The people in the courtyard were all gone. If it wasn’t for the blood on the ground, it would have reminded everyone of what had happened?

Fang Yu walked to the door, closed the door, and returned to his previous seat.

“thank you for your help today.

I really didn’t know how to quote the price of the House. It was 50,000 yuan, and my son’s surgery fee was 40,000 yuan.

Just give me 40,000 yuan. I originally wanted to sell it for 10,000 yuan more, so that my youngest son could go to school.

“There’s no need for that now. I’ll just let him fend for himself outside.

“tomorrow, I’ll announce in the newspapers that I’ve officially severed my relationship with him as father and son.

“The old man has a son, but now a disaster has come. Don’t you regret it! ”

Lin Lei shook her head. “Grandfather, since selling the house is your life-saving money, how can I bear to give you less money?

“I’ll still give you 50,000 yuan according to the previous agreement.

“The surgery fee is 40,000 yuan. If you don’t have enough money midway, where can you borrow money from?

“It’s better not to be polite with us. ”

Fang Yu took his eldest son’s condition into consideration and sighed. “today, you spent 40,000 yuan to settle this matter, and I’m now charging you 50,000 yuan.

“I feel uneasy, but like you said, the surgery fee is 40,000 yuan, so I can only thicken my skin.

“I’m charging you 50,000 yuan, but I have a request, so don’t reject it.

“When I was young, I received a batch of calligraphy and paintings and put them in the study. I plan to leave them for you. ”

Lin Lei heard that the old man was going to gift them calligraphy and paintings, so she thought about it and said, “Grandpa, can you bring me to take a look first? ”

Fang Yu nodded immediately and said, “of course. It’s the room on the right. You can just walk into it.

There are more than 30 calligraphy and paintings there. I’m not sure if they are the works of everyone. Anyway, I saw that they liked them and decided to keep them.”

Lin Lei looked at the room on the right. It was obviously a study room. The old man had been collecting things for his whole life. How could she have the nerve to take all of them away?

She thought to herself, after entering the room, she could just pick a random one and leave the rest for the old man.

“That’s great. They have all left. I was suffocated in the house just now. ” Feng Tao pushed the door open and walked out. “Fortunately, I didn’t come out before. I had dealings with Chen Jiu before.

He is a famous gangster here. He has a bunch of people who don’t care about their lives. They listen to him very much.

If he sees me, he might bring me trouble.”

Song Yi Patted Feng Tao on the shoulder. “Don’t worry. You won’t be staying there for long.

“I will finish the matter as soon as possible. Then, you can leave openly. ”

Feng Tao nodded.

Lin Lei raised her eyebrows and said, “Feng Tao, you came out just in time. We can enter the House and admire the calligraphy and paintings.

“Grandfather has more than 30 calligraphy and paintings in his collection. ”

Fang Yu smiled and said, “just some of them. Don’t laugh at me. It’s very likely that they’re not very valuable. ” After saying that, he led the way forward and walked to the door. He took out a key from his pocket and opened the door to the study.

After the door was opened, Lin Lei was shocked by the scene in front of her. More than 30 calligraphy and paintings were hanging on the wall.

They were all masterpieces. Tang Bohu, Li Bai, Wang Xizhi… …

Lin Lei was stunned when she saw the antiques. They were all authentic.

It was really lucky that the ancient masterpieces were hidden in such an unremarkable study.

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