The husband went home after working from abroad and will be staying for a while. Will the cheating continue inside the home?

- Gino

- Claude

- Robert

I continue having a fubu relationship with Claude. We keep on fucking each other behind her son.

It's as if we're living like a married couple despite her being married and her husband is working abroad to feed his family.

I'm just here to satisfy the lust of his wife.

Of course, that day came when his husband returns from abroad. Claude introduced me to him since I am a boarder in their house.

Robert, the husband, invited to drink this night since he cannot do so when he was working since he's busy at work.

And I accepted his invitation.

He really missed drinking since he bought a lot of drinks for us. We're just having it inside their home. I have a high tolerance in alcohol so I know that Robert can't stand long in this session of ours.

We need to bring him up in their room since he is already blacked out.

Claude assisted me. As soon as we lay Robert on their bed, I grabbed Claude's face and kiss her in front of her unconscious husband.

"Gino! Stop it!" She uttered in between of our kisses. She's trying push me away but of course I won't let her since I miss fucking her.

I push her in bed so she could lay beside her husband. And I go on top of her and continue kissing her.

"Gino! He'll wake up!"

"Ssshhh." I kiss her down to her neck. "He's unconscious." My hands are already massaging her breast.

"Fuck!" She cursed me.

And I got her.

I remove her nighties so I could start to suck on her breast. Even though she already gave birth, her breasts are still firm.

My tongue is sucking her left breast while my right hand is massaging the right. My left hand go his way to her panty to start playing.

And she's wet.

"Shit." She's trying not to moan.

I enter my left inside her panty so I could tickle her clit and start to finger her.

"God..." She moans.

My lips close her lips. "Ssshhh." I said between our kisses.

Her hands hold the hem of my shirt so I could take it off. I help her.

I pulled her panty down and spread her legs so I could eat her pussy.

"You're always wet." I said.

"You always make me wet." She answered.

"I love to make you wet." My tongue wanted to stick into her pussy while my middle finger goes in and out of her entrance.

And she moans.

I continue to play her clit, finger her and suck her pussy. As soon as I feel her body tensed, I finger her fast so I could sip her juices. And she cums.

I stand up and remove my shorts and underwear. I sat on the bed. "Kneel."

She did. She kneeled in front of me to suck me.

I hold her hair so push her head so my dick could stick deep into her mouth. I love to fuck her mouth.

She continue to suck me up and down. She even play my balls. My dick is filled of her saliva.

"You're big compare to my husband." She said still giving me a blowjob.

I smile.

"Really?" I pull her up.

She sat on me, her legs in between of my waist. I stand up so I could bring her in my room.

I lay her on my bed. I put her legs on my shoulder and start to fuck her.

"Shit." She's biting her lips so she won't moan loud.

I even push my body into her.

I tiptoed on bed so I could fuck her faster and go deep her pussy. And she's going crazy. She let out a big moan.

I put her leg down to my waist so I could reach her and kiss her to stop her from moaning.

"I know, babe." I said. My dick continues his work to go in and out.

My tongue plays with her tongue. We shared our kisses again. She cums again.

I stop and pull her up. I push her on the wall, one leg on my arms and fuck her again.

I hear body slams on the wall. My balls slam on her pussy too.

I just watch her feeling satisfied with my fuck.

"Divorce your husband." I said still fucking her.

She just closed her eyes. So I kissed her. I bite her lower lips because I want to know her response.

"No." She said.

I nod. I get her other legs so she's hanging on the wall while I fuck her so hard because she deserves it.

She cums again.

"Okay." I said. I push my body on her. I want her to feel every inch of me.

I kiss her hard like she cannot breath anymore.

"I'm cumming." I said between her kisses. She just nods.

"Shit!" I uttered while shooting all my cums inside her. I feel some drops.

I put her legs down. My dick still inside of her. We just look at each other because she knew what I did.

I know her cycle. I just give her a gift.

"Last round?" I ask.

I know to myself that I need to leave this house because she didn't choose me.

She smiled and kissed me.

My dick works again. She raised her legs to lock it on my waist. I carry her on the bed. I lay down, and she's on top of me. She's going up and down and moving her hips round.

I just hold her waist and watch her. "I'm gonna miss you." I said.

She lower her body and kiss me.

I hold her butts so I could fuck her. We shared our last kisses together. My dick is fucking her one last time.

And I want her to remember that this night is our best sex ever.

My bed is screeching because I really fuck Claude so fast and hard.

I let her moan so loud.

The last moan I would hear from her.

She release another juice. "Fuck! I'll miss this!"

I push her so she'll be the one laying again. I push her thighs down. I just watch how my dick go in and out her pussy. And that's a beautiful thing to watch.

"I'm cumming." I say.

So I thrust hard so I could shoot every count of my cums inside of her. I really want to make sure my gift will come after nine months.

I lay beside her. She put her head on my chest and I brush her hair.

"I guess this is goodbye now." I said.

"Thank you, Gino." She replied.

We just showered together. I want to feel our final moments together. We're in a bathtub.

"Where do you plan to stay after this?" She asked.

"I look somewhere far from here." I replied.


I smiled. "To stop myself going back here just to feel your inside again."

"I'll raise him or her well." She said while massaging her tummy.

I smirk. "We're not sure yet if we're successful creating one."

She smiled. "I'll let you know. And he will never know."

"You're a good mom and a bad wife." I teased her.

"I'll miss you." She kissed me.

And I kissed her back.

A passionate and goodbye kiss because we deserve that kiss.

The next morning, I prepared my things to move out from this house. Robert is still confused of my sudden decision.

I reasoned out that I had an emergency at work that needs to be relocated.

After nine months, I received a message from Claude.

"I gave birth to our boy."


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