Cut (3)

Lily, stuck in the doorway, looked like a dead soul. At her feet, rainwater dripped from her cloak.

She didn’t say anything about the turbid rust.  Her eyes were wide open like a skeleton that died a long time ago.

She was mad.

“What does Father want?”

What does he want in order for him to not hurt Dandelion and the citizens?

It was a question swallowed into her mouth, but her siblings understood it well enough.

She wanted to cut Dandelion away from her father. He knew that the child was actually the shackles that bound her.

Her desire to rescue her younger brother was stronger than expected. To the extent that she didn’t even know it herself, that she had a surviving heart hidden deep in the bottom of her subconscious.

Water was puddled on the floor.

“Answer me, Rocus.”

Would I have been happier if I didn’t know?

Close your eyes and cover your ears. Live with a false sense of comfort just as many people did.

Rocus was someone who delivered unpleasant news. Lily, standing in front of him, ignored the fact that her heart was being cut into pieces.

No matter how many doors were locked, he could pass through walls endlessly.

Lily had only forgotten for a moment.

Even if one climbed a cliff and ran away, they would be caught by their ankles and dragged down.

“Jeez, really!” Rocus, who had been silent for a while, frowned and ruffled the back of his head nervously.

With a strong force, he slammed his fist on the table.

It was a final burst of energy. He set up a chair that had fallen over and sat down as if he was exhausted.

“I don’t like this situation either. Because they’re all saying it’s good for you. No matter how much my sister lives with an asshole. If you get kicked out of here, it’s really over and you have nowhere else to go. I was worried about that.”

“I know. Say something else.”

“Oh, therefore.” He wiped his face dry with one large hand. Then he placed the tip of his elbow on the table and lowered his head to the floor. “…Sorry. Sister. I didn’t mean to do this.”

It was an unfamiliar development. He poured his anger out like fire and apologized.

The answer that Lily could give was the same this time. “It’s okay. Who else would understand you if I don’t?”

Rocus accepted it without hesitation. Having regained his dignity, he pointed at Valks with his chin. “That. Please let the nobleman go. This time for real. Let’s talk as a family. Huh?”

Lily’s needle-stuffed emotions finally came back to life. She was terrified to turn around and look at her husband’s vassal. When Vlad returned, this would surely reach his ears.

There was a suffocating fear snuffing out any rational thought.

What kind of eyes will you face?

Lilu looked at her escort. Suddenly her heart stuttered.

Anger. A fierce fury pierced through the veins on his cheek.

She couldn’t help but lower her eyes.

He was the person who hated her, it was a natural thing, one that she would eventually get used to, though she wouldn’t ever be comfortable with it.

“Please, Count.”

“…” Valks’ eye twitched, thousands of words gathering in his mouth.

After an alarming silence, he bowed his head and left the room.


The sound of the iron door closing was a desperate sentence.

Rocus cast an awkward glance at Lily, who was standing by the door. “I asked if you were pregnant. I didn’t mean that. As you know, men are a little… There is no such thing as delicacy.” He leaned against the backrest somewhat arrogantly. “I was trying to find out how far my sister could progress with the duke. There is a difference between a man full of blood and a naked woman.” He pounded the table with his clenched fist.  A regular echo sounded. “Some guy stole the prostitutes, so this is no joke. He’s got a staggering amount of good bitches out.”

Lily gasped softly.

Her brother could not have noticed such a small reaction. She didn’t know if her furrowed eyebrows would ever straighten out.

Rocus stopped his hand tapping the table. He was silent as if in deep thought, then clicked his tongue. “But you don’t have children. It’s a bit difficult. There’s no way you can do it. Just what… Take good care of yourself. You don’t know what to do best.”

She understood the implicit statement in that.

[Be like a virtuous lady by day, but warm the bed by night.

You are short-tempered and dull, but you are useful enough because you resemble your mother.

That is the purpose of your existence. Don’t forget it.]

It was a reminder that she received repeatedly.