Cut (4)

“Are you listening? You know what I’m talking about, Sister.”

Lily didn’t even nod her head. She didn’t even have the right to reply.

As he cast a shadow over her face, she opened her eyes slowly. “Are you saying that’s the end?”

Rocus tilted his head and shrugged.

The look on his sister’s face, which had grown gloomy like an old widow, caught his heart, but he suppressed it with ease.

All of this was also for my sister.

Although he was a duke, it was not surprising that his sister had to spread her legs to her mongrel husband.

Since her appearance was noble, there were no problems regarding bed matters.

The more the family gained power, the easier it would be for his sister’s marriage.

“In the end, there is something to gain and something to lose. Sister, that’s what a merchant’s life is like.” He got out of his chair

“The serfs you assaulted, Rocus.”

“Huh? Oh. What about that?”

“Let the Isles provide them with reparations. Give them more than enough money.”

Rocus made a confused noise. Even if he had beaten the serfs to death, he wouldn’t have been punished.

However, his sister’s disposition was unchanged. Lily was the first to stop Rocus’ mouth as he tried to refute it. “As you said, because of our family business.  They’re in a situation they shouldn’t have to go through. Think like a merchant and pay them.”

“Whatever.” Rocus straightened his back.

There was a strange aura in his green eyes. A mischievous smile. He smirked and sat down with his side on the backrest.

“I wasn’t wrong. It was just for fun.”

Lily’s eyes widened. Her brother’s smile was deceptively innocent. The expression of a child who never gave up on entertainment.

“If I was going to meet you, it was enough to beat Dandelion. To be honest, I would have forgotten about him if my sister hadn’t told me.”

He was the one who slaughtered three commoners as soon as he arrived. He couldn’t even remember picking on those God-forsaken serfs.

Lily, trembling in her quiet rage, finally clenched her fist and lowered her head. Her answering voice was very low, “Yeah, I see.” She knocked on the door a couple of times. Thick iron gates opened left and right.

Rocus got up hurriedly as she turned her body. “Why didn’t you say hello? Wait a little longer here. And I’m not going anywhere. It’s raining outside, but if you get hit by something like that, you’ll definitely get sick for about ten days.”

Lily stepped out a couple of steps into her hallway and turned to her brother. “Sir, arrest my brother. You will escort him to the dungeon where Tristan was detained.”


“The felon who broke the ban and invaded the city even assaulted a disabled person unprovoked. When the lord comes, he will punish him strictly. Detain him until then. Right now.”


“Follow the orders of the Madam!”

Before Rocus’s brief questioning was over, the soldiers pulled out huge iron weapons and rushed into the stone chamber.

Valks, who followed at the end, stood as if trying to protect Lily. He glanced at her over his shoulder, checking her for any injuries.

“No, fuck it. Who… Ouch!”

The club wielded by the soldier aimed for his head. Rocus leaned back to avoid it.

Several swords pounded the table. A loud echo filled the stone chamber.

Lily made eye contact with her brother, who looked at her, dodging the dozen men.

“What is this?”

Her eyes were cold. “It’s a merchant’s life. Isn’t there something to gain and something to lose, Rocus?”

The soldiers rushed at the same time and subdued him.

He, who was pressed to the floor, made the stone chamber rumble. “That’s what I was thinking from the beginning! Argh! Fuck. Don’t bother and get out of the way. Fuckers!” He swung his fist.

Even though he was wearing a helmet, a soldier fell down in one shot.

The others rushed at the same time to subdue him, but Rocus roared and pulled them away.

It was a sight that would naturally surprise even Valks, who had gone through real battles.


Rocus took the iron club from the fallen soldier and smashed the other soldier in the face.

He kicked an already fainted soldier in the face, and stabbed him with a sword.

Lily’s face turned blue at the brutal sight.

“Madam, I will take you outside.” Valks stopped her. The defeated soldiers were lying on the floor of the stone chamber.

Rocus, all covered in blood, hurried towards the door.  Between the red bloodstains of his sword, his green eyes were tinged with ferocious madness. “Fuck. I didn’t know you would betray our family. No one else, but my sister… haha!”

The sword Valks pulled out touched his neck. It was a blade so sharp that blood flowed out his skin just by touching it.

A shimmering yellow torch flickered across Rocus’ bloodstained face.

It seemed that Rocus doesn’t even see Valks. He stood still and looked only at Lily.