After Story 1. Honeymoon (5)

Evan repeated the action all the way toward the mansion. He wanted to put his hands inside her dress and wrap them around her hips. If so, he could have slipped his fingers into her anal and caressed her inside. Then Aris would cling to him as if there was only Evan in the world, and indulge in the pleasure he gave. Unfortunately for him, he had to put up with this because if he did, the dress could slip over his arm, exposing her thighs.

“Wait a minute.”

“Why, whyy, do more, more, ung?”

Evan smiled at Aris’ moans and kissed her on the lips. Now that they have arrived at the mansion and the employees are getting closer, they have no choice but to pause. It was because he didn’t want them to hear Aris’ luscious voice.


Not a single word came out from the greeting, “Are you back, Duke?”. Because Evan’s cool gaze scattered the employees at the entrance of the mansion. Evan’s gaze was telling them that the employees shouldn’t be here, even if he didn’t say a word. Besides, the awkward appearance of the Duchess being hugged by him.

If other nobles saw Evan holding Aris, they would think it strange. Usually, it was common for a man to hold a woman’s thighs and back with both arms. This is because they can hold the dress securely without opening it. But now that Aris was hanging from his neck with her knees apart and exposed, they would have thought it strange.

However, what was here were not ordinary nobles, but Verdick’s servants. They might have thought it was strange to see Aris in his arms, but they didn’t dare say it out of their mouth. The people involved were the Duke and Duchess Verdick, and everyone had only one life.

“Huuh, uht, Evan.”

Aris buried her face in Evan’s neck. Her head was dizzy from the ensuing climax. Fortunately, Evan entered the mansion and stopped, allowing her to breathe.

Aris’ break wasn’t very long. In the first place, the word rest and Evan’s cock being inside her, didn’t go well together. Especially when it ended with Evan climbing the stairs. As Aris’ body swayed, she felt his cock pounded the entrance to her womb.

“Hahng! Ung!”

“Shh, Aris. Hang in there. If someone hears your voice, should I tear their ears out?”

“But, ang! Haah…… uhn!”

Upon reaching the floor, Evan’s steps quickened. He looked for an empty room and after opening a few doors he found a guest bedroom. It was less prepared because there were no guests scheduled to stay, but like a Duchy’s villa, it was maintained without a speck of dust.

As soon as Evan entered the room, he shut the door, letting Aris lean against it. Evan, who judged that she was in a somewhat stable position, immediately began to thrust roughly.

“Haa, Aris. Is it that good? Did you think you couldn’t stand it?”

Aris frantically nodded her head. She had already climaxed a few times, but she felt that it still fell short. For Aris, who was always surrounded by her brothers and howled for pleasure all night long, the few climaxes seemed insufficient.

“Good, huht, more…… Do more, hnng! Ung? Evan, do more…… !”

Evan continued to thrust his weight as he gave her a small kiss. With one hand he supported her body, and with the other he held Aris’ chest in his hand.

Aris’ moaning continued, but Evan thought that it was not good enough. He decided to take Aris’ dress off, lay her face down on the bed, and hold her hand so she wouldn’t run away, continuing his act.

The more Aris was immersed in pleasure, the more Evan could feel the pleasure too, so he had to drive her even crazier than she is now. He regretted that the current location was not their bedroom. Had it been so, he would have opened a box in the bedroom and pulled out a few items to use. An anal plug that can be put in at once even without lubricant.

‘No, before I can use it, I’ll have to put a couple of vibrating stones inside her first.’

Next, a suction that will devour her clitoris. Sucking in her clitoris with moderate force and then releasing it repeatedly, which was enough to drive Aris mad.

‘It would have been nice to have a tool to scrape Aris’ nipples.’

He liked to pinch or scrape Aris’ nipples from time to time. But there wasn’t a tool to do that. People usually used a slime-like monster, but he didn’t want to use it because he couldn’t dare to let something with a life form covet Aris too.

It’s a pity for Evan, but he tried to put Aris on the bed first. Either call an employee and tell them to bring the box, or if there is no box, lay her on her back and lift her to drive his cock deeply, or calm his heat to some extent and take her to the bedroom. He thought he had to do something first since his penis was about to explode.

As soon as Evan turned around holding her, he couldn’t take a step and stopped. There was almost curse words coming out of his mouth. He was holding Aris in his arms, so she could hear it so he barely held on.




As Evan stood still, Aris called to him. Please move quickly. But Evan forgot to move as his annoyance soared at the sight of the uninvited guest in front of his eyes.

“Why are you here now?”

Leonhardt Verdick, who shouldn’t have been here, leaned on the window sill next to the bed.

“It’s a honeymoon.”

“That’s what I’m saying. Why are you here on my honeymoon with Aris?”

When she heard Leon’s voice, Aris felt surprised too. At this rate, she would have asked him to put her down. Evan walked to the bed while holding her in his arms. Even after sitting on the bed, he didn’t think of letting her go. Aris barely turned her head to look at Leon.

“Le, Leon?!”

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