Chapter 11 - Jiang Tian Had His Moments of Begging

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Jiang Dong sat there with a dispirited look on his face.

The pride and arrogance he had earlier were all gone.

The father and son were actually fooled by a woman?

“In any case, we can’t let Jiang Meng come back as the general manager. Absolutely not. Wouldn’t that be announcing to the public that we’ve bowed our heads to Jiang Meng?”

Jiang Dong muttered to himself.

Jiang Tian didn’t want to, but he really couldn’t think of any other way.

At this moment, a call came.

After Jiang Tian was done with the call, he was completely flustered and exasperated.

“Damn it, why is the bank urging us to pay at this time? President Qin clearly said that they would give us another year.

“Does he really have to force me to kowtow to that mother and daughter and admit my mistakes?

“By inviting them back?”

Jiang Tian slammed his phone on the ground. It wasn’t enough to vent his anger, so he stomped on it a few more times.

He had used the company as collateral for his loan. If he couldn’t pay back the money, he would really be done for.

At that time, not only would he have to go bankrupt, the most crucial thing was he might even go to jail.

How could he, Jiang Tian, go to jail!

He sat there with his head in his hands and remained silent for a long time.

He finally raised his head to look at Jiang Dong and said, “It seems that we can only let that little shrew Jiang Meng be pleased with herself this time.

“Invite her back to be the general manager.

“Jiang Dong, give that little shrew a call and ask her to take up the position tomorrow.

“Isn’t it just the general manager? What does that little girl know? Just give her a nominal position and complete the contract this time.”

“Dad, Jiang Meng is a top student who graduated from the School of Economics of Jingcheng University. Even though she didn’t do her postgraduate studies, she’s not that easy to fool.”

Jiang Dong said worriedly.

“What’s there to be afraid of? No matter how talented she is, she doesn’t have much practical ability in society. She’s not as difficult to deal with as Liu Xin.

“You don’t have to worry about this. Just make the call.

“As for the other matters, I’ll handle them.”

Jiang Tian said.


Jiang Dong nodded and immediately dialed Jiang Meng’s number.

Xiao Chen’s voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Is this your perfunctory attitude when you hire someone to be the general manager?

“Let Jiang Tian come in person and bring along the contract.

“Oh right, inform everyone in the Jiang Corporation to hold a welcoming meeting.

“Also, hold a press conference and grandly invite our Mengmeng to join the Jiang Corporation as the general manager.

“Nothing should be left out.”

Then, Xiao Chen hung up the phone.

Jiang Dong held the phone and was stunned.

“How does this violent maniac know so much? It must be that shrew Liu Xin who told him.”

Jiang Dong frowned and told Jiang Tian the contents of the phone call.

Jiang Tian almost threw Jiang Dong’s phone again.

After a long time, he calmed down.

“Dad, why don’t you lower your head this time? Han Xin was humiliated by crawling between someone’s legs.

“Just bear with it. After this cooperation is over, it won’t be too late to deal with those guys.”

Jiang Dong said.

Jiang Tian took a deep breath and said, “It seems that this is the only way. Push your grandfather.

“I don’t believe that little shrew would disregard us and disrespect that retarded old man.”

“That’s a good idea! She has to be considerate of her grandfather. She can’t possibly disrespect the old man, right?”

Jiang Dong smiled sinisterly.

Therefore, Jiang Tian and Jiang Dong took the old man with dementia into the car and went to Liu Xin’s residence.

Originally, Jiang He’s family lived in this huge villa.

However, after Jiang He got into a car accident and the old man had dementia, the mother and daughter were driven out.

They lived in the old house of the Jiang family.

The old house was where the old man lived when he started his business.

Not only was it remote, but the house was in disrepair for a long time. It looked very shabby. Cockroaches, rats, and the like were very common.

The place was not big.

According to Jiang Dong, that place was not appropriate for people to live at all.

Soon, the father and son brought Old Master Jiang to the old house.

“It stinks. Is this the countryside? The smell of sheep dung and pig dung is everywhere. It stinks.

“Unexpectedly, the mother and daughter can live here.”

As they were speaking, they saw Xiao Chen take out bags of things. It seemed like he was going to move.

In the past, Liu Xin and Jiang Meng had to endure it because they didn’t have the conditions. But now, Liu Xin had become President Liu.

At the very least, renting a house was not a problem.

It was also closer to her workplace.

This place was too far away. And to be honest, the environment wasn’t very good.

“People who are not destined to be together will not marry each other. It does seem to be this way.”

Jiang Dong mocked.

“Don’t talk nonsense later. I’m here to beg for help today.”

Jiang Tian gritted his teeth. Although he was very unhappy, he had to endure it for his own sake.

“Sister-in-law, where’s Jiang Meng? We’re here to look for her to bring her on board. Look, we’ve brought the contract.”

Seeing Liu Xin walking out, Jiang Tian hurriedly stepped forward and said with a smile.

Liu Xin was stunned.

She couldn’t help but glance at Xiao Chen. Her son-in-law was right. Jiang Tian had actually come to personally invite Jiang Meng.

This was the first time ever.

She thought the Sun had risen from the west.

“Let’s go in.”

Liu Xin glanced at Old Master Jiang who was in the wheelchair and said.

Then, everyone entered the house.

Jiang Meng seemed to be cooking. The house was filled with the aroma of food.

“Sister-in-law, are you moving?”

Jiang Tian asked curiously.

“Didn’t Xiao Chen tell you? We’re moving into Jiang He’s villa.

“Back then, the old man bought a house for you and your brother.

“After Jiang He passed away, and the old man got Alzheimer’s disease, my daughter and I was kicked out.

“But the property is still ours.”

Liu Xin said lightly.

Jiang Tian’s expression didn’t look good.

He had already given Jiang He’s property to his wife’s family.

This time, it was a bit troublesome.

In fact, Liu Xin was still very nervous.

If Xiao Chen wasn’t standing beside her, she wouldn’t have dared to say such words.

“Liu Xin, don’t push your luck. We agreed that Jiang Meng would only be hired as the general manager of the company.

“Now you’re making such a request!”

Jiang Dong said unhappily.


As soon as he said this, Jiang Dong was slapped to the ground.

Why was he always the one who gets hurt!

Jiang Dong wanted to cry, but no tears came out.

“Can you target someone else instead? Why do you keep staring at my face!”

He roared in his heart.

But when he saw Xiao Chen’s demonic eyes, he held back all his words.

“We’re pushing our luck? Both of you, father and son seem to have made a mistake, right? That property belongs to us in the first place.

“Is there a problem with us moving in and living there?

“I don’t care who lives in it. By today, everyone has to move out.

“Otherwise, you’ll have to bear the consequences.”

Xiao Chen glanced at Jiang Tian indifferently and then shouted into the kitchen, “Mengmeng, you should stop whatever you’re doing for now. Come out and sign the contract.”

“I’m coming!”

Jiang Meng turned off the fire and walked out. She saw Jiang Tian and Jiang Dong, the father and son, and the contract.

She still couldn’t believe it.

These two people had spent a lot of effort to drive their family out of the company.

Now, they wanted to invite her back. It was like a dream.

And all of this seemed to have something to do with her uncle-like husband..