Chapter 184 - Basketball Match

Chapter 184 Basketball Match

The weather was good, and the sun was shining brightly on that day. Mo Yu was afraid that the sun would shine too harshly on Fang Liu, so he held an umbrella and protected Fang Liu under it. Then he held Fang Liu’s hand and said softly, “Slow down.”

Fang Liu did not expect Mo Yu to make such a big fuss. The sun was not harsh, and even though she was pregnant, she was not weak. Moreover, more than a hundred people were present, and Fang Liu didn’t want to look frail before them.

Fang Liu lowered her head and dared not look at the employees, while Mo Yu’s expression was natural. He did not mind being a wife-spoiling man before his employees.

Xiao Ping bowed to the Yu-Liu duo respectfully and said, “Everything is ready. Shall we go in, Mr. Mo?”

Mo Yu responded with a quick nod. The employees looked over and sized up the woman beside Mo Yu.

“Wow, is that Mr. Mo’s wife?”

“She’s so young! She’s even younger and cuter than the interns who work at the company.”

“Who would’ve thought that the frigid and ruthless Mr. Mo would like such a cute and delicate girl?”

A few daring employees secretly took photos and anonymously sent them to the private message group. “Oh my goodness, Mr. and Mrs. Mo are here! Mrs. Mo is just too stunning!”

“She has the makings of a celebrity.”

“Mr. Mo seems to dote on her so much. He’s even holding an umbrella for her and holding her hand.”

The Yu-Liu duo continued walking toward the crowd, and after taking two steps, Fang Liu looked down and noticed that her shoelaces were untied. She usually wore more comfortable shoes like sneakers or canvases because she was pregnant.

Today, Fang Liu was wearing a pair of white canvas shoes. She was youthful, and the white shoes matched her white cotton dress. Fang Liu looked like an eighteen-year-old high school student.

Mo Yu also noticed that Fang Liu’s shoelaces were untied, so he shoved the umbrella into his wife’s hand and bent down to tie her shoelaces.

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Fang Liu was stunned, and when she looked up, she saw everyone turning their heads to look at them. She hurriedly said, “I-I can do it myself…” However, Mo Yu had already knelt before her before she could finish speaking. Mo Yu grabbed the shoelaces and tied them with a severe expression.

Fang Liu’s Fair and tender cheeks instantly turned red. ‘Oh my goodness, we’re in front of more than a hundred employees! Doesn’t Mo Yu care about his reputation as their boss?’

Fang Liu did not dare raise her head to look at the crowd. She could only keep her head down and look at Mo Yu. From Fang Liu’s angle, Mo Yu’s handsome face did not show any signs of collapse. He remained as good-looking as ever, making Fang Liu fall head over heels for him.

Mo Yu, who was at the center of attention everywhere he went, was not kneeling before Fang Liu, tying her shoelaces. Fang Liu thought it was both sweet and shameful.

After tying Fang Liu’s shoelaces, Mo Yu very casually stood up, took the umbrella from her, and held her hand. He smiled gently and said, “All right, let’s go.”

This scene seemed like nothing out of the ordinary, but the employees not too far away were like a flock of ducks that could not quack. The employees were utterly stunned.

“Is this the same ruthless and unapproachable Mr. Mo?”

“Isn’t Mr. Mo usually cold-hearted and barely talked to anyone?”

“It’s hard to believe that this is our usual indifferent boss.”

After entering the stadium, Fang Liu observed her surroundings and realized how enormous it was. There were two large tables on the left side of the stadium filled with fruits, snacks, and drinks.

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There were colorful balloons tied onto the spectator standing some distance away. The atmosphere in the stadium was rather lively.

Xiao Ping stood before everyone and announced, “The Mo Corporation’s forty-ninth annual team-building conference has officially begun! The first event will be a basketball match!”

When Xiao Ping finished speaking, some male employees quickly changed into their sports attire and gathered beside the basketball court. The team leader was a tall young boy who played basketball with a bright smile. The boy’s name was Sun Kai, and he had just graduated from his internship. He was the star player on his school’s basketball team. Nonetheless, Sun Kai was now the captain of one of the two teams participating in the team-building activities.

To encourage the employees to participate in the team-building activities, the Mo Corporation prepared generous prizes. The Mo Corporation would reward the winning team in the basketball competition with a new top-of-the-line smartphone, which they could exchange for cash.

The Yu-Liu duo sat at the best spot in the stadium and casually watched the competition. When the competition started, Sun Kai’s performance was outstanding. He bravely ran around the court as he exuded pure youthfulness. Sun Kai’s offensive plays were swift, while his defenses were flawless. He was the core of his team.

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