Feeling frustrated, Luo Youyou took her phone out and was about to apologize to the Seventh Master gigolo. However, when she turned on her phone, she saw three news notifications. All of the news was about the excellent banquet the night before. The first one was naturally about the appearance of the CEO of Qingfeng International. Everyone was surprised that he was actually a young CEO. They also said that he was tall, handsome, and had a magnetic voice. In short, the article was full of praises for him.

The second article was about Luo Youyou. She had looked stunning in the rose dress that she had worn. There were also people who somehow knew that she donated money to charity every year. Thus, the article also praised her greatly.

The third article was about the affair between Lu Yiran and Shen Wenqi. Even Shen Jinhan was criticized very badly.

Seeing this, Luo Youyou was overjoyed. She was not a negative-minded person, but it did not mean that she would not fight back.

The Li family.

After Lu Yiran came back from the banquet, he was so furious that he could not sleep until the wee hours of the morning. After sleeping for only a few hours, he suddenly heard a hurried knock on the door. In a daze, he opened his eyes, only to see Lu Weitong walking in imposingly.

“How are you still able to sleep?” Since his parents’ early death, Lu Weitong had raised him and had never been angry at him.

Thinking that he had embarrassed his aunt the night before, Lu Yiran did not dare to retort. Instead, he called her, “Aunt.”

Lu Weitong’s face was gloomy, “Do you know what has happened? The matter between you and Shen Wenqi has already made it into the news headlines! I asked the public relations department to try their best to delete the news, but they couldn’t control the speed of the spread. You have become famous overnight!”

“Who did it? Was it Luo Youyou?” Lu Yiran was so angry that he almost jumped up.

“Who else could it have been? I underestimated her. I thought Luo Youyou was just a delicate little girl. I didn’t expect her to be such a schemer. First, she shamelessly schemed against you. Then, she hooked up with Tian Jichi and manipulated him into speaking up for her. I don’t know what other dirty tricks she used to get the CEO of Qingfeng International to back her up as well!” Lu Weitong’s face was filled with hatred.

However, Lu Yiran went completely mental at her words and cried out, “The CEO of Qingfeng International?”

“You should watch the news yourself. He even had a custom-made gown made for her. She’s already made the headlines now,” Lu Weitong said through gritted teeth.

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“That b*tch! I won’t let her off!” Lu Yiran clenched his fists. At first, he had only thought that she was hooking up with Tian Jichi. He had not expected her to have hooked up with the CEO of Qingfeng International as well. It was no wonder that when he had proposed breaking up with her, she had immediately accepted it without even begging him to stay! It turned out that she had already found someone with more money.

“You’re really brainless. She now has the backing of Tian Jichi and the CEO of Qingfeng International. If you touch her, won’t you be courting death? Don’t you think that you’ve been humiliated enough?” Lu Weitong was disappointed.

“But I’m not willing to let her scheme against me like this!” Lu Yiran was so angry that his eyes had turned red.

“Stupid!” Seeing her nephew like this, Lu Weitong knew that he was upset. However, all she could do was to suppress her anger and say, “You can’t go head-to-head with her. You need to slowly gather information on her and find an opportunity to stop her from being able to turn the tables on you. As for what you need to do now, you need to dump Shen Wenqi immediately. She is no longer of any use to you. You can’t continue to lose face. Then, you need to go abroad immediately to avoid the limelight. When the news dies down, then you can come back. When that time comes, I will find you a more suitable young lady to marry.”

Lu Yiran understood the pros and cons as well, so he nodded.

Luo Youyou sent a message to apologize to the Seventh Master gigolo, but did not receive a reply. She regretted what she said even more. She could not explain why, but she had hated him previously. However, after he had helped her, she began to feel that he was not as hateful as before.

When she thought about how this seventh master could not possibly have chosen this profession voluntarily, it meant that he had to have money problems too. For once, she missed him. But, where would she find the money? Suddenly, she thought of her jewelry. If she sold those, she would definitely have a lot of money. All her jewelry was in the Luo family’s safe. She thought about going back to get them now. At the same time, she would be able to see if Shen Jinhan and her daughter were still there.

At the Luo family’s house.

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When Luo Youyou rushed into the Luo family’s house, Mary was cleaning. When she saw Luo Youyou coming back, she avoided her gaze as she greeted her.

Luo Youyou did not say anything and went upstairs to push open the door to her room, only to see someone lying on her bed!

Shen Wenqi was woken up by the sound of someone opening the door. She said impatiently, “Who is it?” But when she opened her eyes, she saw that it was Luo Youyou and she immediately said mockingly, “Oh? Who is this? Didn’t Daddy kick you out? Why are you back here again?”

Luo Youyou’s expression changed instantly when she spotted Shen Wenqi. She had considered the thought that Shen Wenqi and Shen Jinhan might not have left yet, but she had never thought that Shen Wenqi would still dare to sleep on her bed after what happened last night.

She yelled, “I’ll give you just one second to get out of my room and out of my house!”