Chapter 3260

Name:My Master Is a God Author:Shangdian
Yang Yiyun opened his eyes and looked into the sky, his face dignified, even ugly.

Although he realized the 48 principles of heaven, he was still a little different from Hongjun.

Forty eight heavenly way is the foundation of the world. It is the peak that every God can pursue and the great Dharma way that every God can pursue.

The number of different ways of understanding.

But Hongjun mastered the forty ninth way of heaven, and the forty ninth way was the way of heaven.

Yang Yiyun doesn't know how to comprehend this.

Not enough, he seems to have a clear understanding just now.

The law of heaven is the will.

But that is Hongjun's will, and what he has is Pangu's will.

This is the way of heavenly law that he understood in a moment just now. Whether it is so or not, we still need to know for ourselves.

It's just a guess.

Even Hongjun didn't know what the Dharma was, but in the words of empress Liushen and Fengdu emperor, the Dharma could only be understood by Pangu orthodox. Unfortunately, so far, he didn't have any clue about the Dharma.

If he can't understand the Dharma, he can't fight with Hongjun.

To say the least, even if he also understood the way of heaven and mastered the way of heaven like Hongjun, he might not be Hongjun's opponent.

What's more, so far, he has only just understood 48 ways.


Now Yang Yiyun is facing the sky.

"Here it is."

Liu Shen's mother quietly appeared beside Yang Yiyun and began to speak.

Yang Yiyun knows what she means when she says it's coming.

It's the people of the four orthodoxy who have come. It's the time when the flower of natural calamity has gone away for nine thousand years.

"Let's go ~"

Yang Yiyun knew that the war was coming and he couldn't avoid it. He would come back sooner or later. Now he seems to be on time.

He appeared at the gate of Nantian, and all the disciples of Yunmen came out.

As we all know, this war is related to the life and death of the whole cloud gate or the flying clan.

No one can survive the catastrophe.


Yang Yiyun came to Nantianmen gate and saw a lotus like flower in the sky of Yunmen Tianting. Nine petals fell off to the last one, and the last petal was already dark. Suddenly he knew that when the last petal completely disappeared, it was the time for sidaotong to launch a general attack on Yunmen Tianting.

At the moment, a large number of people appeared in the West. The leader of yin and Yang was the leader. His appearance was no different from that of that year.

However, the breath is very strong, but in Yang Yiyun's eyes, it is the cultivation of the eighth level of the holy way.

Empress Liu Shen said that there are four Taoist orthodoxy. Some of the contemporary Taoist masters have eight levels of the holy way, and some have nine levels. These people are not a big threat. The most powerful one is the older generation of Taoist masters. According to empress Liu Shen, that is the top nine levels of the holy way.

There are four top Taoist Masters in sidaotong. Qi Sheng, Liu Shenniang and he each deal with one. But there is another Taoist master, but he doesn't know whether heilian will appear or not.

Yang Yiyun thinks that he should deal with the two old Taoist masters. He is still confident in his current cultivation. He just wants to be on guard against Hongjun. To put it bluntly, this battle is against Hongjun, his main goal.

There are more than 20 strong saints around the Taoist masters of yin and Yang, and hundreds of thousands of gods of heaven's rules under the Taoism seem to be pouring out.

Then, Taiqing, xuanhuang and Tianlei came into being one after another, and the four dadaotong came from all directions, which surrounded Yunmen Tianting.

All of them stay tens of miles away, and the number of the strong in each family is not much different, but the total number of the holy way is more than 100, and the number of the gods is more than four million.

It can be said that there is a tremendous momentum. Except for Yin Yang and xuanhuang Taoism, Tianlei and Taiqing Taoism are the eight levels of the holy way.

However, Yang Yiyun's side is also different. The rabbit master and the little Phoenix calf loach are all eight and nine layers of the holy way.

Although on the whole, Yunmen Tianting is weaker, Yang Yiyun seems to have the strength of the first World War after all.

After all, the whole Cloud Gate orthodoxy has been fully revived under his enlightenment in recent years.

These are the foundation of shengtiandi in Kaitian era.

Now it's not bad at all.

Even Yang Yiyun feels that the four main roads seem to have eight or nine layers of holy way, but they are not as strong as Qi Sheng and Liu Shen Niang.The latter seems to be the cultivation realm of the Ninth level of the holy way, but the breath is too strong.

The Fourth Avenue master is the level of little Phoenix.

"Here comes the great character ~"

Qi Sheng squints at the sky.

Yang Yiyun also looked up.

The next moment saw four old men appear in their respective camps of sidaotong.

At the moment when the four elders appeared, his heart was beating. He could feel that the four elders were beyond the ordinary nine levels.

