14 The need to cumm..

A man around her daddy's age opens the door. "oh hello there..You are pussina right? ...come come"

She enters and they sit on the sofa. "How do you know me?I never--"

"I saw you at the after party with your father...and well I am also your principal"

"oh nice to meet you...aunt sent this for you"

"How sweet..i ate those sandwiches too they were great...I would love to taste it again especially the filling" She gets a feeling that he knows what it was and gulps.

" Anyways you probably didn't have anytime to study did you?"

"No sir but what can I do" He touches her knee. "I saw what happened today at the examination hall...the students want to take the exam again tomorrow ..... I'll be there come help me and your degree will be in your hands... nothing intense will happen don't worry";

She sits there shocked and scared at what might happen tomorrow but she says yes since it IS her principal.

She then goes back home noticing that everyone is in their rooms..she goes in her separate room that she got today and lies on bed watching TV.

Just then Jake comes in the room with his toy. "Pussina!" And jumps on her lap. "Hi..do you want me to play with you"

"Yes but can you please let me drink you..you are tastyyy" "But-" She then thinks that no one is in the room. No one will know. "Go close the door completely"

She removes her hoody and spreads her legs. He comes to her"There is nothing.."

"You can't just get it Jack....first you have to bite it and play with it"

He then sits there looks at it. He get then takes her clitoris and bites it sending a shock through her body.


"oh I am so sorry ..does it hurt yo- "

"It's ok that's how you know you're doing it right...look"

He looks down and the pussy is a bit wet. He claps. He then licks it."ummmmmmmm" His tongue feels amazing and she gives him more to lick. He then bites her again harder"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

And she leaks heavily. Then he sucks her. His tongue then pushes itself in the pussy"aaaaah" She moans uncontrollably feeling his tongue touching her walls. She starts sweating. Just as she is about to cumm he removes his mouth"thanku pussina you are great" "No don't stop now drink more..aahhh...pllssss" "But I am full and I am sleepy too. Bye I'll go in my room to sleep". She tries to stop him but he runs away. She squirms in the bed because of the heat and pain. Her stomach aches of not being able to release her cumm. And she starts rubbing her pussy wildly. She needs someone right now. She wants to call her uncle but she can't walk. She takes out her phone clicks a picture of her rubbing her pussy and sends it to her uncle.

After sometime her uncle comes into her room and sees her sweat profusely on the bad. "Uncle....!!" She opens her legs at the sight of him and let's him see her welcoming red pussy. He smirks and removes his clothes. He goes to her and wipes her pussy with his hand and licks it."mmmm...uncle..i...wanna cuummm"

He then pushes his erected penis into her. She clenches her walls around it feeling the cumm finally ready to come out. "fuuckk me hard.. pllssss...ahhhmmmm...I am going to cumm"

He moves his penis in and out.

"Already? What were you doing?... fingered yourself too much?..next time call me" He kneads her both boob while fucking her pussy. She sweats "aaaahhhhh" She cumms on his dick."aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Finally feeling the satisfaction of it a tear rolls out of her eye.

He doesn't stop tho. He pounds hard into her making her body jerk at every move. She arches her back when feels the penis hit her walls again and again. "aahhhhhhhhjhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh" They both pant and moan. Then finally uncle also cumms ..... filling her with his semen. She feels his hot semen in her wonb making her feel good.

He then kisses her wildly. "I'll be going now...we can't make your aunt will worry"

He goes to his room and pussina also goes to sleep satisfied not caring that she sleeping in their sweat and cumm.