Su Tang's twin daughters are so cute. Ye Buyu hugs this one and that one, and feels that her hands are not enough.

She did not expect that she was only in her thirties and became a grandmother.

She must be the youngest grandmother.

Lu Xinger came in and saw this picture. She came forward with a smile: "Mom, hold one for me."

Ye Buyu directly gave Lu Xinger what he had in his hand.

Then she went to hold the other one.

Su sugar has just been produced, and it is in good condition. She has just had dinner. Now she lies in bed and has a rest.

"Star son, you are back."

Lu Xinger winked at her: "sugar, hard you."

Then looking at the little guy in his arms, the whole face is lovely, white and tender, and still eating his little hands.

Lu Xinger was immediately sprouted.

"Oh, my little niece is so lovely."

There was a smile on sucang's face.

Lu Chen is the most beautiful person she has ever seen. His kind must be good-looking. This is something she has been particularly confident about since she was pregnant.

She never thought she would get married so soon and have children.

I have my own daughter.

I feel that life is perfect.

The most important thing is that Lu Chen loves her very much.

Good for her.

Moreover, Lu Chen's family is also super good, super harmonious, everyone is a community, but they do not disturb each other.

Both Lu Zhi and ye Bu Yu were very friendly to her.

She didn't panic at all when she married and had children early.

Her brother is very busy recently. He will come to see her later.

Relatives and loved ones, and now there are people connected by flesh and blood, she felt enough.

Su sugar looked at Lu xing'er and said with a gentle smile, "I heard that you came back with the official car this time?"

Lu Xinger laughed, "well, I'm talking to my brother and dad outside."

Su Tang laughed, "are you so relieved? Is he alone? "

Lu Xinger shrugged, "did my parents embarrass you when you married my brother?"

Their family doesn't pay attention to it.

Shangguan Chi was very nervous when he just sat down, but after a while, he chatted and the atmosphere became very good.

After a brief understanding, we are also very satisfied with him.

Shangguanchi originally thought that Lu Xinger's family might be more or less difficult for him. He was ready to fight to the end.

However, after sitting down, both Lu Zhi and Lu Chen were very kind to him, and did not even tell him to take good care of Xinger.

It made him feel comfortable in the family.

I fell in love with Lu Xinger's family in an instant.

After a while, the nanny came to give the baby a bath, and Lu Xinger went to take Shangguan chi to see the baby.

Looking at two lovely pink baby, Shangguan Chi is jealous to death.

"If our baby, it must be super cute."

However, it is sad that he has been in love with Lu Xinger for a year, sleeping in the same bed, but he has not made the last step.

If you don't do it, where are you from.

Lu Xinger nodded vaguely this time.

"I think I can have a baby, too."

Shangguan Chi's eyes brightened: "really?"

Lu Xinger laughed at him, "really."

Shangguanchi immediately hugged her with excitement: "I immediately told my mother to arrange for us to be engaged first and then get married. I want to marry you with justice

Lu Xinger looked at his eager look, and his face showed a happy smile.


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