"Don't worry too much. They just understand more about the way of heaven than the ordinary way." Lady Liu said something.

Yang Yiyun laughs bitterly in his ears, but he doesn't know whether she comforts him or her strong self-confidence.

However, it is true that the presence of the four elders made him feel the dangerous atmosphere. There are not many people who can make him feel the dangerous atmosphere now.

It is enough to show that the strength of the four elders may be the biggest variable.

These four elders are obviously the old masters of the four orthodoxy mentioned by Empress Liu Shen.

It's time for old and new Taoists to fight together.

And behind it is the will of Hongjun.

And on his side

Yang Yiyun was bitter, but he was full of fighting spirit, because he knew he had no way back.

The last petal in the sky is getting dimmer and dimmer.

Yunmen Tianting is surrounded by silk.

And all the Cloud Gate disciples went out to stand outside the gate of Nantian.


"Holy Father, you... Accept your destiny."

Taiqing Taoist priest looks at Yang Yiyun and opens his mouth.

He was a contemporary of emperor Shengtian. Naturally, he recognized Yang Yiyun, the living man of emperor Shengtian. He was too clear in the face of heaven. The old Taoist didn't think that Yang Yiyun could turn the world around.

As Taiqing Taoist priest began to speak, Yang Yiyun's memory also showed the person's information, or his own past life memory.

Yang Yiyun, who had no reason, was so angry that he said in a deep voice: "Taiqing and others want to be turtles and dogs for Hongjun. I'm not right. The final outcome of Pangu's celestial world will eventually collapse in Hongjun's countless disasters, and you will die at that time."

"Oh, the way of heaven can't allow you to speculate. After all, you are a mole ant under the way of heaven. Why should you resist? Can you resist?"

Then, Taoist Tianlei sneers at Yang Yiyun.

"How do you know if you don't try?" Yang Yiyun squinted.

"Hum, if you want to die, it will help you. In front of me, do you think you have a chance to win?" The old Taoist of yin and Yang spoke in a deep voice.

Old Taoist xuanhuang didn't open his mouth, but his eyes staring at Yang Yiyun were not good at all.

Yang Yiyun can see that the four men are determined to fight.

In other words, we should carry out the will of Hongjun.

Fighting is inevitable.

At this time, a clear cold hum with the intention of killing resounded across the sky.

"The four immortals are just puppets of heaven's will. What's so arrogant about them? Today, when you come here to invade, I will let you die without a place to be buried. "

With the sound closed, a black lotus appeared out of thin air.

Yang Yiyun is very happy to see that the next moment is the Black Lotus he has been looking for and missing.

She turned into a woman dressed in black, still the same as before. Of course, her aura has changed greatly. Now the breath of heilian is so strong that it can't tolerate the four Taoist masters at all.

"And us ~"

There was a lot of magic in the field.

But six ears appeared, and there were nine people around, all of whom were holy.

One of them, Yang Yiyun, was the emperor of Fuxi.

Yang Yiyun knows that it should be the helper Liu Shenniang asked Liu Er to invite, and it is also an ancient human spirit.


Yang Yiyun first came to heilian and spoke. He really didn't know how to call her, because after seeing heilian, the memory of shengtiandi appeared in his mind, and heilian was the queen of the West Palace of shengtiandi.

It could be his woman.

When heilian turned to look at Yang Yiyun, she didn't have the mechanical coldness in her eyes. Instead, she flashed a soft color and said with a smile, "how come your wife doesn't want to recognize you?"A joke, let Yang Yiyun a Leng, but all the embarrassment in this smile disappeared, he extended his hands to heilian a hug.

"I'm back ~"

"Me too ~"

At this point, the queen of heaven returns to her place.

There's no time for flirting.

Yang Yiyun met Huang Fuxi, Liu ER and others, who fought against each other.

"Hum ~"

Above the sky, the last petal finally disappeared.

"Kill ~"

The old master of Taiqing gave an order.

Millions of gods of sidaotong attacked Yunmen heaven from all directions.

"Kill ~"

Yang Yiyun came out low.

Scuffles are everywhere.

Millions of gods fight outside the cloud gate.

The strong to the strong, the holy to the holy, and the gods to the gods.

In a twinkling of an eye, it was a shower of blood.

The whole sky was a shower of blood.

Yang Yiyun knew it was inevitable and could not avoid it.

If you fail, you will be destroyed.

No one in Yunmen was spared.

He is in love with the old Taoist of Taiqing.

Once you fight with the power of heaven, you can beat the other side.

In the meantime, the old Taoist of Taiqing kept retreating.

But what he didn't expect was that the other party was also the cultivation of the forty-eight heavenly way.

Under fighting with him, although he was defeated, he was able to resist.

