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“Liu, spend some time with Mr. Chen at the banquet later.

“As long as this deal is done, one million will be transferred to your account immediately. Otherwise, you will be in trouble.”

Jiang Dong appeared in a hotel in high spirits.

The VIP private room had already been arranged.

He looked at Liu Xin and shouted.

The business this time was perfect.

With the help of Liu Xin, he could become the manager of Jiang Corporation’s Marketing Department.

Moreover, he could use this to attack Liu Xin this shrew and destroy her reputation.

Liu Xin didn’t say anything, but her hatred for Jiang Dong became greater.

They were family after all. How could he be so evil to this extent?

When they arrived at the VIP private room, Mr. Chen arrived after a while.

When he saw Liu Xin, Mr. Chen’s eyes lit up.

He grabbed Liu Xin’s hand and said, “President Liu, you must care about me so much!

“Jiang Dong, you can go out first. Don’t disturb us.”

“Mr. Chen, show some respect.”

Liu Xin shook off Mr. Chen’s hand with all her strength.

Jiang Dong glared at Liu Xin and scolded, “You shrew, you should know the reason why I asked you to come here today, don’t you?

“Do you really think that the one million dollars from the Jiang family is easy to get?

“Serve Mr. Chen obediently. Otherwise, you won’t get anything.

“Even Jiang He can’t beat us. You’re both alone and widowed. Do you still want to fight us?”

Then, he looked at Mr. Chen and said, “I’ve brought the person to you. What do you think about the signing of the contract?”

“Don’t worry. As long as I’m happy today, Zhongjiang Industries will be your long-term partner in the future.

“We can make money together.”

Mr. Chen smiled.

“Okay, okay. Enjoy yourself. I’ll go out first!”

Jiang Dong’s face was full of smiles. He could settle this deal with one million dollars.

Moreover, he could become a long-term partner with Zhongjiang Industries in the future.

Even when Liu Xin was the general manager, she didn’t do so well.

He was such a genius.

This time, the father and son would really surprise those people who didn’t like them.

He turned around and was about to open the door to leave.

Suddenly, the door opened.

A few security guards and the hotel manager rushed in from outside.

“Tianbin Hotel is a formal hotel. We can’t tolerate dirty people. If anyone dares to do dirty things here, don’t blame me for not being polite!”

The hotel manager said coldly.

“Zhang Qi, how dare you interfere with my business?”

Mr. Chen pointed at the hotel manager, Zhang Qi’s face, and shouted, “Even though Tianbin Hotel is the best hotel in Linhai.

“But do you believe it or not, as long as I give the word, no one in the circle will patronize your hotel.

“Get lost!”

Jiang Dong was very excited. Mr. Chen was so domineering. If only he had such a status.

But he was not excited for a moment.

Zhang Qi waved his hand. A few security guards picked up Mr. Chen and threw him out of the private room.

Mr. Chen was seeing stars after the fall.

He was so angry that he cursed.

“Zhang Qi, just you wait! I will acquire your lousy hotel now. The first thing I will do is to fire you!

“No, I can keep you around, but you can only clean the toilet!”

Mr. Chen took out his phone and was about to speak.

Suddenly, his brother-in-law appeared in the hotel and shouted at Mr. Chen, “Brother-in-law, something bad has happened. The board of directors has dismissed you.

“They even fired me and my sister.

My sister was careless and even her shares were cheated away.”


Mr. Chen was dumbfounded when he heard this.

What happened today? He just wanted to fool around with a woman, but so many things had happened.

Liu Xin, who was not far away, was also stunned.

What was going on?

A chairman, a person who owned 50% of Zhongjiang Industries’ shares, became nothing in an instant?

Was it the work of Xiao Chen?

But how could he have so much power?

Liu Xin was completely dumbfounded.

“President Liu, allowing you to be frightened was our fault. A special car has been arranged for you outside. We can send you directly back to Hua Xian Hospital.”

Zhang Qi walked to Liu Xin and bowed.

His attitude was much more respectful than that of Mr. Chen and Jiang Dong.

“No, it’s okay. I’ll take a taxi.”

Liu Xin waved her hand. Even though she was very powerful in the past, she had never seen such a scene.

It was a bit chaotic.

It was too chaotic.

“Brother-in-law, what should we do? We have nothing now!”

On the other side, Mr. Chen’s brother-in-law was still crying.

“What are you shouting for? Let’s go back and see what happened.”

Although Mr. Chen was also panicking, he was still much better than his brother-in-law.

He hurriedly left the hotel, got in the car, and left.

As for finding trouble with the hotel, he was not in the mood now.

“Mr. Chen, about the signing of the contract!”

Jiang Dong wanted to chase after him, but he was stopped by Zhang Qi. “Sir, please pay the fees for the private room first before you leave.”

“Pay my ass, I didn’t do anything.”

Jiang Dong roared.

“Are you trying to renege on your debt?”

Zhang Qi’s face turned cold, and a few security guards blocked Jiang Dong’s way.

Jiang Dong suddenly shivered. If the other party even dared to throw Mr. Chen to the ground, they wouldn’t care about him.

He quickly took out his credit card and paid the 100,000 dollars for the private room fee before he left dejectedly.

After sending Liu Xin into the car, Zhang Qi took out his phone. “Sister Andi, the matter has been settled.

“However, what is Liu Xin’s identity? Why did you have to trouble yourself to call me?”

Even when they were on the phone, Zhang Qi was still bending over and was very respectful.

His eyes were filled with admiration.

“That is the boss’s mother-in-law, do you understand?”

On the other end of the phone, Andi said.

Her words gave Zhang Qi a shock. “Boss has been single for so many years, and he’s not even moved by a beauty like you. What kind of woman could make him fall in love with her at first sight!”

“The woman who took the bullet for him.”

Andi said, “Alright, don’t inquire about boss’s personal matters. From now on, when you do anything, keep your eyes peeled.

“There is no need for the boss’s instructions. Liu Xin and Jiang Meng are now part of the boss’s family.

“If we can help, then we will help a little.

“But be careful not to make it too obvious so as not to expose your identities.

“Boss doesn’t want to expose his identity for the time being.”

“Sister Andi, don’t worry. I understand.”

Zhang Qi said.

“Also, go to Zhongjiang Industries for a while. In the future, you will be the chairman of Zhongjiang Industries.

“Chen She will take over Tianbin Hotel. He has been the deputy manager for many years. He has the ability and qualifications.”

Andi continued.

“Thank you, Sister Andi.”

The manager of Tianbin Hotel definitely couldn’t be compared to the chairman of Zhongjiang Industries.

Zhang Qi knew that he had been promoted.

“No need to thank me. This is the boss’s idea. Just remember his good deeds.”

Andi said lightly.

“Of course. But when can I have the honor to meet the boss? He has always been elusive.”

Zhang Qi couldn’t help but say.

“When it’s time to meet, I will naturally let you meet him. Do your work well. The Xiao Group will not treat you unfairly.

” The boss will also not treat you unfairly.”

After Andi finished speaking, she hung up the phone..