Chapter 40 - Tamed Beast Training

The morning class had ended.

The afternoon class was Tamed Beast Training.

Teacher Yan Zhang was responsible for teaching the subject of Tamed Beast Training.

He was a small man only slightly taller than five feet.

He was wearing thick-rimmed glasses and a gray tunic suit.

There was a creature right behind him that resembled a deer and a sheep. It had long hair the color of silver snow, a pair of spellbinding eyes, and a round nose with a crystal-clear tip. Its blue eyes were as indifferent as the sea.

Judging from its appearance alone, the tamed beast looked top-notch.

It was extremely beautiful.

“This seems like a Gazing Mountain Deer.” Bai Ye recognized the tamed beast.

This kind of deer had a relatively high talent and belonged to a rare type of tamed beast.

Its general racial endowment value was above 100.

It was gentle by nature and harmless to people.

The biggest characteristic of the Gazing Mountain Deer was that it looked blank.

It had been given this name because it liked to stop at the top of a mountain and looked into the distance.

This was why it had been named Gazing Mountain Deer.

“I am the teacher of the subject of Tamed Beast Training. Your form teacher should have told you about this subject. Generally speaking, other teachers require you to train the tamed beasts and hone them to reach their full potential through extreme training, thereby creating a weapon of war,” Yan Zhang said.

“However, there are some differences between my philosophy and that of other teachers. I think that tamed beasts are our partners. Since they are our partners, we should treat them the same way partners would do.”

“Teacher, in that case, won’t the tamed beasts have lower combat effectiveness? They are domesticated, so if we don’t put them through hard training, how can they fight against the monsters in the wild?” Some students were not convinced and raised their hands to speak.

The education he had received since he was a child contradicted what the new teacher had just said. This was something that went against what he had been taught.

According to his perception, a tamed beast was just a piece of iron, so it would not become steel without tempering.

Yan Zhang was not angry. Instead, he smiled and said, “I know that some of you may think that tamed beasts will not be powerful if they undergo such training. However, I personally think that the powers of the mind and the will are the strongest. The trust between partners will create a miracle. I do not disagree with training it. Moderate training is good for building strong and powerful muscles. I merely disagree with excessive training.”

Yan Zhang turned his head sideways, and the Gazing Mountain Deer next to him also looked sideways at Yan Zhang.

He gently stretched out his hand and stroked the soft silver mane of the Gazing Mountain Deer.

“Besides, we must groom and clean the tamed beasts as well. Of course, I won’t insist on this, and no additional points will be added to the exam. However, a beautiful body also helps enhance the tamed beast’s self-confidence.”

Xiaowei, which was in Bai Ye’s coat, fidgeted.

“I want to look good too!”

It was still learning how to speak. Its child-like voice echoed in Bai Ye’s mind through the soul contract.

“You are too puffed up,” Bai Ye quietly replied in a voice that only he could hear.

He could not communicate through the soul contract, so he could only speak in this manner.

“Hmph! Bai Ye is an ugly monster.” Xiaowei flashed and disappeared in place, hiding in its Super Dimension Space and making Xiaodiao go through more training.

“When we train the tamed beasts, we must first customize different training methods for them according to their race and age.” Yan Zhang knew that his way of thinking was not mainstream, but he did not care. It was fine as long as some people accepted his views.

Yan Zhang had his own abilities.

Despite having different views and mindset from the mainstream, he had still become the teacher of a top class in the No. 1 High School. This said a lot about his abilities.

“To cultivate different tamed beasts, we need to use different training methods,” Yan Zhang said. “I will bathe my Scattered Stars once every two weeks. I only use sweet spring dew instead of shower gel, as shower gel would destroy the oil that is naturally generated on the hair cuticles of its body. This oil is waterproof and can protect it from the cold.

“I also trim its hooves every week to maintain a perfect oval arc so that it is more beautiful.” Yan Zhang had a lot to share. It was just that most of it was his personal opinions and views.

The few students standing in the back felt bored.

“When can we use the training rooms?”

“I heard that there are training rooms in this high school.”

“Yeah, what should we do if we are late and all of them are occupied? I heard that they are very popular.”

“We should ensure that the tamed beast stays in a happy mood. As the saying goes, half the work, twice the effect. In that case, we will get better training results. Also, we can’t make an infant tamed beast go through excessive strength training, as this may affect its bone development and cause the tamed beast to be slightly smaller in size compared to its natural development.

