Chapter 193 Two Gorgeous Men Cooking For Her

[ Zhou Ancestral Mansion…]

After the passionate moment Marceline and Kira shared together, Marceline fell asleep. Kira brought her to her bedroom.

He lay down beside her, just cuddling her. While Marceline was asleep, Kira was observing her beautiful face. He gazed at her intently with complicated emotions on his face.

He didn't want to hurt Marceline because he couldn't force his heart to love someone. As of now, he wasn't sure if he was still in love with Selene.

Kira took a deep breath. He had lost count of how many times he sighed today. Seeing Selene and Dominique happily together affected his emotional and mental state that he even got into an accident.

But who would have thought that after witnessing those scenes, Marceline would come to his rescue and help him cope up and forget about them?

Marceline succeeded in diverting his attention away from his ex-lover and mortal nemesis.

"My Lady? Am I doing the right thing?" Kira murmured, caressing Marceline's cheek. He somehow felt guilty for not responding to Marceline's love confession.

He was the man so he should be the one professing his love. But Marceline did it, without any hesitation. She was so brave in expressing her feelings. This was unlikely for her to do so.

Several minutes had passed and Kira had remembered that he had a mission to fulfill– capturing Evelyn Zhou and punishing her.

Kira had decided to wait for Marceline to wake up before he would catch Evelyn Zhou. He wanted to know Marceline's decision first when it came to Evelyn.

Would she be okay if Kira would become ruthless and merciless towards Evelyn Zhou? This was the question in his mind. This was the only reason he hadn't killed her yet. He was waiting for Marceline's go signal. He wondered if she had a different plan or way of getting her revenge against Evelyn.

Evelyn had debts to pay. She poisoned Marceline's grandfather. She influenced Ronan and used him against his own brother. She was involved in the deaths of Marceline's parents eighteen years ago. She played a big role during that tragic night.

Kira had lost track of time just thinking of the different ways to punish Evelyn that he failed to notice that it was already nighttime.

Three hours had passed and Marceline was still sound asleep. They had completely forgotten about Little Lowell who was left in the Golden City District Hospital. Marceline asked Dylan to watch over him as she went to find Kira.

Not able to wait for Kira and Marceline, Little Lowell got bored in the hospital. He was worried for Marceline as she just left him in a hurry.

Asking Dylan's help, Little Lowell expressed his intent to follow Marceline and look for them. Dylan, who got close to the young hybrid boy, immediately understood what he wanted.

Dylan accompanied Little Lowell as they went to Zhou Ancestral Mansion, checking whether Kira and Marceline were already at home.

Holding Little Lowell's on his left, Dylan knocked on the door of the Zhou Ancestral Mansion. When no one responded, he pressed the doorbell.

Ten seconds later, the door of the mansion slid open and Kira's half-naked body greeted them. 

Dylan's eyes widened in disbelief. Kira didn't even bother to wear his shirt. He saw that Kira's neck and chest had kiss marks and love bites so Dylan reflexively covered Little Lowell's eyes while motioning Kira to put some clothes on.

'For goodness's sake, there is a kid here and a single dog… Why is he flexing…' Dylan pouted his lips while putting on a pitiful face. He could tell that Kira and Marceline had some intimate time together just now. His love bites were still fresh and visible.

Meanwhile, Kira only raised his eyebrow. But later on, he went inside to wear his t-shirt. Dylan and Little Lowell followed him inside. The young hybrid boy was still wondering why Dylan covered his eyes.

"Mama???" Little Lowell immediately grabbed Kira's hand, asking about Marceline. Kira could see in his expression that the young hybrid boy was looking for Marceline.

"She's sleeping upstairs. You can go and check on her. But make sure not to make unnecessary noise," Kira said, reminding the child.

Little Lowell nodded his head frantically. When it came to Marceline, the young hybrid boy would always be considerate. He was willing to listen and obey Kira if it was related to Marceline.

"Go now," Dylan also said. He knew how worried Little Lowell was when Marceline left the hospital with urgency. Then he waited for her to come back.

