Chapter 2739

Name:Ms.Doctor Divine Author:9000 Dreams
"Just go!" Gu Chaoyan said.

She didn't want to go at all, but she didn't like this person so much. She always looked down on people and thought that he was the best!

You can do it yourself.

Hearing that Gu Chaoyan was going to go, the teacher nodded and settled down.

Without any delay, the students were asked to choose the weapons, and then they were directly carried to the place where they went.

"What mission will it be?" Gu Chaoyan asked curiously.

"Surrender to an ancient Phoenix." The youth of Huazong said that he seemed to know something about it.

Gu Chaoyan curled his mouth and was unwilling to speak.

She doesn't want to talk to this man.

As far as he knows, even if she doesn't know, she doesn't want to ask this person anyway.

Next to him, Gu Chaoyan said that he was subduing the ancient Phoenix. He was bored, and suddenly found that the flying beast began to shake left and right.

"It's the ancient Phoenix!" Someone yelled.

Gu Chaoyan saw a phoenix beast bathing in the fire not far away.

She suddenly felt that this scene was very familiar, as if when she had experienced it.

Phoenix has attacked them, and these students can't fight at all. Many of them have Phoenix Fire on them, and they can't fight any more. Even the youth of Huazong is hard to escape. Gu Chaoyan sees that there is still Phoenix fire coming, and he still helps the youth to block it. Then she flies up with her sword and attacks the Phoenix. On the way, Gu Chaoyan's mind flashes Many, many pictures, there are previous lives, she also went with a sword, with determination.

The Phoenix puts away the Phoenix Fire. Gu Chaoyan's sword stops in front of him. The Phoenix incarnates as the emperor of heaven. He takes off his mask and looks at Gu Chaoyan quietly.

"You remember, don't you?" The emperor asked.

Gu Chaoyan's hand still points the sword at him.

My eyes are full of tears.

It turns out that so many years have passed.

It turned out that what was buried on Longmai mountain was just the memory of that period.

Zhou Huaijin, just to accompany her for a period of time.

In her previous life, she was full of obsession and gradually couldn't feel the people and things around her, including him.

Again reincarnation, he actually spent so much energy to let himself come back here.

He is still him after all.

If you look at the flying beast, there is no one else. Whether Huazong is young or not, the teacher and the students who worked together are all illusions of that year.

"Chaoyan, I just want to ask you, OK?" The emperor asked.

Gu Chaoyan put away his sword, nodded and came to him quietly.


the canon of emperor and Empress of heaven.

The elder looks at the cold woman sitting on it, sweating. No wonder the emperor of heaven is so special to her. She can live in heaven at will. It turns out that she is the Phoenix girl! Fortunately, at the beginning, he did not favor his daughter, but should break.

The leader of Xingzong was completely stunned when he looked at the people above.

Phoenix girl?

At the beginning, those patriarchs always said that those who were too stupid were Phoenix girls.

His mind, which had been confused all along, suddenly became transparent. It turned out that he didn't understand the hint of the emperor of heaven. The leader of Xingzong came out for the first time and said to the other leaders in a teasing way: "I remember when you were assessing, you seemed to say that such stupid people are not qualified to stay in Tianzong, right?"

These suzerain bearded and glared. They didn't dare to answer. They even forgot that this was how the suzerain of Xingzong talked to them.

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