What's behind the black vortex. Xia Fukun doesn't know.

But Xia Fukun knew that if he didn't leave this strange stone room quickly, even if he could summon more holy order summoning beasts, it would be useless. In the end, he could only be killed by those beast heads after he had exhausted his strength.

Just let Xia Fukun a little regret is.

Before he left, he should take those animal heads out of the stone chamber!

Thanks, thanks!

After knowing Xia Fukun's idea, the demon refining system: "I'm not sure."

It was also in Xia Fukun that the whole body came out of the black whirlpool completely.

Xia Fukun just saw it.

He came to another stone room.

And in this stone chamber

All of them are incomplete armored men.

Xia Fukun:

Part of the reason why he came to the forbidden area was because of these iron clad people!

Those monsters told him that there were a group of top ten armored men in the forbidden area. They were fierce thieves! He wanted to exchange these armored men for refining and chemical points. As a result, all of them are disabled! This is special

"Brother Lian, how much money?"

Xia Fukun asked pitifully to the demon refining system.

"One for five hundred refining points."


Xia Fukun is drunk.

"The monster at the top of the Ninth level died. It's 200 refining points, but it's the summoner at the top of the tenth level! Even if he died, there would be more than 500 points, and one refining point? "

Xia Fukun thinks the demon refining system is killing himself!

"You are so special!"

The demon refining system directly yelled.

"The monster at the top of the Ninth level is dead. Is it at least the corpse of a monster? This special iron man died, became a pile of scrap iron. I'll give you 500 refining points, and it's already very good! "

Hearing this, Xia Fukun was stunned.

It seems to make a lot of sense? How to be fat four? How can you bow down like a vicious force?

"Then do as you say. Five hundred is five hundred. "

Xia Fukun said without a word.

It's also this time.

All the ironclad people around were received by Xia Fukun into the demon refining system.

And Xia Fukun's refining point has just risen to 2503838

Xia Fukun:

"Brother Lian, did you do it on purpose?"

"On purpose?"

The demon refining system doesn't understand.

"Why does the number of refining and chemical point still bring curse?"

Xia Fukun said speechless.

"Then I'll give you a zero!"

At this point, Xia Fukun saw that his refining point had become 2500000

Xia Fukun:

It's very special. Isn't it still swearing?

"Let's not talk about these, I seem to be aware of Liu Feiyang's breath here."

"Liu Feiyang?"

Xia Fukun's center of gravity just now all shifted to those iron armor people. After the demon refining system said so, he let go of his divine sense and felt it.

Indeed, in this stone room, there is the breath of Liu Feiyang.

And if you follow the breath of Liu Feiyang

Xia Fukun looked at the bloodstain on the ground and went in a certain direction.

And there, it happens to be the only gate of this stone chamber.

"Brother Lian, is there any danger behind the gate?"

Xia Fukun asked the demon refining system.

"I don't know."

The demon refining system rolled its eyes.

The previous series of mistakes have made it feel like it doesn't want to talk.

This tomb is too slapped. If it says it's not dangerous, what if it's slapped again?

Also after hearing the words of the demon refining system, Xia Fukun released the magic sound bat.The bat was released by Xia Fukun, and then it flew around Xia Fukun for several times.

It's very happy.

This can be seen.

After all, they are the strongest among the magic sound bat family. They have reached the peak of the Ninth level before and can't stop.

But with Xia Fukun, he felt that he didn't do much, and now he reached the holy rank.

Previous dissatisfaction with Xia Fukun was swept away at this time.

Looking at the magic sound bat so happy, Xia Fukun was relieved.

"Go ahead, bat! It's up to you! "

Xia Fukun points in the direction of the gate.

As the summoner of Xia Fukun, the magic bat naturally knows what Xia Fukun wants to do.

Just different from the fairy in the fog, the magic bat is grateful to Xia Fukun. After all, they can also enter the holy stage, which will be recorded in the annals of history!

At the moment, the bat nodded heavily.

He flew out of the gate.

Xia Fukun watched the bat fly out of the gate, and immediately felt that the bat was much better than the fairy in the fog. Although I had a quarrel with myself before, and even fanned myself at the summoner meeting, now it seems that the captured Summoner is more obedient than the refined one!

It's also in Xia Fukun's place, waiting for the feedback from the bat.

All of a sudden, he felt that the smell of the bat disappeared?

"Brother Lian..."

Xia Fukun doesn't understand. What's the situation? Is the bat dead, too? But I can't. If the bat dies, I can feel it

"It should be that the bat is too happy and flies too far... There should be restrictions and barriers in this tomb. It is too far away from you, so your perception of it disappears."

Xia Fukun:

Originally, I wanted to let the magic sound bat go to check the situation, but now it's good. The magic sound bat flies and disappears.

Don't you have to go out that door to check the situation?

Why are none of these summoners reliable?

Xia Fukun had a bitter feeling in his heart.

After sighing, he followed Liu Feiyang's blood to the gate.

Vigilance, he was promoted to the highest.

After all, no one knows what this gate looks like when it goes out.

Just as Xia Fukun walked out of the gate, there was a flash of white light in front of him. Then, Xia Fukun found that he seemed to be outside the tomb again.

In front of me, there is a dense jungle

"What's the matter, brother Lian? Have I come out of that tomb again?"

Xia Fukun is drunk. What's the situation?

He looked back, but the door he had just walked out of was gone

"It shouldn't be..."

The demon refining system shook its head.

"It could be a mirage..."

After checking the surrounding situation, the demon refining system took a breath and said to Xia Fukun.