Infatuated with My Mysterious Husband

Romance Author:苏潇潇


Status:completed UpdateTime:2023-04-29 15:04
Infatuated with My Mysterious Husband"Honey, come and see, there's a man on TV who looks as handsome as you!" Mo Wanxi was very surprised to see a man who looked exactly like her husband on TV. He Ye Cheng rubbed his forehead and said, "Are you sure he just looks like me?" "No, wait, why does he have the same name as you?" She thought she had slept with a man due to her malicious friend's plan, but she didn't know it was the biggest rich man in Jiangcheng. Mo Wanxi was originally a poor girl who was not loved by her father and bullied everywhere, but now she has a big backer and can walk sideways in city.​ more>>

《Infatuated with My Mysterious Husband》The Newest Chapter