Chapter 246 - Jealous Much?

Chapter 246 Jealous Much?

Su Jin and Xi Chenxiao locked eyes. Xi Chenxiao looked into Su Jin’s eyes and understood what she meant. A smile flashed across his face and it made Su Jin blush. Despite their multitasking, they turned this classical piece into a romantic one.

As the crowd watched their performance, they looked at the lovers onstage in disbelief. Gradually, everyone was immersed in the music as if they had entered a dream where they met the love of their lives. The crowd had yet to recover from their shock even after the performance ended. Madam Xi’s or Su Jin’s talent was unparalleled. She was just a rare goddess. Xi Chenxiao held her hand proudly. Never in his dreams had he thought that the little mute would be so amazing. He said to the crowd calmly,

“I’m sorry, I’ve embarrassed myself.”

When Su Jin saw Xi Chenxiao like this, she bowed slightly to the crowd. If she behaved like Devil Xi, no one would vote for them. That was way too cold and aloof. They had to be more approachable. She said with a smile,

“Thank you for liking our performance so much. As before, those who support me please stand over here. Those who support Miss Merlin, please stand over there.”

Randall’s eyes filled with admiration when he saw Su Jin’s smiling face. This girl was simply too perfect. She was an absolute goddess in his heart. He walked to Su Jin’s side and said,

“You guys are amazing. It can be said that you’ve surpassed some master-level artistes.” When Su Jin heard this, a hint of pride flashed across her face. She did not expect Xi Chenxiao to be so good. Moreover, the two of them had such rapport that they could switch parts in an instant. But she replied humbly, “Mr. Randall, you flatter us. We’re just amateurs.”

Randall was speechless. How could they not tell the difference between friend and foe? I was clearly giving you praise but you responded by slapping me in my face? This was too much. He was sincerely praising them and not faking it at all!

When everyone heard Su Jin’s reply, they were even more impressed. It was clear to everyone that their skills have surpassed many master violinists’, but she still said that they were amateurs? Wasn’t that being too modest? What would those so-called master violinists do?

Xi Chenxiao saw Su Jin’s bright smile at Randall and instantly felt jealous. How could his woman smile so attractively at others? Moreover, Randall was competition. He laughed tyrannically and said,

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“You shouldn’t smile at men other than me in future.”

Su Jin was stunned. What the f*ck? Wasn’t it just a polite smile? How did that trigger jealousy? Devil Xi gets jealous too easily. Did he expect her to be an expressionless person like him?

When everyone saw that Randall had already stood on Su Jin’s side, they did not hesitate at all. All of them walked with admiring faces to stand on Su Jin’s side. After all, it was very clear who had won.

On Merlin’s side, there was still only Mr. Max. There was no need to vote at all under such circumstances. Merlin had lost again. Merlin’s heart was filled with anger when she saw the crowd’s admiring faces.

She was almost unable to conceal her anger, her nails had pierced into her flesh as she clenched her fists so tightly. Why did Xi Shi say that Su Jin was a useless piece of trash when she could speak the Queen’s English, play the piano and such good violin that her skill surpassed Randall’s!

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Max saw the anger and jealousy on Merlin’s face and patted her on the shoulder. As a prominent family, he could not let anything bad happen because of petty jealousies when there were so many people around. He quietly comforted Merlin,

“Merlin, there will always be geniuses. You’re already excellent.”

Merlin was already extremely jealous. She was even more displeased when she heard her father’s words. She was publicly recognized as a genius, yet she had lost to Su Jin in every aspect. How could she get over this? She gritted her teeth and said,

“Dad, this damn Su Jin doesn’t know to cut me some slack. How could she not know that this was our banquet?”

“I am the protagonist tonight and she is just an unknown nobody. How dare she stand on my stage and steal my thunder?”

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