Chapter 220- Luna’s Punishment

[Luna POV]

After an unknown amount of time, I woke up.  I was laying on the bed in my room in Lia’s home.  I looked around to see if I could figure out what time it was and saw that it was dark outside the window.

“How long was I out?”

{A day.  It’s close to midnight now.}

“I see.”

We were both silent for several minutes.

“Tamamo.  I’m really, REALLY sorry.  I didn’t mean to make you so worried.”

{Can you make another domain to let me see you in person?}

I did as she said and she appeared sitting on the edge of the bed.

{Luna, what did you learn from this experience?}

“That I can do some really dangerous stuff and that I should really consult with others before trying a crazy idea.  Also, my wife is a worrier.”

{Of course I am!  Think Luna, what would have happened if you got caught up in that and died!?  I can’t bring you back again!}

Tamamo came near me and grabbed me into a tight hug.

{Luna, you need to realize this, you are my entire world, if you died, I would very likely go insane.  When you suddenly got cut off from our connection, I panicked.  So from now on, you are not allowed to ever collapse space or whatever you did again unless I say it’s ok and we both know it’s 100000000000000% safe.  Understand?}

“Yes, I understand, and I don’t plan on ever doing that again in the first place.  It was terrifying.  The nothingness left behind, it was an Abyss different than that of fluff and it was terrifying.”

We sat and hugged for a while longer before Tamamo let go and backed off enough for us to look into each other’s eyes.

{With the scolding over, what has changed with your stats?}

“I’ll check.”

I checked my stats to see what was different.

Name: Luna Reed

Race: Kitsune(Seven-tailed/Demigod)

Sex: Female

Level: 70

Class: Quintuple-mage

HP: 100%-SSS


Vit: SSS

Def: SSS

Res: SSS

Str: SSS

Int: EX

Agi: EX

Dex: EX

Skills: Presence detection, Trap detection, Trap disarming, Trap creation, Dagger LV. 10, Short sword LV. 10, Archery LV.10, Poison crafting, Appraisal LV.10, Mana Regeneration LV.10, Stealth LV.10, Household, Sleep Resistance LV.10, Restraint LV.10, Brushing Technique LV.10, Telepathy LV.10, Intimidation LV.10, Parallel Processing, Cartography LV.10, Singing LV.10, Woodcarving LV.10, Hidden Weapon LV.10, Dance LV.10, Music(Flute) LV. 10

Magic Skills: Ice Magic LV.10, Lightning Magic LV.10, Healing Magic LV.10, Space Magic LV.10, Stellar Magic LV.10

Race Skills: Illusion Magic LV.10, Spirit Vision, Fox Fire, Fox Transformation, Enhanced Senses, Night Vision, Enhanced Physical Strength

Unique Skills: Status Effect Immunity, Ice Mist, Language Comprehension, Infinite Inventory, Divine Fluff Technique

Divine Skills: Domain Creation, Constellation Creation, Divine Judgement(Sealed), Abyssal Blessing, Apostle Creation, Summon: Apostle

Blessings, Divine Protection, and Titles:

Divine Protection of the Moon Goddess, Reincarnated, Fated One of the Moon Goddess, Abyssal Fluff, Sage, Trap Master: Dismantling, Ninja, Dungeon Clearer, Master of the Ancient Serpent, Wyvern Slayer, Spectral Mists, Demigod of Stars, Demigod of Space, Master of Hidden Weapons, Weapons Master, Jack of All Trades

Authority: Space, Fluff, Stars

Depth:[email protected]#%^#%

Labors: 5

“EX Dex, no new skills, all skills are now level 10, labors went up to 5.”

{You’ve said that something else changes when you get a new tail, have you figured out what it is yet?}

“No.  But that will be clear at some point, so I’m not going to worry about it.  And with that out of the way, what are you going to do to me?”

{So, you remembered?}

“Yeah.  Though if I can make a request, please at least leave me able to walk in the morning.”

{Luna, doing any of that would be a reward, not a punishment.}

“But Tamamo, you’re already rewarding me by being here.”

{Guh.  True, but I can’t leave you alone either.  Hmmm.}

Tamamo sat in thought for a while.  It was fun watching her think since her tails and ears moved when she got an idea and discarded it.  She then finally decided on what to do.

{Luna, for the rest of the night, you will let me meticulously groom your new tail until it reaches above our standards.}

“But tha-”

{I know it sounds like a reward, but it’s the best thing I can think of that won’t eventually lead to us losing ourselves in each other.}

“Alright, I’ll do my best to not enjoy the situation.”


