Chapter 1.1 — Prologue. Princess’ Honeymoon (1)

“No. If I do it today, I might really die…” 

Her green eyes, as refreshing as pine needles, frowned slightly as Lariette muttered to herself as her wheat-colored hair was disheveled against her round shoulders and the white sheets of the bed.

As she raised her body, which was as heavy as soggy cotton, grunts and moans of pain flowed out from her lips. The soft blanket flowed down her body line and hung over the rounded pelvis. As she held up her breasts, which were ample for her body size with both hands, a lump of flesh that couldn’t be contained in her small hand squeezed between her fingers.

“What’s all this? Anyone who sees it will think that it was bitten by a dog. The peaks are still swollen and stinging…”

Seeing the bare traces of the intensity of last night on display made her appalled. Red petals and teeth marks were all over her tender neck, collarbone, rounded shoulders, and thin waist.

“…This is crazy. I need to get out of here.”

The white flesh fell down as Lariette lowered her hand.

As she was about to get out of the bed, her body leaned, causing her luscious flesh to hang around in the shape of a bell. Rolling the quilt around her body like wrapping paper, she hurriedly ran across the bedroom. Though because she wrapped it up so tightly, the gap around her ankle was so narrow that she had to move her steps quickly.

…She had to run away, even if it was just for a week.

‘How did I end up like this…’

“Are you awake, Princess?”


The sudden low, heavy voice caused her to jump as she stood in front of the dressing room door.

‘Aak, my blanket!’

Thankfully, Lariette managed to grab the slippery quilt and quickly pulled it up to the bottom of her neck. In that short time, a man strode right in front of her. Her back hit the dressing room door as she reflexively backed away.

Lariette smiled awkwardly and glanced up at him.

“Oh, yes… Grand Duke, you are here? Why are you here so early?”

“I’ve only been dealing with urgent matters. I have to do the most important thing.”

Grand Duke of Acheron. A man who radiated handsomeness all the way to his fingertips.

Black hair that swallowed up the color of the summer garden at once and a sleek forehead revealed by obsessively neatly combed hair. In addition, his ice-blue eyes and sensitive gaze were sculptured nicely along with the sharp lines of his face… It was a feature that perfectly harmonized with the unique rigid, expressionless face like a person carved out of stone.

Not a speck of dust, let alone wrinkles were visible on his shirt and vest. Even the glittering, shiny gloss flowed from the stylishly stretched pocket watch chain.

His height was so tall that the top of her head could barely touch his shoulder, even with her shoes on. Not only that, but he looked taller than originally because his posture was upright, as if someone was pulling on a thread of him.

In other words, it was an outrageously perfect appearance.

“Important thing… Then, go do it. Hurry!”

“I see.”


Saying so, he lifted Lariette’s body up as she gripped the blanket like a lifeline, dragging the hem of the white cloth on the floor.

This direction… it was the bed.

‘Don’t tell me…’

An ominous feeling tickled her spine.

“Go do the most important thing you said…!”

“I’m trying to do it. In the marriage contract article 1, clause 1, on the last sentence… During the contract period, both sides will do their best to fulfill their marital obligations to nurture the successors.”

He carefully set her down on the bed and stood facing her, using his long, fingertips to unbutton his shirt and collar.

Tuk, tuk.

Just a moment later, his masculine neckline was revealed.

After unbuttoning his collar and wrist, the man folded the vest upright like a knife and placed it on the bedside table. There were no unnecessary gestures in his movements. It was even neat, like a machine that learned the perfect logic to put on and take off clothes.

“The contract between the Princess and I is for one year. Besides, since we’re in a hurry to have a pregnancy, shouldn’t we do our best when we have time?”

It was a dry word composition as if discussing important public affairs, let alone the mood. Perhaps, if she really loved him and married him, she would have wet the pillowcase with tears from such a great wound.

However, Lariette decided not to be fooled by his heinous attitude of pretending to be a gentleman any longer.

…That man, he was like that yesterday.

With an insensitive and stoic attitude that cut out what was called desire and other things…


Her stomach felt strangely numb just by recalling it.

In her twenty years, Lariette had never imagined in her life that the day would come when she would feel this anomalous sensation of shameful excitement.

Thinking so, she shook her head as if to brush the heat off her cheeks.

She assured herself. Even her sibling didn’t know just how much she preferred anything related to dogs, and they would never know this until the day she’d die. It’s not a swear word, nor a metaphor… truly, literally a dog…

Iron Grand Duke. Ice pick, artificial human.

‘…It’s not even funny.’

Lariette hugged her knees, wrapped in a blanket.

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