From the sky to the ground, from the ground to the horizon.

Every powerful generation fights in darkness.

This is also a long-lasting war.

A hundred years later, the earth has become a sea of blood.

More than half of the Yunmen disciples died and more than half of the four Taoists died and injured.

But cloud gate is weak after all.

The foundation of sidaotong is strong, and it shows its advantages after a hundred years.

The strength of Cloud Gate disciples is weakening.

Yang Yiyun knew that this would not work. He was worried, regardless of whether it was right or not, and forced him to understand the law of heaven. He integrated Pangu's will into the law of heaven.

"Boom ~"

Nine days away, there was a lot of thunder.

Yang Yiyun knows that he has succeeded. The so-called heavenly law is the will.

This is to melt Pangu's will into the forty-eight heavenly way, which is the forty-nine heavenly way.

Instant pressure is too clear, backhand burst roar: "I for the sky method, die."

Under one palm, the heaven and earth moved greatly, and the old master of Taiqing disappeared.

At the moment, Yang Yiyun's golden light is shining, and he understands the truth 49 times.

It's the same as Tiandao Hongjun.

Nine days away, the thunder is loud, but it is the roar of heaven.

Yang Yiyun felt the anger from heaven.

However, he did not stop fighting, and the saints of the four great roads disappeared one by one under his attack.

Tianlei, xuanhuang and Yinyang, the three old Taoist masters, finally fell under the attack of heilian, Liushen Niangniang and Qisheng.

When Yang Yiyun was in the 49th heaven, the situation reversed, the Yunmen disciples gained the upper hand, and the people of sidaotong began to fall

However, just at this time, nine days later, wanlei broke out, and black thunder and lightning with the length of 10000 meters went crazy.

"Hongjun, how dare you ~"

Yang Yiyun's face changed and he roared.

He didn't expect that Hongjun of the way of heaven finally took the hand in person. A will of the way of heaven is the arrival of the chaos thunder and lightning of the three realms.

All kinds of black thunder destroyed the sky and the earth.

Go straight to cloud gate.

The area covers thousands of miles.

Yang Yiyun knows that once it falls, the consequences will be unimaginable.

He roared and rose to the sky.

At this moment, Yang Yiyun's divine core was destroyed and ten avenue trees were scattered.

All meet the ten thousand black thunder of heaven's way Hongjun.

If he can't catch it, Yang Yiyun knows that all Cloud Gate disciples will die.

His wife, children, disciples and relatives are among them.The breath of black thunder that destroyed the sky and the earth appeared, and everyone in the air was in pain, including heilian and goddess Liu. No one could stop the will of Hongjun.

Yang Yiyun knows that if he doesn't work hard, everyone will die.

Thousands of golden lights burst out from Yang Yiyun's body to meet the black thunder falling from nine days.

"Boom boom..."

The whole divine world is shaking. Under the impact, cracks in the space appear constantly, like the end.

Yang Yiyun's resistance to the sky still affected the disciples below.

His eyes were bleeding.

I saw the master's disappearance after being hit by heilian, and I saw my own women disappear one by one

Yunmen Tianting turned into a space, cracks were smashed.

The same way of heaven, he and heaven Hongjun resounded too much.

"Ah... Roar..."

Yang Yiyun roared hysterically, exhausted all his strength, and turned himself into ashes. After all, he failed to stop Hongjun's dark thunder.

The last thing he saw was the destruction of the whole cloud sky.

He is the body into a smash.

An idea in mind: "defeated, or defeated, ah, i... not reconciled."

"Oh, what's wrong with the way of heaven? The way of heaven can be perfected. Through the catastrophe deduction, nature can evolve perfectly. At that time, Pangu celestial body will still be eternal. What I do is also for the world of Pangu celestial body. You... Should not go against the sky. "

A calm voice sounded in Yang Yiyun's mind.

At the moment, Yang Yiyun found himself in a colorful chaos.

But the voice is strange.

However, after listening to the words, he reflected that it was the voice of Hongjun.

Inexplicable Rage: "fart, your way is merciless, and the way to complete is at the cost of all creatures in Pangu celestial body. What's the use of such heavenly way?"

"The way of heaven has been changed. What's the use of feeling? How can love last forever? " Hongjun's voice rang out in Yang Yiyun's mind.

"I especially want the way of feeling. The way of heaven should be the way of feeling. Pangu father's creation of heaven and earth is to give all chaotic things a pure world. This is great love. How can it be the way of heartlessness?" Yang Yiyun, regardless of his school's situation, started to abuse.

"Well, it doesn't matter whether you inherit Pangu's will or not. I will still be in charge of the way of heaven. Finally, the way of heaven will be perfect and eternal. You can disappear." Hongjun's voice had no emotion.

