Chapter 36 - Buy Another Maybach

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Dean Zhang sent Jiang Meng and Xiao Chen out the door.

The children of the orphanage waved goodbye to them.

The children were not stupid. They knew that these two people were here to help them, so they were naturally very grateful.

“Uncle, your car is broken!”

Achild shouted.

Xiao Chen looked in the direction of his finger. The chassis seemed to have been knocked over, so it was damaged.

He smiled and said, “It’s fine. I will get another one.”

With that, he drove Jiang Meng out of the orphanage.

“Uncle, you’re not really planning to get another car, are you?”

Jiang Meng sat in the front passenger seat and asked.

“Why not?”

Xiao Chen said, “Although supercars are nice to look at, it’s very troublesome to drive on relatively bad roads and speed bumps.

“It’s better to get another car. You can keep this sports car at home and play with it.”

“It’s not good to squander like this, right?”

Jiang Meng smiled bitterly and said, “Besides, I really feel bad spending your money all the time.”

“Do you acknowledge me as your husband?”

Xiao Chen smiled and asked.


Jiang Meng did not hesitate and spoke the truth.

If aman was so good to her, how could she not acknowledge him? Unless there was something wrong with her brain.

“In that case, don’t feel any pressure. It’s only right and proper for a husband to spend money on his wife.”

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “And when you have money in the future, I won’t have the chance to spend money on you again.”

Soon, Xiao Chen drove the car to the entrance of the Mercedes-Benz 4S shop.

“Are you really buying it?”

Jiang Meng thought Xiao Chen was just joking.

“Of course, I want to buy it.”

Xiao Chen smiled and dragged Jiang Meng into the shop.

Because of what happened last time, all the staff in the shop knew him.

The commission from the Mercedes-Benz SL was quite big. They lost their chance to earn it because they looked down on him.

Even now, they still felt a little regretful.

However, they were the salespeople here, and many people came here to buy luxury cars.

Mercedes-Benz SL didn’t cost more than a million dollars. They had also sold cars at similar prices, so it didn’t matter after they endured it.

“Mr. Xiao, is there something wrong with your car?”

‘The middle-aged salesman hurriedly came over and said, “Don’t worry. If there is a problem, I will actively coordinate for you.

“Lwill help you get the best solution, whether it is maintenance or replacement parts.”

“Oh, the chassis is damaged. Help me deal with it.”

Xiao Chen said casually.

The salespeople in the distance were sniggering.

They felt like crying but had no tears. It was too late to regret.

They really did not understand the life of this rich man.

He had just bought a supercar a few days ago, and now he was going to change it to a Maybach. His family printed money, right?

“Mr. Xiao, I will complete the procedures for the car as soon as possible and send it to your home.

“There’s no need for you to run about.

“This is your card. You keep it well. But this card is really beautiful. The shiny things on it are as beautiful as diamonds.”

The middle-aged salesman handed the card to Xiao Chen.

“Yes, that’s diamond.”

Xiao Chen casually replied and kept the card.

Immediately, a lot of jaws fell down in the sales hall.

It’s diamond?

What the hell.

The diamonds on that card must be worth tens of thousands of dollars, right?

Xiao Chen took the new car keys and waved his hand. “Remember to send that car back to my home after it’s repaired.

“It’s not bad to keep it at home as a souvenir.”

The comers of everyone’s mouths twitched.

What the hell! A car that was close to a million dollars was actually kept as a souvenir?

The life of a rich person was really something that they could not comprehend.

Xiao Chen drove away, and the salespeople only recovered from their shock after that.

“He won’t come back to buy a jeep in a few days, right?”

“Hard to say!”

“Tell me, why do I not have such luck to marry such a man!”

“Stop dreaming, that woman probably saved the Milky Way in her previous life, you can’t do it!”

The Maybach drove into the Gilded Mansion, and the security guard’s eyes were as wide as light bulbs.

The mother and daughter who were once so poor that they couldn’t afford to see a doctor, and were even chased out of this place, were now so overbearing?

All because they found a rich son-in-law.

“Mom seemed to have returned.”

Jiang Meng saw Liu Xin’s car in her garage.

“We were delayed because we were buying a car. Let’s go in.”

Xiao Chen got out of the car and carried the vegetables he bought from the supermarket.

Although the food in the restaurant was delicious, it was basically the same taste. It was healthy to eat home-cooked food occasionally.

In the villa, there were two people.

One was Liu Xin, and the other was a tall and handsome woman.

She had short hair and was tidying up the house neatly.

“Mrr. Xiao, Ms. Jiang, welcome back.”

Seeing Xiao Chen and Jiang Meng coming back.

‘The woman hurried to pick up the things in Xiao Chen’s hands..