Chapter 288 Black Lightning Panther



Two streaks of blood splashed out!

A deep bloody scar was left on the Silver Spirit Eagle’s wing. It was just a tiny bit away from being torn off! The Silver Spirit Eagle let out a mournful howl and fell to the ground!


The Bronze Mountain Bear’s eyes were torn open by Little Black, and blood gushed out uncontrollably!

Following that, fatty and thin man seized the opportunity to appear from the darkness and attack the Bronze Mountain Bear together with little black!

Without its eyes, the Bronze Mountain Bear was furious. It could only wave its claws blindly without a target, unable to hit anyone!

The bronze mountain bear once again used the bronze flame, but it was still easily dodged by Little Black, thin man, and fatty.


The Bronze Mountain Bear howled again, but this time, its mountain-like body fell to the ground, and the ground shook!

This mountain like bear whose attack and defence could dominate a region was dead.

Little Black waved its claws proudly, and its face was filled with the joy of victory!

Meanwhile, the thin man and fatty beside him stared at Little Black as if they were looking at a monster!

They believed that from today onwards, they would no longer dare to underestimate Little Black. They already had a deep understanding of the consequences of underestimating Little Black.

On the other side, Lu Yishu rapidly descended from the sky. Little Green and Little Red were still continuously launching attacks, trying to make him fall to the ground with heavy injuries. “Two useless things!”

Lu Yishu’s eyes were bloodshot, and a vicious aura emerged. Then, he used his foot to stomp on the Silver Spirit Eagle, and his entire body flew horizontally, landing steadily on the attic.

The Silver Spirit Eagle, which was already heavily injured, was stomped heavily on the ground by this stomp. After letting out a weak wail, it no longer made any movements.

“Useless things, useless things!”

Even though his two spirit beasts were dead, Lu Yishu’s face did not show the slightest bit of heartache. Instead, he angrily cursed the two spirit beasts for being useless. When Lin Bai’s three small beasts saw this scene, an inexplicable anger rose from their bodies.

If it weren’t for Lin Bai not giving the order and still being by his side, the three of them would have already rushed towards Lu Yishu.

“Lin Bai, you actually relied on your numbers to act recklessly! How detestable, how cunning, how monstrous your demonic nature is!”

Lu Yishu had already fallen into a state of madness and was already burning with rage in his chest.

“What monstrous demonic nature! I’m actually very curious, who’s the one with monstrous demonic nature now?!” Lin Bai smiled coldly and wasn’t angered by Lu Yishu’s words.

He was not worthy.

“However, do you think you can continue to be so arrogant? The commotion from the fight just now must have attracted the nearby people. Lin Bai, today is the day you die!”

Lu Yishu roared angrily.

“Do you really think that you have attracted a lot of people?”

Lin Bai raised the corner of his eyes and looked at the starry sky. Originally, it was hanging high up, emitting silver light and dotted the Milky Way. At some point, it seemed to have been covered by a layer of gauze!

Looking into the distance, the surroundings were quiet. There was not a single sound.

At some point in time, the gauze had covered the entire courtyard!

No matter how stupid Lu Yishu was, he suddenly realized that Lin Bai must have used some kind of spirit tool, charm, or array formation in order to cover up his tracks!

“This is really good stuff.” Lin Bai looked at the gauze, but a look of pity appeared on his face. “It’s a pity that it can only be used once. Otherwise, I would really like to use it more often.”

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This gauze was a formation that Bai Xi had accidentally obtained in the past. The formation was very ancient and dilapidated to begin with. It could cover an area of five kilometers, preventing the sound and light from reaching the outside!

Unfortunately, after using it once, the formation would break and collapse.

Lu Yishu gritted his teeth so hard that cracking sounds could be heard. He stared at Lin Bai. “In that case, I can only use my trump card. I didn’t want anyone to see it at first.”

A puff of smoke enveloped Lu Yishu’s figure. Then, a black shadow as tall as a bronze mountain appeared.

It was a four-clawed emerald black panther with jet-black fur and emerald patterns on its body!

As soon as the Black Panther appeared, Lin Bai’s three small beasts became alert!

“Hahaha, I accidentally found this in a cave. It’s a Black Lightning Panther, but it’s not a simple Black Lightning Panther!”

Lu Yishu became even crazier. He didn’t care at all about revealing the information to Lin Bai.

He was originally unruly and unyielding. He thought highly of himself, but his two pet beasts were killed by Lin Bai in just one move. This was undoubtedly a blow to his self-esteem! “But he has a mutated bloodline. He has awakened the bloodline of the Jadeite Panther. With the combination of the two, even those rare spiritual beasts are no match for him!” Lu Yishu had a strong confidence in his mutated Black Lightning Panther.

“Today, all of you will die here so that my secret will not be discovered by others.”

Lu Yishu’s voice was cold and emotionless, but his expression was very distorted.

Just as he said, this mutated black Lightning panther was even rarer than a phoenix feather or a unicorn horn. It could possess the characteristics of two spirit beasts at the same


In addition, there would only be one mutated spirit beast out of a hundred billion, and once it mutated, it would often possess terrifying and extraordinary strength. Even some extraordinary spirit beasts wouldn’t be able to match it.

It was precisely because of this that Lu Yishu had been hiding this secret from the start. If other beastmasters, who were even more powerful than him, discovered this Black Lightning Panther, it would undoubtedly bring him a fatal disaster.


The Black Lightning Panther roared in a low voice. The surrounding air seemed to evaporate at this moment, trembling, and the rocks on the ground shook as well!

“Not good!”

Seeing the Black Lightning Panther staring in their direction, the thin man exerted strength in his feet, desperately dodging backward.

The fat man followed closely behind.

Little Black looked in Lin Bai’s direction, its black eyes indicating that it wanted to give it a try.


Lightning appeared around the Black Lightning Panther, and its entire body turned into lightning. It seemed like it was about to tear open space as it pounced towards Little Black.

“Hmph, do you think that just because you can block the attack of the Bronze Mountain Bear, you can block my Black Lightning Panther? You’re too arrogant, you don’t know life from Death!”

Lu Yishu had extremely high confidence in his Black Lightning Panther.

In the blink of an eye, the Dark Lightning Black Panther appeared in front of Blackie. The difference between the two bodies was like a mountain and a rock.

Lightning appeared around the Black Lightning Panther’s jade-colored claws and it suddenly waved its claws.

This claw had the power of lightning. It was as if everything in the world was nothing in front of it!

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Little Black did not panic. It twisted its body and used the shell on its back to block this claw!


The sound of metal colliding could be heard!

The surrounding floor and stone bricks were crushed into powder by the impact and flew everywhere!

A shallow dent was left on Little Black’s pitch-black shell, but it did not cause any serious injuries to Little Black! “Impossible!!!”

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