Chapter 19 - Caviar, Which Was More Expensive Than Gold

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“Brother Zhang, did they really buy it?”

Until now, there were still people who couldn’t believe it.

“They bought it. What a guy. I’ve never seen a card without a password.”

The middle-aged man was extremely excited.

His persistence finally paid off.

Until Xiao Chen and Jiang Meng drove away, the people in the 4S shop were still in shock.

They had seen people buy cars, but they had never seen people buy cars as if they were buying vegetables.

Some saleswomen even fantasized that they could become Jiang Meng and have such a domineering boyfriend.

Their lives would be worth it.

But it had never crossed their minds that to have such good luck, Jiang Meng almost lost her life.

When the car had been driven outside.

There were already people waiting there, and it was Zhang Qi who told them to wait.

“Ms. Jiang, do you have any special requirements for the license plate? If not, I promise to complete all the procedures within an hour.”

The person said respectfully.

“I have no special requirements. I only hope that there will be ‘610’ these three numbers in it.”

These three numbers were her father’s birthday. Although her father had passed away, she did not want to forget it.


The person drove away.

Xiao Chen brought Jiang Meng to a nearby high-end restaurant for a meal and waited.

“This doesn’t seem good. After all, it’s someone else’s money.”

Jiang Meng was still a little worried.

“Alright, this time we’re spending my money!”

Xiao Chen smiled and took out his phone. He opened WeChat to show Jiang Meng his balance.

Jiang Meng’s jaw dropped after taking a look.

“Oh my God, to have so much money in your WeChat balance, I only saw it on the news before.

“Let me count it, 100, 1,000, 10,000…”

Jiang Meng’s eyes were seeing stars.

“There’s no need to count it. It’s just five million.”

Xiao Chen smiled.

“Five million! Oh my God, you kept five million dollars in WeChat balance? Why aren’t you managing your finances properly? Why don’t you save it in the bank?”

Jiang Meng felt like she was going crazy.

Even when she considered the time when she was the richest, she wasn’t even this rich.

And this person was just a regular cab driver?

“Managing your finances is too troublesome.”

Xiao Chen said lightly, “Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. Let’s go and eat. After we finish eating, the car procedures will probably be completed.”

This was a high-end restaurant.

In Linhai, the ratings were still very high. It wasn’t because it was expensive enough, but because it was so expensive that there was a reason for it.

The food was delicious, fresh, and the service was very good.

But even so, when Jiang Meng received the menu, she was still stunned.

“Is this a caviar-themed restaurant?”

Because the dishes on the menu were basically all paired with caviar.

Crispy hairy crab balls with lobster caviar!

Chilled seafood platter!

Raw wagyu beef slices with caviar!

Crispy pigeon pine Siberian sturgeon caviar!

Wagyu beef sea urchin caviar sushi!

Wait, wait, wait!

The most important thing was that each dish was ridiculously expensive.

“Are you sure there’s no problem with the price tag?” Jiang Meng couldn’t help but ask.

“I’m sorry, Miss. The caviar we use here is of the highest quality.

“The Iran caviar that is harvested from 60 to 100-year-old Iranian white sturgeons costs about 35,000 dollars per kilogram!

“Therefore, the dishes are naturally a little more expensive!”

The waiter looked at Jiang Meng, who looked like a country bumpkin. Although he didn’t say anything, he was a little disdainful.

It is human nature to be a little snobbish.

After all, Xiao Chen and Jiang Meng were not dressed very well.

“Isn’t that more expensive than gold!”

Jiang Meng was stunned. Even when her father was still alive, she had never eaten such expensive caviar.

“There’s no need to brag. The caviar from Iran is indeed good, but the ones offered by the restaurant are only worth around 20,000 dollars per kilogram.

“It’s not the best.

“Do you really think I haven’t eaten it before?”

Xiao Chen said calmly.

Hearing this, the waiter was instantly stunned.

Most people ate caviar without knowing whether it was good or bad. When he said it casually, others would believe it.

However, this person actually directly exposed his lie.

“Okay, I’ll have a chilled seafood platter and 500g of caviar.”

“Are you sure you want 500g?”

The waiter asked cautiously.

500g of caviar cost more than 10,000 dollars.

Moreover, could these two people finish it?

“That’s right, I want 500g.”

Xiao Chen confirmed.


The waiter hurriedly left.

Looking at Xiao Chen, Jiang Meng couldn’t help but ask, “You are not a regular cab driver, right?

“I’ve never been to a restaurant like this before.

“But you have come here before.

“Moreover, a person who dared to put more than five million in their WeChat balance must not be an ordinary person.”

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “Let me tell you a secret. I’m actually an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the United States.”


Jiang Meng rolled her eyes at Xiao Chen. She knew that the other party would definitely not tell the truth.

She sighed helplessly and said, “If you don’t want to tell me, then don’t. But I don’t understand. With your qualifications, why would you stoop to being a son-in-law who lives with his wife’s parents?

“Moreover, you even married a person like me who is about to die from an illness.

“It doesn’t make sense!”

Xiao Chen looked at Jiang Meng seriously and said, “I’m an angel sent by God to save you, a lost little angel.”

Jiang Meng shook her head, knowing that it was useless to ask again.

She could feel how good Xiao Chen was to her. When she was sick, she had fantasized countless times about the plot in the TV series.

Unexpectedly, it had become reality.

Gilded Mansion.

This was a high-end residential area.

The residential area was lined with rows of detached villas.

Although it was not big, it was not affordable for ordinary people.

The estate price in Linhai was not too high, but this area was at least 50,000 dollars per square meter.

These detached villas occupied an area of about 200 square meters.

The plan was for small villas, which were naturally much smaller than those big villas.

However, even though they were small and fully equipped, the total price was more than 10 million dollars.

Not many people could afford it.

When Liu Xin appeared in this residential area again, she had mixed feelings.

When she and Jiang He came back from abroad, they moved here.

At that time, Jiang Meng was not born.

They were kicked out of the villa that they had lived in for more than ten years just like that.

Now, they were finally back.

“Liu Xin, isn’t this Liu Xin? Why, are you working in a moving company now?”

Suddenly, a voice sounded.

It was Mrs. Liu who lived next door.

Mrs. Liu’s husband was a company executive with an annual salary of one million dollars. He could be considered a successful person.

However, in order to buy the small villa here, they spent a hefty sum which made their heart ache.

When Mrs. Liu and her husband moved in, they fawned over Liu Xin and Jiang He.

However, after Jiang He’s accident, they gradually had less contact.

Liu Xin wanted to borrow money from them to treat her daughter’s illness, but she was shunned.

Back then, they had helped the couple a lot. Thinking about people who had no conscience would send a chill down one’s spine.

Mrs. Liu’s words were filled with disdain, like a superior towards a lowly person.

It was also filled with arrogance.

Liu Xin frowned and did not want to bother with this person at all.

Since she knew what this person was like, she really did not want to get involved with such a family..