Tamamo then started to take care of my seventh tail.  As the hours passed, she combed, brushed, oiled, and brushed again until my seventh tail was the picture of pristine.

{Oh, by the way, I got a promotion.}


{In the hierarchy of the divine domain.  I was told by…whoever manages that, that I have been moved up to the top of the top along with you, Crate, and Gear due to my Authority of gravity.}

“Congratulations I guess.  I don’t really understand that whole thing.  Like, what’s the point?”

{Not too sure myself, it’s just something that’s always been there and I’ve never questioned it.  I’m sure there is a point to it, but as for what it is, you’d have to ask someone else.}

“Anyway, are you going to do my other tails, or are you just going to leave after one?”

{I should go.  I know how much it annoys you when something is left unfinished, and that is your punishment for worrying me.}

“I will strive to never worry you ever again.”

{Ufufu.  Good, now, I’ll talk to you again later.}

Tamamo then disappeared.  I dissolved the domain and placed my face in the pillow.

“Uuuuuugh.  I hate this punishment.”

I then sat up again and got to work on my other six tails.  I made it to my third one by myself when Soleil and Velvet entered the room.

“Good, you up.” (Velvet)

“Are you alright, big sis?” (Soleil)

“Yeah, I’m alright.  And before you try to give me a punishment for worrying you as well, Soleil, please don’t, Tamamo’s is already enough.”

“Oh, what was the Goddess’s punishment for you?” (Soleil)

“She groomed my new tail then left.” (Luna)

“The Goddess really got you good, huh?” (Soleil)

“Yeah.  I love grooming her tails, but my own are a different matter.  There’s so much fluff and it’s hard to reach a few of them.” (Luna)

“I’d offer help, but then it wouldn’t be a punishment.” (Velvet)

“Same, but I can’t stay sane for long while touching your tails yet.” (Soleil)

“We need to work on that.” (Luna)

“Indeed.  I want to be able to hug them again at least a little bit.” (Soleil)

“Soleil, just make do with petting them until you fully submerge.  In other news, what’s happened while I was out?” (Luna)

“Nothing much.  When we first got back, Dia got all overprotective of Lia and made her go to bed the second we got back.  The next day, Lia then reprimanded the people that let this situation get to this point.  All of us took turns checking in on you.  That’s about it.” (Soleil)

“I see.” (Luna)

“Now that you’re awake, can we ask you for something?” (Velvet)

“What’s up?” (Luna)

“Can you send us to the floating island for a little while?” (Velvet)

I couldn’t stop from grinning.

“Sure.  Just send me a letter when you’re ready to come back.” (Luna)

I touched Velvet on the arm and she disappeared.  I then looked at Soleil.

“Soleil, take these.” (Luna)

I pulled several bottles out of my inventory and handed them to Soleil.

“What are these?” (Soleil)

“Stamina potions.  You still don’t have the stamina of a vampire or an Apostle.” (Luna)

Soleil’s face turned redder than a tomato.  I touched her on the shoulder and just before I teleported her away, I whispered in her ear.

“Have fun.” (Luna)

She sheepishly nodded her head and then disappeared from the room as well.

“Now, what to do while they are away?”

I resumed my work on my tails as I thought.

{Hey Luna, didn’t that Ibuki person ask you to look for someone in the Academy here?}

“I think so, or she at least mentioned someone here.  I think it was Tomoe’s sister maybe?”

{Going to go to the Academy to deal with that?}

“Sure, not like I have anything else to do.  And the new year is still a month away.”

{But the full moon is close.}

“True.  And I can’t wait.”

By the time I finished grooming my tails, it was late morning.  I then got up, put on my necklace, new tag included, and left the room.

Chaos Realm:

Atmos: Tamamo.

Tamamo: Yes?

Atmos: Drop the act.


Me and Order: ???

Atmos: Just how much did you hold back from actually staying and finishing all of Luna's tails?

Tamamo: It's so hard not to.  Like, so so hard.


Order: Now I'm really curious on how soft they actually are.

Atmos: Don't do it.  If you try it, then you'll be trapped like the rest of us.

Order: ...

Atmos, stop scaring my wife with lies like that.

Atmos: Tch.  Look, I don't want any more competition for petting and fluffing Luna's tails.

Tamamo: Now hold on, she's my wife, so you should be grateful either of us let you.

Atmos: Hmph.  It's her fault for being so damn fluffy.