DADDY starts moving the finger harshly and she bites her lower lip at the pain and pleasure. ;

"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaahhh ahhhhh DADDDDYY' ;

Her legs wobble as her grip tightens around his shoulders. ;

"aaaaahhh ahhhhh aaaaahhh" ;

He feels her pussy spasm as she cumms on his finger. ;

"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaahhh" ;

He gets down and licks her cumm covered fat thighs. She holds on to his head as his warm tongue makes way to her core. ;

"mmmmmmmmm" ;

Her licks her pussy lips and she loses strength in her legs. Her legs give out and her dripping cunt slams on DADDY'S mouth. ;

"aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh daddy aaahhh" ;

Her grabs her ass from under her legs and opens his mouth pressing her pussy more on his mouth. ;

"aahhhhhhhh" ;

She yet cumms again in his mouth letting him drink it all. He cleans her up with his tongue. ;

"ah ah ah" ;

She gasps as he stands back up. ;

"Let's go we'll be late" ;

With much difficulty she gets in the car and he starts driving again. ;

They reach the house the next in evening 7pm. When are near the house he gives her something to wear. ;

It's a white thin skin tight dress with a deep v neck. It has thin strings for shoulders. It ends barely below her butt. It's flowy from below so it just makes it even better. And there are two pink ribbon bows made perfectly where her nipples are. ;

They reach the house and park car. He looks at her and licks his lips. "I want to tear that cloth off your body" ;

Her pussy pulses hearing that. And her nipples harden making the pink bows rise. ;

They get off the car and he rings the bell. Her aunt opens the door and smiles at both of them. "It was about time you came back " ;

And hugs them letting them in. ;