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The passengers on the bus were all very excited about catching the thief, but no one urged the bus driver to drive away.

Firstly, it was because it was the weekend and not a working day. They need not rush to work. Secondly, they were held back by a sense of justice.

Because they had already called the police, there would be police officers coming soon.

The owner of the wallet was a middle-aged woman, and she was a little scared at first, but when she saw Lin Shu holding the thief down, she was already anxious. Naturally, she quickly found her stolen wallet on the thief.

“Thank you! I’m really grateful to you.” said the middle-aged woman.

Lin Shu didn’t say anything and only held the thief back, afraid that the thief would run away.

Very quickly, the police from the nearby police station rushed over.

It was at this moment that the bus driver opened the back door.

The thief glared at Lin Shu with hatred in his eyes.

“What are you looking at? You’re in deep trouble yet still arrogant!” said Lin Shu.

The police officer, Zhao Yuan, and the owner, who had rushed over from the side, were stunned when they heard Lin Shu’s words.

“It should be, ‘You’re in the hands of the police, and you’re still so arrogant,’.” said Zhao Yuan.

However, they still had to go to the police station to record their statement.

The police officer looked at Lin Shu and was really surprised. When Zhao Yuan received the report, the officers in the police station thought that it was a simple theft case and the thief would have run away. Thus, such a case would take a lot of work to close.

However, Zhao Yuan didn’t expect one of the bus’s passengers to catch the thief on the spot. Which was a rare occurrence!

Hence, the police station immediately sent a police officer over to handle the situation.

Zhao Yuan directly took the thief into the police car. In addition, the owner of the wallet and Lin Shu, who was a righteous person, naturally went to the police station to record a statement.

Initially sitting obediently in his seat, the Spoiled Brat had been looking at Lin Shu without saying a word. His eyes were shining.

The woman sitting next to the boy had long since lost her initial anger and curses. She stared at Lin Shu and muttered in a low voice, “That nosy man.”

Of course, many people on the bus applauded, and some people even took out their phones to take pictures of Lin Shu holding down the thief.

If it weren’t for Lin Shu going to the police station to record his statement, there would probably be girls who would directly ask for his contact in WeChat.

After all, Lin Shu was really cool earlier!

“Don’t scare me. I’m not from Xiamen University. I graduated from Xiangtan University!”

Lin Shu’s words were simply too cool and too domineering! More importantly, he was also good-looking.

The students of Xiangnan University in the car even started to promote the handsome upperclassman Lin Shu in their WeChat group, directly sending the video. [Sisters, our Xiangnan University’s upperclassman is really handsome!]

In the police car, Zhao Yuan had a brief idea of what occurred in the incident. His eyes couldn’t help but fall on Lin Shu. He smiled and said, “Not bad, young man. You have such good eyesight and noticed the thief from behind.

The most important thing was that Lin Shu even shouted it out directly. Not everyone had the same amount of courage as Lin Shu.

Zhao Yuan naturally didn’t know that it wasn’t that Lin Shu had good eyesight but that the Pickpocket title above the thief’s head was too ostentatious.

If Lin Shu were to go to the bus station to catch the thief, he would definitely be able to lock onto him with a single glance. No matter how good the thief was at disguising himself, it was useless. The system will reveal the monster’s true face.

“Yes, when this handsome guy shouted, I was shocked and realized that my wallet had been stolen.” said the middle-aged woman sitting in front.

The middle-aged woman turned around and continued, “It’s rare to have such a lovely young man. He even stood up and caught the thief.

“Also, the thief threatened the handsome man just now. He said he would remember him and would not let him go.”

The middle-aged woman’s surname was also Lin; naturally, she would speak on behalf of Lin Shu. She wanted to make another complaint to the police so that the police could protect Lin Shu.

The thief lowered his head in fear and didn’t dare to make a sound.

Zhao Yuan said, “Don’t worry, you’ve got us. If he dares to retaliate—”

“No. I wouldn’t dare. I-I’m just scaring you, that’s all,” the thief said resentfully.

Zhao Yuan glanced at Lin Shu and said, “If there’s anything in the future, you can come to us immediately.”

The police officer who was driving also turned around and said, “Rest assured, we’ll protect you!”

Lin Shu, on the other hand, wasn’t afraid at all. He had been a little worried at first, but now that he saw the thief’s reaction, he felt better.

Lin Shu didn’t think much of going to the police station to record his statement. After all, he was a witness. At the same time, he was curious whether there were many monsters in a place like the police station.

However, Lin Shu was obviously disappointed. He had thought that he would see a lot of monsters. Although many people were coming in and out, he had not seen anyone with a monster title floating in during his time there.

Of course, many people were coming in and out to report and handle cases. Some people provoked trouble and had conflicts, but no terrifying monsters existed.

After all, this wasn’t the Regional Organised Crime Unit but a police station.

It was simple to give a statement at the police station. After all, Lin Shu wasn’t a suspect but a citizen who had done a good deed.

“Not bad, Lin Shu. Good. You were able to identify this thief. Impressive. This is a repeat offender.”

The police officer at the station quickly found out that the Pickpocket was a repeat offender.

Lin Shu didn’t know what to say. He looked at the time and decided that he still had to go look at the house, so he said, “Can I leave after I’m done with the statement? I still have things to do.”

The police naturally wouldn’t hold Lin Shu up. After all, Lin Shu was obliged to come along to record his statement.

Just as Lin Shu was taking down his statement, Huang Wen called Lin Shu on the phone, “Lin Shu, have you found a place to stay yet?”

“Not yet. I’m at the police station now. Do you need something?” said Lin Shu.

Huang Wen was shocked. He didn’t expect to hear Lin Shu say he was at the police station.

“What are you doing at the police station?” Huang Wen asked.

“To record a statement.” Lin Shu answered.

Lin Shu was about to say something when the police officer asked Lin Shu to sign his recorded statement. Lin Shu said, “I’ll talk to you later. I still have something to do.”

After Lin Shu signed the statement, he said, “Since it’s done, I should make a move. I still have things to do.”

When the middle-aged woman, Ms. Lin, heard Lin Shu’s words, she quickly expressed gratitude and thanked Lin Shu.

Zhao Yuan naturally wouldn’t waste Lin Shu’s time and only said, “It’s really rare to see young people like you nowadays. We’ll be writing a letter of commendation for you to praise you for your courageous act.”

When Lin Shu heard Zhao Yuan’s words, he felt slightly embarrassed. At first, he was also a little afraid and cowered. He had even thought of pretending not to see it. However, he was blinded by his sense of justice and unknowingly made such a decision.

As for the fact that the police station wanted to write a letter of commendation to his unit, Lin Shu didn’t pay much attention to it. After all, he had asked to leave his job, so an additional letter of commendation didn’t matter much to him.

However, Lin Shu was still pleased.

After all, Lin Shu had gained a considerable amount of Exp. Points. It was so satisfying!

‘The world outside the novice village was fascinating and also brutal at the same time!’ Lin Shu thought.