Chapter 105 - Cooperate with my performance

After some explanation, it was only then that Ling Xi realized that she had screwed up. She had originally thought that Meng Jingyue was Shu Tingting’s husband’s ‘mistress’. Who knew that she was his niece.

That was to say, the ‘mistress’ didn’t exist at all, and it was also her fault that she had labeled her without conducting a clear investigation.

She had actually made such a low-level mistake, her heart was really hitting the wall.

Pulling Shu Tingting aside and keeping her voice down, “Sister Tingting, I’m really sorry. It was all a misunderstanding. Can you help me keep it secret first?”

Because she was originally trying to help herself, Shu Tingting nodded gently and said, “Alright, you can rest assured!”

Ling Xi breathed a sigh of relief. If someone else knew that she had dressed up as a man to attract girls, it will definitely have a negative impact on her image. “Since your husband doesn’t have a mistress, things have become easy to do. You just need to cooperate with me for a while…”

“Uncle, don’t tell my mom and my grandma that Tianqi runs an entertainment company, okay?”

“Yue Yue, your child is really something else. You know that our family hates the entertainment industry, especially your grandmother. She will never agree with you guys being together.”

“Tianqi is running an entertainment company, and isn’t an entertainer. Besides, isn’t Big Auntie a person halfway in the entertainment industry?”

“That’s different….” Meng Xicheng’s heart was filled with memories. In order to marry Shu Tingting, her had ignored his mother’s opposition. After all these years, did he really want to divorce her for having no children?

His eyes were filled with confusion and entanglement.

Ling Xi and Shu Tingting came back.

As soon as Meng Jingyue saw Bai Tianqi, her little face flushed. She just liked Tianqi and had fallen in love with him at first sight,. She didn’t care about whoever.

“Hello, Uncle. I didn’t have time to introduce myself. I am Bai Tianqi.”

“Mmm, sit down!” Meng Xicheng took a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, pulled one out and handed it to ‘him’.

“I’m sorry, I don’t smoke.”

Meng Xicheng seemed to be deliberately trying to embarrass ‘him’. “What I hand out, I never take back.”

Both Meng Jingyue and Shu Tingting wanted to rescue ‘him’.

“Uncle, I don’t like men who smoke either, so don’t force Tianqi.”

“Yes ah, Xicheng, don’t force it if ‘he’ doesn’t want it.”

Ling Xi took the cigarette. “Excuse me, let me borrow your lighter.”

She first used the lighter to light a cigarette for Meng Xicheng, then lit the one in her hand. Picking it up with her index and middle finger, she slowly put the cigarette butt into her mouth, held her breath and spat it out immediately.

Mom! So uncomfortable!

Shu Tingting’s heart tightened. How can a girl smoke? But when she saw that she didn’t cough or have any abnormal reaction, it was only then that she saw that Ling Xi was really a good girl. She hadn’t expected her to help her without taking into account her previous wrongs.

Meng Xicheng had on a gloomy expression, his face filled with smoke. “What does your family do?”

Ling Xi pinched the cigarette butt in her hands without a trace of discomfort and returned seriously to him. “I work in the entertainment industry, but my parents run a traditional Chinese medical hospital.”

“Why didn’t you choose to inherit your father’s business?”

This question… so sharp. Ling Xi looked at Shu Tingting who immediately pretended to be uncomfortable, hand covering the place she felt the pain with an ‘Ai-yo’.

Ling Xi closed in on her, immediately finding something ‘strange’. “Teacher Shu, what’s wrong with you? Is your stomach hurting you?”

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