Chapter 633 - Seeing a Guru!

Chapter 633 Seeing a Guru!
Originally, Fang Qiu wanted to choose a position that was not eye-catching and take the opportunity to observe those major forces. Anyway, he was not here to buy things. He could at most be regarded as a fisherman in this auction.

However, after thinking about it for a moment, it was also beneficial for him to get closer to people of these forces. After all, with the people of these forces around to attract the attention, he would definitely be selectively ignored by everyone, which was called to be under the shadow.

Besides, if he was sitting next to those major forces, maybe he could hear some news.

Soon, the two of them came to the edge of the third row. Upon seeing that there were only two seats left, He Gaoming rushed forward. When he approached, he grabbed the number cards on the tea table between the two sofas on the outermost side of the third row.

Swoosh! A figure rushed forward quickly, as if he wanted to snatch it.

As soon as he made his move, He Gaoming grabbed the two number cards.

The man shook his head gloomily and had to return obediently. He went to the fourth row to find a seat.

“No. 1 and No. 2.” Having obtained the number cards, He Gaoming smiled smugly and handed one to Fang Qiu.

Fang Qiu got the card which read, “No. 1 Row 3.”

Without hesitation, Fang Qiu walked to the first sofa and sat down.

“What’s this card for?” Fang Qiu asked while taking his seat.

He Gaoming also sat down on the second sofa. He turned to point at the tea table in the middle of the two sofas and said to Fang Qiu, “There are two sensing areas on it. If you want to raise the price during the auction, just put the number card in the sensing area.”

“Oh, I see.” Fang Qiu nodded with understanding.

It was no wonder that everyone’s way of grabbing a seat was to snatch the number card. Without the number card, it was useless to get the seat. Without the number card, it would be regarded as making trouble if one was taking the seat. Chic Cloud Pavilion would not allow such a thing to happen.

Fang Qiu asked, “How many forces are you familiar with in this auction?”

He Gaoming raised his head and said, “Are you kidding me? Don’t you see what I do for a living? How can I not know these forces that even ordinary people know?”

Fang Qiu asked, “All of them?”

He Gaoming pointed directly to the four seats in the middle of the first row, which faced the auction stage, and said confidently, “Of course. That is where the biggest force of the entire auction house is located.”

“Oh?” Fang Qiu turned to look at it.

He immediately saw three familiar faces in the four seats that He Gaoming was pointing to.

The woman in a white shirt with a male hairstyle—Zhan Lin!

There was Qian Xiao wearing white sportswear with a famous brand and cross-shaped ear studs, and Lu Zhiyuan, who was wearing a windbreaker and had taken off his scarf.

“Those four seats belong to the four noble families.”

He Gaoming said, “The Zhan family and the Qian family in the capital city, the Xi family in the west region, and the Diwu family in the south.”

“Four noble families?” Out of curiosity, Fang Qiu turned his eyes to the one who looked unfamiliar among the four.

As soon as Fang Qiu turned to look, he saw another woman who was young and beautiful with long hair and fair skin. She looked very thin.

Although he could only see her face clearly, he could still feel that this woman’s appearance was definitely not bad.

Just as Fang Qiu was staring at the woman, the woman seemed to have sensed something. She suddenly turned her head, glanced at Fang Qiu, and then turned back.

It was only one glance. They looked at each other for less than a second.

Fang Qiu was completely stunned.

As he had expected, this woman was ridiculously beautiful.

“The Qian family and the Zhan family are both in the capital city. You should have heard of it before. The Qian family is mainly involved in the antique business. Not only can they make money, but occasionally, they can also explore some ancient cultivation methods and secret skills.”

He Gaoming continued to explain to Fang Qiu, “The Zhan family does some idle business, such as cars, catering, chain hotels, real estate, and so on. In short, the financial strength of these two families is second to none in the four families.”

Upon hearing this, Fang Qiu suddenly smiled and said, “It seems that the present Wulin is still a little different from what we imagined.”

He Gaoming rolled his eyes at Fang Qiu and said, “What kind of Wulin do you imagine? Those big sects and families in martial arts novels? You’ve watched too many TV shows. What era is it now? Even the government doesn’t allow these big families to be domineering, let alone the development of society. Isn’t it courting death to mess with the government?”

“That’s true.” Fang Qiu nodded. He was very clear about the situation in the army. Although there were few martial arts practitioners and Martial Superior Level teams in the army, it didn’t mean that there were none. Except for some particularly talented soldiers that could become martial arts practitioners, how many people could make a breakthrough and become Martial Superiors?

If the country could cultivate martial arts practitioners and Martial Superior teams, it meant that there must be masters in the army.

Moreover, it was now the era of technology.

If someone really messed with the government, they would be the ones to die.

Therefore, it was normal for all the major forces in Wulin to be doing business.

