23 Wife for a day

He keeps on torturing her big nipples as her pussy throbs below him. "aaaaahhhh aaaaaahhh " ;

He puts her nipple between his teeth and bites"aaaaaaaaaa" Her body is covered with sweat and her pussy aches for his penis to pound her. He takes his cock and rubs her extremely wet pussy with it. "mmmmm aahh" ;

He then pushes the tip in. "aaahhh" and teases her just moving a little in her. "aahhh ppplss...aahh". He laughs "You want it .....huh you want my cock?" ;

"aahhh I aaaahhhhh pllss...I want it" ;

"Beg me...pussy" ;

"plss ...put it in me .....aaaaahhhh put your dragon in me....aaaahhh...my pussssyyy wantss itt..aaahhhhh" He laughs again. "What's fun in doing alone...the real fun is doing it in public...ohhhh....your sweet pusssy....it's gonna love it" ;

He even takes the tip out and hide the clothes. He picks her up and she wraps her legs around him. He sits like that on the seat and wraps blanket around them only making their heads visible. ;

Since he opened the lock soon people fill the box and the train starts to move. One old lady asks him , "Your wife?" He nods whispering "for today" . ;

He then grabs her ass and lowers her down putting his dragon in her. She hides her face in his neck biting his shoulder to lower her moans. ;

"mmmmmm" "How does it feel to finnaly have my dragon in your pussy..huh.....oh you are soooo wet that it slips right in...ughhhhhhh your pussssy is my favorite pussssyyy now....let me fuck you for good now" He whispers. ;

She closes her eyes in pleasure as his hairy friend rubs her walls. She feels her mind blank as he moves her ass faster. "mmmmmmmmmm" His dick fills her completely. His strong hold on her big ass gets stronger as his strikes do. He hits her spot "ahhhhh" The moving train makes it even faster. The oblivious people don't even notice as she moves even faster and his cock hits her spot harshly making both of them cumm. The warm liquid fills her womb. He licks her neck sloppily. ;

At the warmth of their sticky cumm his cock hardens again so he starts twisting her ass teasing her walls by rubbing them harshly."ahhhhhhh" "shhhh..... you'll get it..your pussy will definitely be pounded by me again....but it's Soo fun to tease you" He puts his dick deeep in her and puts pressure on her spot. "aaaaaaaha" She bites his shoulder again to stop herself screaming from the pleasure. Her back arched she starts to move her hips. They cumm together. ;

Like this hours pass by. The passengers get off on their station. ;

When it's all clear he picks her up taking his penis out. The cumm leaks out of her pussy. "As much as I would like to continue...I guess it's where we separate." He slaps her big ass once and then wears his clothes. And gets off. Not being able to move she goes on the upper bunk bed. She plops herself on the bed because of the exhaustion. Her pussy still leaking. She cleans herself, wears her dress and goes to sleep. When she gets to her station she gets off and goes to her new apartment. ;

It's not big. There the owner tells her that she has to share the apartment with a girl. It's not bad because she goes to the same college and is her age. ;

She settles in her room. There two rooms and their doors face each other. Soon she hears the doorbell ring. She opens it to find a red head with blue eyes, C cups and a bit taller than her. "Hey, you must be pussina. I am Lia..nice to meet you." ;

"oh come in.. your room is to the left...go and keep your bag then we can talk...I heard we go to the same college" ;