Chapter 144 - Kidnapping

Chapter 144 Kidnapping

At this moment, Fang Yuan was extremely embarrassed.


Fang Yuan pretended to be calm and said, “Senior, would you believe me if I said that I was treating your injuries?”

Wan Qian’s eyes were calm and emotionless.

She lowered her head and looked at Fang Yuan’s arms that were tightened in front of her. She said softly, “Can you let go of me first?”

“Ah… ah okay…”

Fang Yuan quickly pulled his hands away. Wan Qian sat up straight and looked at her own condition. Suddenly, she seemed to have discovered something and turned her head to look at Fang Yuan strangely. She then picked up the clothes by the bed and put them on. Fang Yuan also took his clothes and got off the bed to put them on.

After everything was done, Fang Yuan said apologetically, “Senior, I…”

“No need to explain, I know you didn’t do anything…”

Wan Qian’s face turned slightly red. “It’s just that my acupoints had lost a little too much spirit essence right now, so it might affect my performance in the Gu Dao convention.”

“It’s alright, the next match will be against the Tianxiang Sect, it will probably be our turn tomorrow or the day after. We still have time to recuperate.”

Fang Yuan handed over the pill. “Eat this, it should be enough.”

Wan Qian took the pill directly. Just as she was about to circulate her spirit essence to prepare to regulate her breathing, she suddenly felt dizzy.

Seeing that something was wrong, Fang Yuan quickly supported her body that was about to fall down.

“Senior, your head injury hasn’t recovered yet. I’ll help you regulate your breathing.”


Wan Qian’s voice was like a mosquito’s, and the image of Fang Yuan and her naked appeared in her mind.

That powerful arm…

Just thinking about it was embarrassing.

But he did not need to take off his clothes to regulate her breathing. Fang Yuan directly sat behind Wan Qian, placing his hands on her and starting to circulate his spirit essence.

Under the activation of his spirit essence, the medicine quickly dispersed and was absorbed by Wan Qian Bit by bit. The Cloud Moon Gu jumped out subconsciously, greedily absorbing Wan Qian’s aura.

Not long after, with Fang Yuan’s help, Wan Qian’s acupoints was filled with spirit essence, almost fully recovering.

But her brain injury had not fully recovered. This was a bit troublesome, since Wan Qian could not overuse her spirit essence when using her Gu worms’ abilities. Otherwise, under the impact of the energy, she might not be able to endure it and faint.

Fang Yuan did not have any good ideas for the time being. This was an internal injury, so she could only recuperate slowly.

Not long after, there was movement from the floor, followed by Gu Tianqing’s slightly anxious voice.

“Senior Fang, are you there?”

Fang Yuan looked at Wan Qian. “I’m going out to take a look. Have a good rest.”

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“Okay.” Wan Qian’s gaze was like water.

When Fang Yuan left, Gu Tianqing and Qin Han hurried over and said, “Senior, something happened. My sister and Junior Ruan were kidnapped.”

“Kidnapped?” Fang Yuan frowned. “What exactly happened? Tell me in detail.”

Wan Qian also heard the commotion in the room and opened the window to listen.

Gu Tianqing took a deep breath and told them everything he knew.

The matter was very simple. Gu Yuange and Ruan Qinghe went out for a stroll and did not return to the competition ground to meet up with Gu Tianqing and the others at night. Gu Tianqing originally thought that they had returned to their residence first. In the end, they were ambushed by the gray-robed man on the way back. The other party did not pester them, but took the opportunity to hand over the sect tokens on the two girls, warning them not to act rashly. If they wanted to save them, they would get Fang Yuan go to the five miles slope outside the city alone at midnight.

That person’s movement was strange. He should have a speed-type Gu worm supporting him. Gu Tianqing wanted to chase after him but failed, so he could only come back to ask for help.

After Fang Yuan heard this, he was silent.

This was definitely the work of that assassin.

“Senior, don’t worry, you just need to step out and stall the other party.”

Gu Tianqing said fiercely, “I’ve already informed my family to send someone over to help. To dare touch my sister in the capital, he’s truly an old man hanging himself, tired of living.”

Qin Han felt somewhat strange. “How did he do it? Kidnapping sect disciples in the capital, and then successfully escaping to the outskirts of the city? Could he be a Nascent Soul Realm


“So what if he’s a Nascent Soul Realm expert? Even if he’s at the Fusion Realm, he still has to give an explanation for touching the direct bloodline of our Gu clan!”

Gu Tianqing was brimming with heroic spirit. Suddenly, he paused for a moment. As if he had thought of something, he looked at Fang Yuan, “That’s not right. Why would such an expert attack a junior and go through so much trouble? Senior, he’s here for you. Do you know something?”


Fang Yuan said in a deep voice, “If I’m not wrong, this person was sent by the Zhang clan to kill me. He should be a prodigy on the Human Roll. He was afraid of disturbing the guards in the city, so he kidnapped Junior Gu and Junior Ruan to force me out of the city.” “The assassination at the Green Bamboo Garden was also done by the Zhang clan?” Gu Tianqing asked.

“It should be.” Fang Yuan had no evidence, so he could only say so.

Gu Tianqing nodded in understanding. “In that case, I understand now. The Zhang clan actually doesn’t want you, Senior, but Junior Wan. However, as her Dao partner, you became the number one obstacle.”

Zhou Chang and Qin Han couldn’t help but look at Wan Qian at the same time.

Wan Qian stood up and took a deep breath, then she said, “The Zhang clan wants to kill me to silence me. If that happens, all the direct descendants of the Wan clan will be killed and all the managers of the subordinate industries will be headless. Sooner or later, they will be eaten up by them… why don’t I come out and end all this?”

“These people sure are ruthless.”

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Gu Tianqing clenched his fists tightly and looked at Wan Qian. “Junior, you and I belong to the same sect. How can I watch you die in vain? Don’t worry, with my family’s guardians here, it’s more than enough to deal with that idiot on the Human Roll!” “But…” Wan Qian still felt a little guilty. “No buts.”

Fang Yuan walked over and held her slightly cold hands. “Our goal this time is to save people, not to end our grudges.”

Wan Qian was silent.

Fang Yuan turned to look at Gu Tianqing. “Tianqing, when will your family’s guardians arrive?”

Gu Tianqing immediately replied, “Senior, you go out of the city first. I’ll bring them along and follow behind. We’ll take that bastard down as soon as we have the chance.” “Alright, let’s do it that way.”

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