For more than four years, from 12 years to now, more than four years, Wushen has finally finished the book. How to say, now it's time to finish the book, but I feel a little disappointed. I don't know how to describe that feeling.

Over the past few years, I have been completely used to the days when I wake up and owe thousands of words every day. I have to update it every day and think about a new plot every day!

The readers of Wu Shen space, there may be one hundred thousand or more millions of people in the future. So many of them are old fellow iron. Some of them came from the road four years ago.

But in any case, they have given great support to Wushen. It can even be said that Wushen can't go today without your support!

The background setting of Wushen space is very huge, but to be honest, I didn't think I could finish writing him one day. My initial idea was to intercept one of the fragments!

But it's you who let me write. Now, it's all finished!

Basically, everything that should be written has been written. What I didn't want to write before has also been written. There's no regret!

Four years to now, only based on the starting point data, I have collected more than 150000, clicked more than 6 million, recommended more than 400000, and written more than 11 million words, which has created my own history. I may not write a book for so long in the future!

Thank you for accompanying Xiaochen through four years of ups and downs. Next, please move to the cultivation frenzy. This is another new story, a new setting and a new beginning.

At present, there are more than 40000 words and 50000 readers. The results have entered the high-quality products. The quality can still be seen. You can rest assured!

Also, please pay attention to my public wechat: Fu Xiaochen, or search fuxiaochenzun to add it!

Wushen actually has some things, especially the overseas army you can see. In fact, it belongs to a new story in Xiaochen's idea. It can be regarded as the sequel of Wushen, but Xiaochen is still hesitating whether to update it on wechat in the mode of external articles or write a Book independently!

If you count the previous soaring wilderness, it should be the last part of the whole Wushen trilogy!

You can add my public wechat to keep abreast of the latest situation!

Well, almost everything that should be finished is finished. Thank every reader who supports Wushen. Without you, there would be no Xiaochen!

There are many editors, and you have given Xiaochen a lot of support!

Finally, Xiaochen thanks!

September 16, 2016, 20:51