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Chu Xi placed the wild flowers together and found a vase in the villa. Then, she inserted the flowers and placed them on the dining table.

After everyone found out that these were flowers picked by He Yu and Chu Xi, they said that the flowers were beautiful and that the two of them were really considerate.

Chu Xi was speechless.

This must be the influence of a big shot. He could win the praise of the entire audience over such a trivial matter?

After lunch, everyone unanimously decided to take an hour’s lunch break before strolling around the villa. During the break, the live-stream room played a promotional video of the scenery of Star Moon Island. The cameras in the room were also turned off. They wouldn’t be turned on unless it was necessary.

He Yu looked at Chu Xi who fell asleep in his arms after three seconds. She was so obedient that he didn’t have to worry about her at all. He kissed her forehead and fell asleep with her in his arms.

The two of them were sleeping soundly and had no idea that discussions about them were everywhere online.

Trending! He Yu and the little red flower.

Trending! He Yu dotes on Chu Xi!

[He Yu really dotes on her too much. What a pity. If only the two of them hadn’t gotten a fake marriage.]

[Everyone should be glad that the two of them have a fake marriage. Chu Xi is not worthy of He Yu. Let’s wait for the news of their divorce!]

[If it’s fake, their acting skills are too good!]

[Yes, they seem so lovey-dovey, but I still have to keep telling myself that what I see is fake. How upsetting…]

He Yu’s fans were busy taking screenshots. The two of them were on the trending searches together, but Chu Xi’s name rarely appeared. However, this didn’t mean that this matter had nothing to do with Chu Xi.

A marketing account with more than three million fans posted something.

@UncleRock: Chu Xi, who graduated from the Capital University, revealed in “Husband and Wife’s Trip” that she was fragile and aloof in university to ward off admirers. However, @UncleRock received news that no one pursued Chu Xi in university. What do you guys think about this?

[It’s precisely because no one pursued her that she said that as an excuse.]

[I wonder what Chu Xi was like in university. If she was as good-looking as she is now, it’s impossible that no one pursued her.]

[I’m so annoyed by these female celebrities who keep setting up a “heartthrob” persona!]

[I was just about to become a fan of Chu Xi and He Yu. Fortunately, I saw the blogger’s post first. Thank you!]

[She’s so desperate to be popular.]

[Who can post a few photos of Chu Xi when she was in university? Did she have plastic surgery?!]

After a while, rumors that Chu Xi had plastic surgery and was an aloof heartthrob in university became a trending topic.

When Xiao Lele saw the trending topic, she was filled with confusion. Chu Xi had plastic surgery? Chu Xi didn’t have any suitors in university? These haters were too outrageous!

She quickly called Chu Xi.

“Hello.” A low and hoarse male voice sounded on the phone. It was He Yu.

When Chu Xi woke up, she saw He Yu walking over from the balcony. She opened her arms and asked him for a hug.

He Yu quickly came over and held Chu Xi in his arms. Then, he lowered his head and kissed her forehead. “Do you want to sleep a little longer?”

Chu Xi shook her head. “I’m thirsty.”

He Yu fed her some water. “Drink slowly. Don’t choke.”

Chu Xi asked, “Where did you go just now?”

He Yu told her about the trending topic. “I’ve already asked Zhong Yu to put an end to it. Don’t be angry. These rumors aren’t worth being angry about.”

Chu Xi pushed the water bottle away and hugged He Yu’s waist. Then, she rubbed against He Yu’s chest affectionately like a clingy kitten. This scene almost made He Yu’s heart melt.

“Are you angry? If I kiss you, don’t be angry anymore, okay?”

Before Chu Xi could react, He Yu kissed her soft lips. Today, he was especially gentle and patient. One moment, he hugged her slender waist and let her lean on him. The next moment, he stood up and carried her on his lap. Then, he lowered his head and slowly kissed her lips.

Chu Xi’s mind went blank. Before she could process what He Yu had just said, he kissed her. She wasn’t angry at all. He just wanted an excuse to kiss her!

Her mouth was numb from the kiss, so she quickly reached out and pulled He Yu’s ear.

He Yu wasn’t angry. Instead, he leaned over and whispered in her ear, telling her, “Be good, babe.” He was so clingy. How could someone like him be the Best Actor Award winner? He was a scoundrel!

Chu Xi didn’t want to argue anymore, so she said, “I’m not angry about the trending topic.”

“They’re just rumors. I won’t be angry over them.”

“The haters said that I had plastic surgery, so let’s find evidence to dispel the rumors.”

Chu Xi placed her fair legs on He Yu as she lay on the bed leisurely. She really wasn’t angry.

She didn’t care, but He Yu did. He told Zhong Yu to deal with this matter as soon as possible. His babe couldn’t be bullied.