Chapter 38 - Beast Captain Wang Meng

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“Will there be any problems at the construction site?”

Jiang Meng suddenly said something that ruined the mood.

“Don’t worry. There are so many security guards at the construction site. I guarantee there won’t be any more problems.

“Everything is going smoothly. Moreover, the municipal project is about to start.

“When our production line is completed, at least two highways will be built there.

“In the future, there will be high-speed exits and high-speed rail stations.

“Don’t worry, the location your husband chose will definitely be fine.”

Xiao Chen smiled and stroked Jiang Meng’s hair lovingly.

At this time, everything was indeed going smoothly on the construction site. The workers’ safety was guaranteed.

They even received some gratitude gifts from time to time, so they were naturally very motivated to work.

“Captain Meng, who exactly is Mr. Xiao?”

‘The person in charge of the construction site found the captain of the security team and asked carefully.

‘The captain of the security team was called Wang Meng. He was in his thirties, but he was already a retired special forces soldier.

He had originally worked for the Xiao Group.

This time, he was transferred to this place and was in charge of the safety of the construction site until the completion of the factory works.

‘The Xiao Group had its own security company, and everything was militarized.

‘Therefore, when he came here, he did not ask why.

He just followed the orders.

The higher-ups only told him one thing, and that was to listen to Mr. Xiao’s arrangements. If Mr. Xiao was not here, he would take Zhang Qji’s orders.

As for who Mr. Xiao was, he did not ask, nor did he dare to ask, and there was no reason to ask.

‘The security of the Xiao Group was only provided for the group or organizations that had close ties with the group.

“Don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask. Just mind your own business.”

‘Wang Meng looked at the person in charge coldly. “Let me give you a piece of advice. Do your job well.

“There are some people you can’t afford to offend.”

‘The person-in-charge smiled awkwardly, but he was thinking in his heart.

‘There was actually someone in the Jiang family who mocked Jiang Meng for finding a useless son-in-law.

It was really ridiculous. Even a person like Wang Meng kept Xiao Chen a secret. It could be seen how capable Xiao Chen was.

“Jiang Tian, oh Jiang Tian, it’s not that I don’t want to help you. It’s just that I don’t want to jump into the fire pit with you.”

At this moment, a security guard ran over from afar. He stood at attention and saluted before saying, “Captain, there’s a situation.

“A truck was filled with a lot of people. They were all armed.

“They seemed to be looking for trouble.”

‘Wang Meng nodded and said, “Got it. Tell the brothers to prepare electric batons. Just don’t beat them to death.”


‘The man left, and Wang Meng walked to the entrance of the construction site.

The person in charge of the construction site hid behind the door and watched nervously.

‘The workers also stopped their work at this time and watched nervously from the scaffolding.

“Hey pal, this is the joint project of Zhongjiang Industries and Jiang Corporation.

“Please show some respect.”

‘Wang Meng stood outside alone, but the other security guards were nowhere to be seen.

But there was no trace of fear on Wang Meng’s face.

“Who do you think you are that we have to respect you?”

The leader sneered. “I don’t care what kind of project it is. In short, it is impossible to start construction on our land.

“Stop immediately, or else don’t blame us for being ruthless.”

“Hehe, since you refuse my request, be prepared to face the consequences. Don’t blame us for being impolite!”

‘Wang Meng sneered.

Xiao Group’s security will never mess with anyone unless they were attacked.

It was their strategy to offer peaceful measures before attacking. Restraint did not mean weakness.

Since the other party was shameless, then he could not be blamed.

“Everyone, continue with your work. Don’t be distracted. The safety of the project is the most important.”

‘Wang Meng turned around and called out to the workers.

Everyone felt that this security captain had a domineering aura and could control the situation.

“Captain Meng, why don’t we call the police?”

‘The person-in-charge said worriedly.

‘Wang Meng didn’t say anything. He took out his phone and handed it to the person in charge. “Help me hold

Then, he pounced out like a fierce tiger.

“What a guy. He dares to charge over alone. He’s simply courting death!”

“All of you, go and kill him!”

‘There were more than 30 people who came to cause trouble.

Naturally, they were not afraid of Wang Meng.

How powerful could one single Wang Meng be?

“Captain Meng!”

‘The person in charge was anxious. “What a reckless man.”

No one expected that Wang Meng was not afraid at all when facing more than 30 people.

“Why aren’t you guys helping!”

‘The person in charge suddenly saw two security guards near the gate. He was so anxious that he stomped his feet and said, “Someone might die.”

“That’s unlikely. Captain Meng will show mercy.”

‘The security guard smiled and said.

“He will show mercy? He is facing more than 30 people.”

‘The person in charge felt that this group of security guards had gone crazy.

“You don’t understand. These 30 people are nothing to Captain Meng. If we were to go up and help, he would be unhappy instead.”

‘The security guard smiled and had no intention of making a move.

On the other side, the battle had already begun.

An electric baton appeared in Wang Meng’s hand.

‘With a swing of the baton, an enemy holding an iron baton was sent flying.

They fainted on the spot!

‘The power of the electric baton and the strength of Wang Meng’s hand was not just for show.

Bang bang bang bang!

Continuous sounds rang out, causing all the workers to be stunned.

‘Wang Meng was clearly alone.

He was only holding an electric baton.

But with each strike, he could knock down one person, but no one could touch him.

In just a moment, more than ten people had fallen on the ground, and all of them fainted.

‘Wang Meng’s face revealed a cold smile, just like Zhang Fei of the Three Kingdoms.

‘Those who came to pick a fight were all scared.

Was he even human?

He was as agile as a cheetah and as fierce as a tiger!

It was terrifying!

‘Wang Meng’s muscles were not well developed, but when he fought, he was terrifyingly strong.

In the blink of an eye, only half of them were left.

Wang Meng held the electric baton in his hand and said coldly, “If you know what’s good for you, get lost now. You will suffer less.

“Otherwise, you will end up like them.”

The people who came were afraid.

How could they not be afraid?

‘When they encountered such a crazy monster, they did not even have the chance to resist.

But if they went back just like this, how could they complete the mission?

“All of you, charge. There are so many people, how could you be afraid of one person?”

“Get up there, don’t retreat!”

The leader hid behind, but he kicked his subordinate forward fiercely.

“You bunch of cowards, attack!”

He roared angrily, but more of it was fear.

“Since you’re not leaving, all of you can fall.”

‘Wang Meng sneered and rushed out again.

He was faster and stronger than before.

In an instant, the leader found that everyone around him had collapsed.

He was alone like a commander.

He stood there, trembling all over.

‘The person in charge of the construction site was stunned.

The workers were also stunned.

This was even more bizarre than a TV series. This person was too fierce. Could it be that a hero from a martial arts film had appeared?

“T’ve told you before. These people are nothing to Captain Meng.

“Captain Meng is one of the fierce beasts that the boss personally trained.”

The security guard laughed.

“Boss? Could your boss be more powerful than Wang Meng?”

The person in charge asked in a daze..