Yang Yiyun listened to his bitterness, and his consciousness became blurred. He knew that he was about to dissipate, which was the dissipation of complete destruction.

Nothing to see, nothing to hear.

However, when he was about to give up, it seemed that there was a big movement in front of him.

He saw the pot of heaven and earth.

A golden appears from the heaven and earth pot, turns into an air current, and turns into purple.

I felt like I was in my body.

In this instant, Yang Yiyun felt that he had a body again and recovered.

"Hongmeng Ziqi ~"

Yang Yiyun suddenly understood that this was his big secret. It was not only the pot of heaven and earth, but also Hongmeng Ziqi. It was the final form of Pangu's will.

It is the source of chaos.

In a flash, Yang Yiyun's destroyed body recovered. When he opened his eyes, he saw chaos in the depths of himself, and chaos was a huge black hole. Within the black hole was the divine world, which was divided into three realms, the lower world, the nether world, the spiritual world

He even saw the earth.

There is a purple sphere above the black hole. He is familiar with another Hongmeng purple Qi. Yang Yiyun knows that it is the shape of Hongjun.

The three realms are bred in the chaos black hole, and the heavenly way Hongjun is in charge of the heavenly way over the black hole above the three realms.

All of a sudden, Yang Yiyun laughs. With the return of this moment, he knows what the Dharma is.

"Hahaha, I see. I see ~"

The law of the earth is the emotion of all things in the three realms, the great love of the universe, and Pangu's great love for the creation of heaven and earth.

"Hongjun, you never understand what Pangu's will is, and you will never understand the Dharma."

Yang Yiyun says to himself that Quan Hongmeng is full of purple Qi, but between waving his hand, the purple Qi from the three worlds rushes out into chaos, enters the black hole and gathers on him.

This is the way of heaven 50.It's a perfect moment.


Hongjun's voice came from the purple.

"Nothing is impossible. You haven't gone through the human world, and you haven't experienced the seven emotions and six desires of mortals. You can't understand what is the law of the earth and what is the great love in the world. So the way of heaven you insist on is merciless, merciless and never perfect.

And now that your ruthlessness is over, let me complete the way of heaven Yang Yiyun's words fell to the point that the Hongmeng's will, which was located in the heavenly way, was broken like a bubble.

Disappear completely.

But Yang Yiyun put away that wisp of Hongmeng purple Qi.

Hongmeng Ziqi is the foundation of the will of the next world. Maybe it can be left to someone.


Yang Yiyun's theory of heaven is perfect, and he has a thorough understanding of Pangu celestial body.

It's no secret to him.

Standing above the black hole, looking at the three realms, waving his hand, he whispered: "time and space, yin and Yang, life and death ~"

With his words down, the divine Cloud Gate heaven appeared again, and those Cloud Gate disciples who died in the war were alive again.

Between turning hands, everything returns to nature.

The law of the divine world will last forever, and there will be no catastrophe.

Everyone in Yunmen Tianting is a little strange. They are dead, but now they are safe.

It's just that all the people of sidaotong have disappeared.

Only Yang Yiyun knows that he has made all the people of the four major roads into the six paths of reincarnation.

But you can't see Yang Yiyun, but everyone feels Yang Yiyun's existence and has some understanding in his heart, which is what Yang Yiyun calls.

I don't know who it is. I kneel down first and cry out: "heaven is above, the world is eternal, the world is eternal."

The whole divine world is paying homage to heaven.

All living beings have sensed a will. After that, there will be no more calamities in the divine world. After all, the divine world has become a real eternal and bright world, and Yang Yiyun is the God that everyone pays homage to.


Yang Yiyun made up for the imperfection of the way of heaven above the black hole, and then his eyes flashed a trace of light. At one glance, he saw through the three realms, but saw a blue planet in the mortal world.

I saw a girl in white sportswear, backpack and mask appear in Yangjia village.

"I finally found you, but I can find you easily ~"

With a smile on his face, Yang disappeared.

At the same time, Zhao Nan, qiu'er and many other women disappeared in the cloud gate.

But at the next moment, in Yangjia village, a young man with white hair and a group of women in ancient clothes appeared in front of the girl in white sportswear.


"She hasn't changed ~"

"She is... Sister Liu ~"

Zhao Nan several women looked at the girl with great interest.

"It's her, it's her." Lin Huan cried, looking at the girl, she thought of the graduation season, her best friend.

Yang was staring at the girl with crystal eyes.

However, the girl had been sneaking to the forbidden area for a tour, but suddenly there was a large group of people, one by one in ancient Chinese costume, staring at her, making her hairy, pretending to be calm: "I... you... I'm just passing by..."