“However, there are two sides to everything. Being petite does not come without benefits. Some special tamed beast races aim to be petite, especially tamed beasts that are good at assassination. Being smaller helps them make explosive moves and avoid enemy attacks.

“The strength training method that one uses is also very important. Train in groups. The number of groups will increase gradually, while the frequency will remain fixed. In the next part of the class, I will teach you the various training methods for tamed beasts. Practice freely later. Those who don’t understand can ask me directly or privately.”

Next, Yan Zhang talked about the many training methods of beasts, from flying birds to walking beasts, plantal beasts, elemental beasts, and even the rare mechanical beasts.

“The most important thing for a mechanical beast is mental strength, which is also the source of the power of the mechanical beast. Therefore, the training methods of mechanical beasts are special and the most diverse of all. Each type of mechanical beast may have different training methods,” Yan Zhang said.

“The core of a flying bird’s training is agility. Regardless of the kind of the flying bird, it must be trained to become agile. This is because, compared to other tamed beasts of the same kind, most flying birds have weak bodies.

“A bird, even one of the same size, could hardly fight a pig, a bear, a tiger, or a wolf head-on. This is due to its innate racial structure.

“There is a number of multi-functional training rooms in the school. There are training rooms meant for evasion training, physical training, and endurance training. The number of training rooms is limited and is allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. One student can occupy a training room for up to two hours. You can also use the training rooms after class. Although the training rooms are mainly meant for flying birds, you can also try them out with other types of tamed beasts.”

After speaking, Yan Zhang led the students to the training rooms in the training room building.

This building looked like a pen holder from the outside.

There were several red “chopsticks” hanging from the top of the pen holder and dangling in the middle.

These chopsticks were actually elevators.

Once they entered the training room building, Yan Zhang turned around and looked at the students. “This afternoon, there is a total of 20 training rooms on the fifth floor that we can use. Remember to read the instructions before using the equipment. If the equipment is damaged, you will have to compensate the school based on its price.

“Students who do not wish to use the training room equipment can also interact with or train their tamed beasts in the field behind the training room building. There is also some simple equipment in the field.” Yan Zhang had yet to finish giving instructions when a group of students rushed toward the fifth floor.

Upon seeing this, Yan Zhang laughed and shook his head.

There was a total of 60 people in the class.

However, there were only 20 classrooms. It was almost three o’clock now, and the class would end at six o’clock. There was not enough time for everyone.

Bai Ye summoned Xiaodiao, who was learning how to be a flying swallow in the Super Dimension Space. It looked around with a dazed expression.

Bai Ye straddled its back, keeping his toes on the ground. He then wrapped his hands around its neck. Since Xiaodiao was only over one meter long, this was the only way to ride it.

“Hurry up and fly to the fifth floor,” Bai Ye instructed Xiaodiao.

Xiaodiao understood his instructions. It spread its wings abruptly, lifting Bai Ye, who was longer than it was, easily spreading its wings and flying high into the air. It finally landed firmly on the platform and stopped.

Some people who were climbing the stairs and squeezing into the elevator watched as Bai Ye rode a bird and flew into the air.

“This can work as well?”

“Damn! Why didn’t I think of riding my tamed beast?”

Xiaodiao landed on the corridor, raising its head proudly as if awaiting to be praised by its master.

“Silly eagle, you made a mistake. This is the fourth floor.” Bai Ye, who was clinging onto its back, felt tired.

“Oh?” The silly eagle widened its eyes.

Fortunately, Xiaodiao responded quickly, and Bai Ye managed to get an agility training room.

Once they were inside, they noticed that the room was decorated like an arena.

There were dense black holes on the surrounding walls.

There was also a cabinet in the room and a chair next to it.

There was an iron plate on the wall on the right side of the entrance, and next to it were three buttons. There were three words on the buttons: low, intermediate, and high.

[In case of damage, compensation will be made according to the price.

Maintain a good attitude.

Do not damage the equipment maliciously.

Agility training is divided into three levels of difficulty: low, intermediate, and high.

The low level corresponds to iron-level agility, the intermediate level corresponds to bronze-level agility, and the high level corresponds to silver-level agility.

Click the button to start and avoid the red laser. There will be a slight delay before the laser beam is emitted.

The challenge lasts three minutes. You will pass the test if you get less than three laser hits within three minutes.]