Who would have thought Kira and Marceline had forgotten about the boy? 

'Hmm, did they really leave him in my care so that the two could do their 'monkey' business?' Dylan grinned playfully while eyeing Kira suspiciously.

"Why are you still here?" Kira asked Dylan with a grim expression on his face. 

Now, he confirmed it. Dylan was the son of Dominique and Selene! The two ended up being together when he disappeared a thousand years ago.

Kira got more reasons to act coldly towards Dylan. Dylan was like the fruit of Selene's betrayal. His blood was boiling just seeing Dylan's face as he was being reminded of Selene's and Dominique's betrayal.

"Are you not going to invite me for a meal? I babysit your son. Please be kind to me," Dylan said pitifully as he noticed Kira's hostility that was directed to him.

Kira just frowned deeply. He didn't want Dylan to stay longer in the mansion. It would just ruin his mood. However, he was trying his best to control his hatred and anger. He needed to befriend Dylan so that he could use him against his own father someday.

"Go to the kitchen and cook. Marceline hasn't eaten anything yet. Why don't you cook for her?" Kira said in his commanding tone.

Dylan's eyes lit up upon hearing that. He would love to cook for Marceline. He would feel like he was her big brother if he would do this.

Without wasting any more time, Dylan immediately ran into Marceline's kitchen, afraid that Kira might change his mind. It would be a great pleasure for him if he would be the one cooking for her.

Dylan was already checking the refrigerator, looking for the ingredients when Kira joined him.

"Oh, Bro! Why are you here?" Dylan asked Kira the same question. He didn't expect Kira to follow him in the kitchen.

"Cooking," Kira simply said.

Dylan blinked his eyes in puzzlement. "Cooking? I thought I would be the one to cook for her?"

"I changed my mind. I will be the one to cook for her. But you are here to teach me." 

Dylan: "..."

Kira didn't want another guy to serve Marceline, especially if that person was Dylan, the werewolf prince. He was also worried that Dylan would take all the credits and used this to become close to Marceline.

As much as possible, Kira didn't like Dylan getting closer to Marceline. He would feel threatened by his presence. Kira was seeing Dylan as another enemy.

"Don't give me that look. Marceline might wake up soon. Let's cook for her so guide me." Kira's tone was very demanding. He didn't ask Dylan if it was okay for him.

Dylan could only shake his head helplessly while scratching his face. He heaved a sigh of defeat. Since Kira was his savior, he couldn't say no to him. He couldn't refuse his request.

"Alright. Come and watch me."

"I said I will cook." Kira insisted.

"Yeah, I got it. I mean let's start now and I will tell you what to do."

When the two men had agreed on their set-up, they started peeling and cutting vegetables. Kira was actively listening to Dylan's advice. They would be preparing all the ingredients for these cooking sessions.

He hoped Marceline would like the taste of his cooking. He wished to impress her. Who knows Kira might get another award from Marceline?

The two boys were busy in the kitchen when Marceline and Little Lowell joined them. Marceline was glad to see Kira and Dylan getting along well.

Little did she know, Kira still hated Dylan because of his parents.

Little Lowell was holding Marceline's hand as he darted his gaze back and forth between Kira and Dylan. A subtle smile flashed on his lips. The two men looked funny as they argued with the ingredients.

After a while, a soft giggle was heard in the kitchen, catching the two men's attention. They turned around only to see Marceline and Little Lowell standing next to each other.

Kira: "My Lady!"

Dylan: "Sis!"

Kira and Dylan called Marceline in unison. Then Kira lifted his eyebrow when he heard the word 'Sis??!'

"Stop dreaming, Dylan! Don't call her Sis. She's not your sister!" Kira's inside was burning in rage whenever he would think Marceline was related to Dominique and Selene.

Dylan pouted his lips. "I am calling you Bro and since Marceline is your woman. I'll call her sis. Can I?"

Kira nodded right away because Dylan mentioned the word 'Your woman!'