He Gaoming curled his lips and added, “Besides, now it’s a society ruled by law. Is there anything that needs Wulin’s people to stand up to help? Look at the four families, except for Qian Xiao who brought three or four people, the others only brought one or two helpers with them. Even the eldest daughter of the Zhan family came alone.”

“Indeed.” Fang Qiu nodded.

After his observation, he found that only a small number of people had come to the auction with no more than five people. Most of the others came alone.

He Gaoming lowered his voice and said, “Let’s talk about the Xi family. The Xi family is incredible. If the Qian family and the Zhan family in the capital city are…”

In the middle of his speech, He Gaoming showed Fang Qiu a thumbs-up.

Then, he added, “In that case, the Xi family is this in the West region!”

He Gaoming showed him another thumbs-up.

“Is it that powerful?” Fang Qiu was amazed.

“Of course.”

He Gaoming said, “The Xi family is not only one of the four well-known families in Wulin, but also one of the founders of the Xilian Chamber of Commerce all over the country. That’s why the Xi family could invite the chief steward of the Xilian Chamber of Commerce, Lu Jingyuan, to come here.”

Fang Qiu asked, “What about the Diwu family?”

“The Diwu family is the most powerful Wulin family in the three provinces of the South. It also owns thousands of tourist attractions in the three provinces of the South. It mainly specializes in tourism, and its ancestral home is located in Nanjiang.”

He Gaoming said, “Do you see that girl? She is the leader of the younger generation of the Diwu family, named Diwu Qian.”

“Diwu Qian?” Fang Qiu was astounded. The name sounded so awkward.

“Diwu is the surname of the nobility in Huaxia. It has a history of 2,000 years. In a large part of areas, it has evolved into the Di and the Wu surname. The only one that retains the complete surname is the Diwu family.”

He Gaoming explained and said, “Don’t underestimate Diwu Qian. She is a martial arts genius of the Diwu family. Among the top ten martial arts geniuses in the country, she ranks the second. Although she looks weak, she is very powerful.”

“Look at the four positions behind the representatives of the four families. The Qian family, the Xi family, and the Lu family have brought a master here. The vacant position belongs to the Zhan family. This time, the Zhan family didn’t send anyone here. I think the master must have been waiting in the restaurant.”

Fang Qiu looked at it carefully.

Sure enough, he saw three people in the four positions. The strength of these three people was around the eighth class. No one was ninth-class.

He Gaoming continued to point to the other side and said, “Look at both sides of the four families. The people next to the four families are from the government. People who sit in those dozens of seats next to them are all from medium families.”

Fang Qiu took a careful look at it.

Fang Qiu said in surprise, “There are even people of the government?”

“Of course, why not?”

He Gaoming hurriedly said, “In fact, the people of the government are the last ones in the world that you will want to provoke. It’s just that they are relatively low-key and don’t like to compete for seats, so they give the four best seats to the four major families. However, everyone says that the position of the government is the best.”

“Those medium aristocratic families are all doing business, so their financial strengths can’t be underestimated.”

Fang Qiu nodded.

Then, after looking at the whole place, he saw an ordinary old man at the corner of the first row. He immediately gestured to He Gaoming and asked, “What about him?”

He Gaoming glanced at the old man and said awkwardly, “Err… I don’t know him.”

“Just now, who said that he knew all of them?” Fang Qiu smiled.

What he laughed at was not He Gaoming’s embarrassment, but this ordinary old man.

Others might not be able to see it, but Fang Qiu could clearly see that the old man who looked very ordinary, like an old man that liked to participate in various activities, was actually a guru!

And it was not only He Gaoming.

None of the people present noticed the old man, which meant that no one knew him.

When looking at the old man, Fang Qiu narrowed his eyes slightly.

The old man was extremely acute. When Fang Qiu looked at him, he immediately turned to look back at him. Fang Qiu pretended to be embarrassed and looked at him.

The old man glanced at Fang Qiu, chuckled, and turned back.

In his eyes, Fang Qiu was just an ordinary sixth-class Martial Superior while he was an ordinary person who was not even a martial arts practitioner.

With just one glance, Fang Qiu clearly remembered the old man’s appearance.

The old man’s face was ruddy without a beard. His eyebrows were a little gray, and his face was round. He looked very energetic, just like those old men dancing in the square.

“I think the old man must have entered the wrong place, right?”

Upon hearing Fang Qiu’s sarcastic words, He Gaoming gave a wry smile and said, “I only know about people in Wulin, not ordinary people.”

Fang Qiu shook his head and chuckled.

At this time, everyone in the auction house had already taken their seats.

Crack! Suddenly, a crisp sound was heard.

The light suddenly dimmed.

Fang Qiu looked up and saw that all the headlights in the auction room, which lit the place as bright as day, were dimmed on the top of the roof, which was dozens of meters high.

The auction house now created a very comfortable environment with a little bit of darkness, but it was not harmful to the eyes.

After a while, light came down from the top. The strong white light shone directly on the auction stage.

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