warden Carter’s.

“Mr. Fang Yuan, your book is really amazing. After I showed it to a few of my unruly prisoners, they all became obedient in just two days.”

The two of them chatted as they walked.

Fang Yuan smiled and said, “Really? It’s truly an honor to be able to make them turn over a new leaf and start a new life. I guess that’s one good thing that came out of it.”

Carter shook his head and said, “That’s right. I feel that these prisoners still have the opportunity to be reformed. They just lack some guidance. If they’re not properly guided, even if they leave this place, they’ll still feel caged. Then perhaps they will commit crimes again and return to this place.”

Fang Yuan nodded his head in agreement.

Carter pondered for a moment and continued, “However, I’m not the only one in charge of this prison. The inspector general doesn’t believe me. He thinks that your book, which can help get rid of drug addiction, is just a commercial gimmick. He doesn’t believe me and still manages the prisoners so harshly. This would only backfire.”

“Mr. Carter, if you have anything to say, just say it.”

“Today, someone from Ohio State Prison came to learn from us because Shawshank Prison has been the best-managed prison in the past few years. As my guest, you can also give the inspector some ideas on how to better manage the prisoners.”

Fang Yuan was in a dilemma because he felt that it was not his place, as an author, to comment on prison management.

He originally wanted to find an excuse to leave immediately, but there was a notification on the system.

[ Ding! Complete the mission of educating prisoners to do good and earn reputation points. Getting to know law enforcement and judicial people would be of great help in the host’s future career development. ]

Although the system only gave a simple hint, Fang Yuan easily understood that there were benefits to completing this mission.

Carter felt a little nervous from his suggestion. Managing the prison well was his career achievement. These few days, he could see clearly the effect “The Coiling Dragon” had on the prisoners. Even the ferocious prisoners became quiet.

Perhaps education was a good way to manage the prison.

If this method was used as a pilot in Shawshank Prison under his suggestion and actually worked, then it would be followed by other states. By then, Carter’s reputation within the law enforcement system would soar.

He might even get a promotion.

“Let me think about it.”

“Report!” At this moment, someone shouted outside the door.

Carter’s expression was a little glum. He was in charge of this place, so his subordinates clearly knew that he was meeting important people in his office today. He frowned and said, “Come in.”

In the end, three people came in at once.

Two police officers were in neat uniforms as they dragged a disheveled-looking man behind them.

“Mr. King? What…what happened to you?”

Fang Yuan was shocked. The person who was being held by the officers was Stephen King, who had told Fang Yuan yesterday that he needed to be somewhere quiet to look for inspiration.